->''I have never liked the [[DarkIsEvil dark]].''
->-- '''Literature/SherlockHolmes''', opening line of ''Mortality''

->''I have no one. I am alone. I am no one. I am alone.''
->-- '''Holmes's''' MadnessMantra

->'''Watson:''' ''"I've always trusted your intuition."''\\
'''Holmes:''' ''"Then trust this: no matter how far and how long we are separated, we shall always come back to each other. That is more than an intuition, my dear fellow — that is a promise."''
->-- '''Watson''' and '''Holmes''', Christmas Eve 1890

->''"Our Father… Who art in Heaven… hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy… will be done, in Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us… this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts… as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but… deli — oh, '''dear God''', deliver us from evil! For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen."''
->-- '''Holmes''' praying the Lord's Prayer [[spoiler:while LockedInTheDungeon]]

->''“And if Sherlock Holmes comes to any harm because '''you''' placed him in harm’s way… by George, I’ll see you kicked out of the Yard so fast you won’t even know what’s happening ‘til you hit the pavement. Are we clear on that?”''
->-- '''[[InspectorLestrade Inspector]] [[PapaWolf Lestrade]]''' to [[GoodIsNotNice Inspector Patterson]]

->''“I promise you, Holmes, my dear fellow. And you shall be well, too. You will be. [[EnemiesWithDeath I refuse to let you die]], Sherlock Holmes, do you hear me? [[PunctuatedForEmphasis I refuse to let. You. Die.]]”''
->-- '''[[TheWatson Dr.]] [[TheHero Watson]]'''

[[folder:''The Road to Reichenbach'']]
->''“Moriarty had Holmes tortured nearly to '''death''' and showed up at Baker Street '''in-person''' last Friday to deliver an ultimatum. I really doubt that he would not have personally seen to Holmes’s destruction.”''
->-- '''Lestrade''' to Patterson in yet another WhatTheHellHero moment

->''"It is madness, Watson! These fanatic readers of yours have the audacity to write to me concerning their indignation with'' me ''for killing off Sherlock Holmes! So many of them think he was'' a bloody fictional character''!"''
->--'''[[Creator/ArthurConanDoyle Dr. Arthur Doyle]]''', "Too Late"

->''"They're [[TitleDrop too late]] in their sympathies and sorrows. Two and a half'' years ''too late. Literature/SherlockHolmes died alone against his greatest enemy in a world that no longer wanted him."''
->--'''Watson''', "Too Late"

->''"I am afraid that running from death has, ironically, not aided my health."''
->--'''Holmes''', "Deliver Us from Evil"

->''"He's quite a paradox, that one. Acts like he's all brain, but he's all heart underneath--at least, I have it on good authority."''
->--'''Lisbeth Gregson''' speaking of Literature/SherlockHolmes, "Wives of the Yard"

->''"[Q]uite often, the only way for Geoffrey to endure Mr. Holmes's… abrasive personality… is to drink it off at the Yarders' favorite haunt[.] I find that, upon hearing the 'horror tales,' I can't even blame him!"''
->--'''Annie Lestrade''' speaking of her husband, "Wives of the Yard

->'''Criminal:''' ''"Drop that gun, yer ladyship, before you get hurt."''\\
'''Mary:''' ''"I shan't be the one hurt, gentlemen."''
->--"Those Dark Hours"

->'''Lestrade:''' ''"The Swiss youth. Now, either you lied to'' me ''about the lad's identity, or you lied in the record. Now which is it?"''\\
'''Watson:''' ''"The latter. He and I want to keep the truth a secret, as a protection. He is just beginning his own family now, you know."''\\
'''Lestrade:''' ''"I didn't know that. Well, that is his privilege, certainly…" (frowns) "Doctor, why couldn't you have changed'' my ''identity like that?"''
->--"Unraveling the Truth"

->'''Lestrade:''' ''"Do take care of yourself, there's a good chap? I doubt very much that your wife wants a half-dead husband on her hands."''\\
'''Watson:''' ''"Your tact leaves something to be desired, Inspector."''\\
'''Lestrade:''' ''"As does your self-preservation."''\\
'''Watson:''' ''"Very well, Doctor Lestrade, I accept your prognosis."''
->--"Unraveling the Truth"

->''Once I’m in the editing stage for '''Mortality''', I’m hitting the '''Road''' (lame pun absolutely intended).''
->-- '''the author''' on [[http://studysherlockiana.blogspot.com/2012/02/return-from-hiatus.html her blog]]

->''"I think that by Patterson '''living''' [[TheStoic the image]] Holmes attempts to '''project''', it makes Holmes [[NotSoStoic that much more human]]."''
->-- '''the author''', explaining Patterson being the {{Foil}} to Holmes