->''"Johns was like most mercs. They look all stand up and do right, until you cut them open and you find something missing. In his case, a spine."''
-->--'''Riddick''', ''Film/PitchBlack''

->''The wicked flee when none pursueth.''
-->-- [[Literature/TheBible Proverbs 28:1]]

->''"I surrender and volunteer for treason!"''
-->-- '''Zapp Brannigan''', ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''

->'''Opera Bender:''' Save Fry! Save Fry!/Godzilla/Will devour him!/As for me I must be off/To have my doctor check this cough!/Goodbye!\\
'''Bender:''' I don't recall ever fighting Godzilla, but that is ''so'' what I would have done.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''

->''"I surrender! Here, eat my friends! Just give me one more second of sweet, sweet life!"''
-->-- '''Bender''', ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''

-> '''Thief''': Hey guys. Did I miss anything?\\
'''Black Mage''': Thief?! I thought you ran off like you the coward you are!\\
'''Thief''': And ''you'' wouldn't have run for it?\\
'''Black Mage''': Don't change the subject.
-->-- ''[[Webcomic/EightBitTheater 8-bit Theater]]''

-> '''Lich''': You can't run away forever!\\
'''Red Mage''': Oh, you'll be surprised what cowardice has done for us so far.
-->-- ''[[Webcomic/EightBitTheater 8-bit Theater]]''

->'''Rimmer''': Shoot him!\\
'''Lister''': What? In the back?\\
'''Rimmer''': Of course in the back! It's only a pity he's awake!\\
'''Lister''': You mean, You could happily kill him if he was asleep?\\
'''Rimmer''': I could happily kill him if he was on the job, shoot him!
-->-- ''Series/RedDwarf''

->'''Rimmer''': Know this about me. Like general George S. Patton, I believe in reincarnation. It is my firm conviction that in all my previous lives has been a soldier. A bold warrior soul, who unfortunately in this incarnation, has been given the body of an abject coward. So excuse me gentlemen, while I have a humiliating panic attack underneath the scanner table.
-->-- ''Series/RedDwarf''

->'''Rimmer''': The way I see it, we have two options: 1, take it on and kill it, or 2, run away. Who's for 2?\\
'''Kryten''': Two sounds good to me, sir\\
'''Cat''': Always been my lucky number.
-->-- ''Series/RedDwarf''

->'''Mark''': He thinks we can't hide forever.\\
'''Jeremy''': He doesn't know us at all, does he?
-->-- ''Series/PeepShow''

-> Better to live in atrocity than to die in glory.
-->-- '''Gix''', ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering: The Thran''

->''"Oh God, please don't make me die today! Tomorrow would be so much better!"''
-->-- '''Traditional Spathi prayer''', ''VideoGame/StarControl 2''

->'''Magwich''': Is it my fault I'm a weak-willed traitor at heart?\\
'''Jack''': Well, that's honest enough.
-->-- ''Literature/TheChroniclesOfTheImaginariumGeographica''

->'''Kai Leng''': Still too slow, Shepard!\\
'''Shepard''': [[ArmorPiercingResponse I'm only slow because I'm not running]]! You ran away on the Citadel, on Thessia -- all you can do is run!\\
'''Kai Leng''': [[LameComeback Sh-shut up!]]
-->-- ''VideoGame/MassEffect3''

->'''Socrates:''' [[WhatTheHellHero You'd desert your best friend?]]\\
'''Hobbes:''' To keep myself safe? You bet. See ya later.
-->-- ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeries'', [[Recap/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeriesS3E2DrBrainChillPart2 "Dr. BrainChill Part 2"]]

->''[[TitleDrop I ran away, I ran away]]''\\
''Danger stared me in the face and I ran away''\\
''Whenever I was challenged I collapsed like a souffle''\\
''But I'm still alive to sing this song 'cause I ran away!''
-->-- ''I Ran Away'', Music/TheArrogantWorms

