->''"So you need a new car?\\
Let your fingers take a walk\\
Through the business guide\\
For the 'Born Again' flock\\
You'll be keeping all your money\\
In the Kingdom now\\
And you'll only drink milk\\
From a Christian cow"''
-->--'''Music/SteveTaylor''', "Guilt By Association"

->Once upon a time, Christianity created its own enemy and called it Satanism. Everything was a matter of good and evil, plain and simple, black and white . . . but this is a gray world. The two extremes, Christ and Satan, finally merged in the Christian militia. There was always a powerful attraction there; now it's been fulfilled. Christ and Anti-Christ in one. Only took two thousand years.
-->--'''Seal''', ''Dad's Nuke''

->People ''want'' to be told how to act. Most people are idiots, and that's exactly who my teachings appeal to!
-->--'''Pastor Richards''', ''Pressing Issues'' (Radio/GTARadio)

->''Faith moves mountains...of inventory.''
-->--'''[[Literature/StarTrekDeepSpaceNineRelaunch Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #104]]'''

->'''Elizabeth:''' Fifty percent of everything people earn here goes directly to Comstock as a tithe.\\
'''Booker:''' I gotta get ''me'' a job in the prophet business.

->We have no need for military might. We wield two of the sharpest swords ever forged: Faith in our left hand, Wealth in our right.
-->--'''Vuliev of the Ghost Council''', FlavorText for [[http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=97219 Castigate]], ''MagicTheGathering''

->'''Priest:''''' Is God a jar of strawberry preserves, a size 12 sneaker, a footlong Hogie, an all-expense paid trip to Brazil, or a [[ThePriceIsRight NEWWW CARRRRR!?]]''\\
'''Choice number 6:''' None of the above, it's a trick question.
->'''Priest:''''' Heretic!''
-->-- ''{{VideoGame/Harvester}} ''

->God's blessing has its price.
-->-- '''[[ThePope Rodrigo Borgia]]''', ''TheBorgias''

->Poverty'': The vow taken by members of the Roman Catholic Church (you know them, right? Biggest land-owners on the planet?)''
->syn: ''bullshit''

->How it may be lawful and fitting to use falsehood as a medicine, and for the benefit of those who want to be deceived.
-->--'''Eusebius of Caesarea''' (c. AD 260 or 265 – 339 or 340), bishop to Emperor Constantine

->Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.
-->--Seneca The Younger (4BCE to 65CE)

->In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.

->When you say ‘radical right’ today, I think of these moneymaking ventures by fellows like Pat Robertson and others who are trying to take the Republican Party away from the Republican Party, and make a religious organization out of it. If that ever happens, kiss politics goodbye.
-->--Sen. '''Barry Goldwater''' (R-AZ)

->Benny Hinn is a televangelist, faith healer and sith lord of apparently staggering popularity and influence, whose main goal seems to be to [[KlingonPromotion wait for Billy Graham to die]] so that he can take over what he deems to be the leadership of evangelical fundamentalism in the US, for God has shown him that Graham’s death will mark the beginning of a huge American revival of religious fervor (meaning, of course, that you should start sending the money you send to Graham, to him instead).... In 2001, {{Creator/HBO}}’s ''America Undercover'' tried to follow up 5 of the people Hinn had allegedly healed at a particular crusade, but when HBO checked back a year later, none of the parishioners had been healed at all (two had died). Hinn, of course, blamed the dismal results on HBO. In reality, his assurance that his victims are well after his faith healing is rather likely to lead his victims to abort the treatments and medication schemes they are already using, so it is definitely not an innocent matter of innocuous faith. {{Creator/CBC}} later exposed Hinn’s tendency to use his church’s money for private purposes, and for [[{{Bouncer}} employing security guards disguised as men from the church]] to keep ''genuinely'' sick followers away from the stage so he doesn’t need to deal with them (or risk being exposed to something that he cannot heal). Even his efforts to combat the “twin evils” of Islam and secularism seem primarily to be [[MonsterProtectionRacket schemes to make money.]]
-->--''[[http://americanloons.blogspot.com/2013/10/767-benny-hinn.html Encyclopedia of American Loons]]''