->''"Sometimes an unpublished author will stake out a position that is shared by everyone else in the world and defend it as if he stood embattled and alone. As he stridently argues with what he seems to think of as a recalcitrant audience that it is bad to be unkind to animals, the reader balks and eventually rebels. Yes, you have a point -- but why are you shouting at ''us''?"''

[[AC:Live-action TV]]

->''"I don't like vampires. I'm gonna take a stand and say they're not good."''
-->--'''Xander''', ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' ("Welcome to the Hellmouth")

->''"The lesson here is obvious: Don't hold loaded guns in exploding rooms."''
-->--'''The Narrator''', ''Series/MythBusters''

->''"You don't have to yell at us. Nobody is on the other side of this issue."''
-->--'''Greendale Student''' to Britta in full SoapboxSadie mode, ''Series/{{Community}}''


->''"You have to admire the people who sing them; it takes a certain amount of courage to get up and come out in favor of the things everyone else in the audience is against. Like peace and justice and brotherhood and so on."''
-->-- '''Music/TomLehrer''' on {{protest song}}s, "The Folk Song Army", ''Music/ThatWasTheYearThatWas''

[[AC:Web Original]]

->''"By the end the only unquestionably good lesson anyone should take from it is that having your cake and eating it too is very possible in [[VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory autobiographical narratives.]] Also... It's good to have more confidence, be somewhat bolder and have fun while dating. The negative lessons that most guys [[DiscoDan probably take]] [[LoungeLizard from the book]] [[HeManWomanHater are too numerous]] [[SerialKiller to list here.]]"''
-->--'''''Wiki/RationalWiki''''' on ''The Art of the Game''

->''"The general feel of artsyness makes me think ''VideoGame/VelvetAssassin'' is trying to make a point, but I'm not sure what that point is. (Possibly that the Nazis were bad? Yeah, we figured ''that'' out around the Normandy Landings.)"''

->''"There's a very subtle message steeped within the lore of the film's universe, and not many people get that. The message is that near-future dystopian city-states are bad, and bad men do bad things in them. Really makes you think, doesn't it?"''
-->--'''Creator/JimSterling''' on [[Film/DoubleDragon Koga Shuko]]

->''"And then, in a truly brilliant closing exchange, we learn that this whole godforsaken experience has reminded Tom that he needs to (brace yourselves for originality!) believe in himself. I honestly can't believe they got anyone to say these lines without curling into a fetal position out of sheer embarrassment."''\\\
'''Paris:''' It seems, Captain, that I still have a few barriers to break. I just hope they're not theoretical impossibilities.\\
'''Janeway:''' Somehow, I don't think they will be.\\\
''"[[TastesLikeDiabetes Oh god, the pain! The pain!]] ''End! End! End!''"''
-->--'''''Website/TheAgonyBooth''''' on ''Star Trek: Voyager'', "Threshold"

->''"And not that we needed it, but now that the final note has sounded we can say conclusively that the ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' mythology was only ever a low-risk (because of the built-in fan base and richness of [[FleetingDemographicRule material to mine]]) backdrop for advancing the wholly unoriginal proposition that every great man has [[WomenAreWiser a great woman behind him]], an idea that would seem to exult in women by implying that they are simply great on their own but that actually uses them as basically undeveloped, and therefore static, props in the service of men."''
-->--'''[[http://www.supermanhomepage.com/tv/tv.php?topic=reviews/smallville10-ep22 Marc Pritchard]]''' on ''Series/{{Smallville}}''

->''"The problem, to be blunt, comes when ''Series/BlackMirror'' embraces technology, which it does with tedious half-heartedness. The second season episode “Be Right Back” is illustrative...Surely it is not controversial to suggest that this is a bit shit. That a biting satire or a black mirror held up to society in the year 2013 could maybe stand to have something more to say than ''“we aren’t entirely honest about who we are on Website/{{Facebook}}.”'' That ''“[[GrumpyOldMan damn kids get off my lawn]]”'' is, simply put, just not a gripping point."''
-->--'''[[http://www.eruditorumpress.com/blog/capitalist-pig-4-black-mirror-grey-miasma-of-bland-cultural-commentary/ El Sandifer]]''', “Social media’s kind of artificial, isn’t it?”

->''"Oh, my word, how could I have been blind to the possibilities! [[AllThatGlitters Doing good? With money?]]\\\
What unimaginable creativity. No wonder you are worth [[PointyHairedBoss millions of dollars a year]]!"''
-->--'''Cerberus''' [[http://www.sadlyno.com/archives/40016 rebuts]] David Brooks

->''"You hear that, Senator Wendy Davis? SITCHO ASS DOWN. We don’t need your weak-ass attempt at blocking abortion legislation; we got Music/{{Miley|Cyrus}}, and she’s telling us not to be scared of anything. Whaddup, Malala; you think you’re a feminist for trying to go to school in a place where girls are banned from school? BIG WHOOP. Get back to me when you get into deep feminist shit like going topless at the beach. Listen up women (and womyn), Miley has spoken!."''
-->--'''Michael K.''', [[http://dlisted.com/2013/11/14/miley-cyrus-is-the-biggest-feminist-in-the-world-according-to-miley-cyrus/ "Miley Cyrus Is the Biggest Feminist in the World, According to Miley Cyrus"]]

->''Stuff of Legends says we need fantasy because our lives are boring. Also, water is wet, fire is hot, cobras don't make good pets, and bears shit in the woods.''
-->-- [[{{Blog/Codiekitty}} Codiekitty]]

[[AC:Web Video]]

->''"The lead child actor of the film is young Jenny who has fallen asleep reading ''Child Marriage Is a Crime''. I heard the alternate title for the book is ''Fucking'' '''''DUH!'''''"''
-->--'''WebVideo/TheCinemaSnob''', [[http://youtu.be/TLD9U87b8qk?t=2m47s ''Child Bride'' review]]

->''"If there's any message that this movie is trying to get across, it's don't put kids in the middle of a violent shootout between FBI agents and terrorists for hire. I don't know how many movies we have to make before America gets that, but clearly we're not there yet."''
-->--'''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic''' in his review of ''Film/FaceOff''

->''"Really? Kids climbing in the dryer is such a national problem that they had to devote the entire end of an episode to that? You know what? Given the intelligence of the people who watched this show, this is probably a good thing to teach. Because my guess is that when they're not trying to operate heavy machinery with their '''BUTTCHEEKS''', they're probably trying to do something stupid like this."''
-->--'''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic''' in his review of ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog''