Quotes / Crossdresser

I wonder what drugs BTTF P2 predicted wed be doing in 2015, because Marlene McFly is on some new shit. Michael J. Fox should do drag more often, because when he does it he looks like Holly Hunter in drag as Ed Wood in drag and that is the absolute definition of beautiful.

Y'know, in that light, with that wig on and all... you're still butt-ugly.
Tackle to Xander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Reptile Boy")

Zek: You know, you may walk like a man, but you make a very attractive female. Confusing, isn't it?
Quark: (removes Zek's hands from his thigh) Not to me.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Profit and Lace"

Red Mage: If I ask for magical gems I can shove into my temples so I can finally utilize my latent psionic abilities, than by golly, you are going to give me the gems and perform the operation yourself.
Shop Keeper: For the last time, that is Costume Jewelry.
Shop Keeper: There is nothing magical about it, other than perhaps how special it makes a little girl feel when she wears it and daydreams about being rich and bejeweled and bedazzling.
Red Mage: Damnit, man. What do you think I'm after!

It's fer yer young dancin' wan, Maya, this one. An' maybe Meena, too. 'Course, it'd be no good fer a big fella like me. I couldn't wear it. But I might get meself one if they were sellin' it at the right price, like... I mean, fer herself at home, o' course. Not fer me. No, I'm no cross-dresser. Not at all. At all.
— Torneko appraising a magical skirt, in Dragon Quest IV