->''"Why don't you have a seat over there?"''
-->--'''Chris Hanson''', ''[[Series/{{Dateline}} To Catch A Predator]]''

->''"Why did you decide to become a teacher, Mr. Kimura?"''
->''"For the teenage girls! I love 'em!"''

->"''Haah haah, high school girl! Hweh hweh hweh!''
->"''Soon we shall share a fun, fun, everlasting dream on our wedding night.''"
-->-- A group of Mogekos in '''VideoGame/MogekoCastle''', shortly before raping a hapless high school girl. [[labelnote:Wait, what?!?]]Yes, seriously. [[GratuitousRape It's a very crude game.]] Thankfully, the scene is non-canon; in fact, it's the first possible bad ending. And the high school girl in question is the protagonist.[[/labelnote]]