Quotes / Conspicuous Trenchcoat

"Just what the world's been waiting for. The Charge of the Trenchcoat Brigade."
John Constantine, Hellblazer

"It should be noted at this time that Freddie's disguise was much more efficient than Walter's. A man wearing an all-concealing trenchcoat in summer draws attention, and if he's feeding ducks it's automatically assumed that he's a spy, politician, or space alien."

Chris: I do think itís worth noting that in a movie where people shoot lasers out of their eyes and have unbreakable metal bones, the single most unbelievable thing is that a dude dressed like this could make it more than three steps in the White House in 2003 without being immediately tackled and/or shot.
Matt: Man, heís just a baseball fan who also loves Columbo. Start keeping guys like that off White House tours and you might as well ban all of America. (Salutes, proudly waves flag)
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on X-2: X-Men United