Quotes / Dramatic Gun Cock

"What a wonder is a gun!
What a versatile invention!
First of all, when you've a gun...

...Everybody pays attention."
Charles Guiteau, Assassins

"You've been in business way too long when you recognize the sound of a .45 over the phone."

"Some small sounds carry well and have considerable stopping power."

"I believe that the sound of racking the pump of a shotgun is universally recognized as 'kiss your ass goodbye'."
UNSC Combat Engineer, Halo

"She might be a witch, but she's our witch. [loud gun cock] So cut her the hell down."
Mal, Firefly

"When primed and flipped from "safe" to "decidedly unsafe," the BH-209 cycles local atmospheric gases into the plant, producing a noticeable acoustic effect. While this hum is stealth-defeating, many law-enforcement agents have reported that it serves as an excellent deterrent."
Strohl Munitions brochure, Schlock Mercenary

"In annoying cinematic trends, we’re still doing the constant cocking of guns, with safeties clicking off and off and no-seriously-this-time-its-really-off, which is the screen disease that’ll never go away.”"