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Quotes: Crossdresser
Red Mage: If I ask for magical gems I can shove into my temples so I can finally utilize my latent psionic abilities, than by golly, you are going to give me the gems and perform the operation yourself.
Shop Keeper: For the last time, that is Costume Jewelry.
Shop Keeper: There is nothing magical about it, other than perhaps how special it makes a little girl feel when she wears it and daydreams about being rich and bejeweled and bedazzling.
Red Mage: Damnit, man. What do you think I'm after!
Torneko takes the dancer's costume and examines it closely.
Torneko: Janey Mac, what would me mam say!? I never saw anytin' so titillatin'. It won't do much to protect y'in an attack, but folk pay a fair price fer gear like this. It's fer yer young dancin' wan, Maya, this one. An' maybe Meena, too. 'Course, it'd be no good fer a big fella like me. I couldn't wear it. But I might get meself one if they were sellin' it at the right price, like... I mean, fer herself at home, o' course. Not fer me. No, I'm no cross-dresser. Not at all. At all.
— Torneko appraising a magical skirt, in Dragon Quest IV

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