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Quotes: Crying Wolf
Elizabeth Swann: It's real!
Norrington: You actually were telling the truth.
Jack Sparrow: I do that quite a lot. Yet people are always surprised.
Will Turner: With good reason.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Shepherd: Well, that's the moral of the story ain't it? If you lie too many times, you won't be believed if you tell the truth.
Prosecutor: No, Mr. Shepherd, with respect, it is not the moral of the story. The moral of the story is that if you have grounds to believe there is a ferocious predator at large, don't appoint as your sole watchman a 12-year-old child whom you have resolved to ignore.
Shepherd: Bloomin' nanny state.
Prosecutor: And so perished your unfortunate nephew (and 47 sheep), your late brother's only son and sole inheriter of his cottage and his flock of ailing, unprofitable, heavily insured sheep. Thank you Mr Shepherd, that will be all. Oh, one last question: How did your brother die?
Shepherd: A jaguar got in his bathroom.
Prosecutor: No further questions.

Ralph: Ms. Hoover, there's a dog in the vent.
Ms. Hoover: Ralph, remember when you said that Snagglepuss was outside?
Ralph: He was going to the bathroom.

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