->''At one time or another we have been able to turn every other sin into a source of pride for humans. We have never yet found a way to make them proud of cowardice. It is horrible to contemplate, horrible to experience and horrible to remember.''
-->-- ''Literature/TheScrewtapeLetters''

->''"Your civilization is one of the oldest in the galaxy; now I see why. Your cowardice isn't quaint, it's sly... aggressive. Thatís how that gene of gutlessness has survived while so many others have perished. Well, not today. No one else dies today. Right? Brilliant."''
-->-- '''The Doctor''', ''Series/DoctorWho'', "The God Complex"

->'''Ohila:''' ''[disgusted]'' He's running away.\\
'''General:''' Where is he running to?\\
'''Ohila:''' Same place he always does: Away. Just... ''away''.
-->-- ''Series/DoctorWho'' (on the Doctor)

->''"Don't eat me! [[IHaveAFamily I have a wife and kids!]] Eat '''them!'''"''
-->-- '''Homer Simpson''', ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''

->''They come in force\\
[[WithCatlikeTread With stealthy stride]].\\
Our obvious course\\
Is now to hide!''
-->-- '''[[PoliceAreUseless Chief of Police]]''', ''Theatre/ThePiratesOfPenzance''

->''When, to evade Destruction's hand,\\
To hide they all proceeded,\\
No soldier in that gallant band\\
Hid half as well as he did.\\
He lay concealed throughout the war,\\
And so preserved his gore, O!\\
That unaffected, undetected, well-connected warrior,\\
The Duke of Plaza-Toro!''
-->-- '''The Duke of Plaza-Toro''', ''Theatre/TheGondoliers''

->'''Sora:''' [[spoiler:Iago]], you're supposed to be our friend, but you've been playing both sides just to make sure you save yourself!
->'''Donald Duck:''' I ''knew'' you were still a bad guy!
-->-- '''Sora''' and '''Donald''' calling out on [[spoiler:'''Iago''']] for betraying their trust, ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsII''

->''"Six on six... [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere forget it!]]"''
-->-- '''Janja''', ''WesternAnimation/TheLionGuard''

->''Chosen by God or a coward insane?\\
Stand up and show me your face!''
-->-- '''Music/{{Sabaton}}''', "In the Name of God"

->''"Harry, this piece of vermin is the reason you have no parents. This cringing bit of filth would have seen you die, too, without turning a hair. You heard him. His own stinking skin meant more to him than your whole family."''
-->-- [[spoiler:'''Sirius Black''']] talking about [[spoiler:Peter Pettigrew]], ''Literature/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkaban''

->''"Go out walkin', just us two\\
Ain't much in this world I wouldn't do for you\\
And if a man with a knife said, 'Your money or your life!'\\
I wouldn't think twice\\
And I'd stand my ground and not give an inch\\
Coiled like a spring, I wouldn't even flinch\\
I would stare into the eyes of that son of a bitch\\
And this is what I'd say...\\
Do anything you want to the girl, just don't hurt me!\\
I might be crazy, but I ain't reckless\\
She's got a diamond ring, she's got a necklace\\
Look in her purse, she's got the keys to a Lexus\\
May I be on my way?\\
Do anything you want to the girl, just don't hurt me!\\
What a funny ol' way to measure love\\
Find out where you stand when push comes to shove\\
'Cause right now it ain't you that I'm thinkin' of\\
It's me. It's me. It's me, me, me, me\\
Do anything you want to the girl, just don't hurt me!\\
Two's company, but three's a crowd\\
I was thinkin' maybe we should break up anyhow\\
I could use some space from you, especially right now\\
So help yourself, mister. I ain't no hero\\
Her bank card PIN number is four-one-three-zero!\\
Do anything you want to the girl, just don't hurt me!\\
Do anything you want to the girl, just don't hurt me!"''
-->-- '''Otis Lee Crenshaw''' (Rich Hall), "Do Anything You Want to the Girl (Just Don't Hurt Me)"