Quotes / Da Chief

"I'm sick and tired of making excuses for you two! Youíre an embarrassment to the department! You're off the case and off the force. Your badges, your windbreakers, now. Now! I ain't got all day! Agitating my sciatica. I'm too old for this! Now get out of my sight. Thought you were badasses, huh? Real badasses work together. All I see is a housewife and a girl scout. I said, get out! And donít even think about getting near this case, uh-uh!"
Abed Nadir, Community

"You know what this game needs? An Angry Police Chief; 'Dammit Graves, the mayor's been up my ass over this last stunt you pulled!' 'Is that right Chief? Well maybe you'd rather have a vampire up there instead!' "
The Spoony Experiment, playing Terror Traxx

"Dougherty voices surprise at the Enterprise's appearance, but honestly, when has this crew ever followed Starfleet orders? It's like Q (and I mean the exasperated, technopath Bond-movie Q, not the smirky, omnipotent Trek Q) being surprised when 007 returns the remains of his latest gadget in a gazillion pieces in a small plastic bag."

"Short! Get in here!"
Julius Root to Holly Short from his office, Artemis Fowl