Quotes: Demoted to Extra

"At least we thought to bring entertainment."
Balthier, Final Fantasy XII, describing alleged main character Vaan

Touji: Hey, Shinji! Did you get used to your new place?
Shinji Ikari: No. Not really. I'm not used to being places where there's a lot of people...
Touji: What? You're still shy? Alright, leave it all to me!
Touji: I'll pilot the Eva and KAPOW the enemies!
Shinji: Ah, but this time, that won't happen.
Touji: Whaaaat!? But they're allowing me to talk here!?
Super Robot Wars Z3: Jigoku-Hen

Sorry, Famke, you had your three scenes! Now grown-ups are talking.

Playing into the “Bill Shatner power fantasy reading”, we also get a sense that The Final Frontier is “James Kirk vs. the Universe.” A key plot point of the film has most of the cast turning against Shatner Kirk. Given how Shatner has dismissed criticisms from his fellow stars, deriding them as petty jealousies (“there was nothing to nick”), it’s not too difficult to buy into this. Indeed, one section of the commentary has Shatner passive-aggressively blame his co-stars for the movie’s dodgy appearance ("A disproportionate amount of money is spent on talent as against production...") Not only are the characters inside the film betraying Kirk, the actors appearing in the film are actively sabotaging Shatner. It’s worth noting that his original outline for the film had both Spock and McCoy turning against Kirk – which would have left Kirk the only hero of the film...Scotty – the trustworthy engineer who just busted the gang out of jail – walks around a corner and bangs his head on a pipe. This is the one crew member who has spent the most time on the new Enterprise. Uhura gets a “fan dance”, which is a really weird way to treat the one female member of the ensemble.