->They're shouting because they're frightened -- truly frightened of the truth about themselves, which is always far more frightening than any fear of what might be lurking outside ourselves in the dark.\\
The response to that fear is […] trying to prove to themselves that they are different enough to MAKE A DIFFERENCE by contrasting themselves with baby-killing Satan-worshippers.\\
With baby-killing Satan-worshippers that they ''know'' are purely imaginary. That requires more self-deception than any of us is capable of on our own. That degree of self-deception requires a group.\\
This is why the rumor doesn't really need to be plausible or believable. It isn't intended to deceive others. It's intended to ''invite'' others to participate with you in deception.\\
Are you afraid you might be a coward? Join us in pretending to believe this lie [[CaptainObviousAesop and you can pretend to feel brave]].
-->-- [[http://www.patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist/2008/10/08/false-witnesses-2/ "False Witnesses 2"]] by Fred Clark.

->"You mustn't hate the [[TheGreatPoliticsMessUp Russians]]. If you do have to fight them, hating them is no use, medically or psychologically. It reduces your own efficiency."
-->-- [[SpyFiction Dugan]], [[Creator/CordwainerSmith Atomsk]].

->I do not love my Empire’s foes,\\
Nor call ’em angels; still,\\
What is the sense of ’atin’ those\\
’Oom you are paid to kill?
-->-- ''[[http://www.kipling.org.uk/poems_piet.htm Piet]]'' by Creator/RudyardKipling

-->"When you spend every day fighting a war, you learn to demonize your attackers. To you, they're evil, they're subhuman. Because if they weren't, then what would that make you?"
--> Kimball, [[WebAnimation RedVsBlue]]