Quotes / Capital Letters Are Magic

Note Important Capital Letters. Mages Use Lots Of Capital Letters

"a thing isn't that bad. a Thing is."
Al McMasters, Billy Vs SNAKEMAN

"sometimes the Goddess Energies like to Manifest themselves by Pounding On The Shift key."

I do not think it is fanciful to suggest that the unnecessary capital letters with which this passage is loaded are intended to have a hypnotic effect on the reader. Burnham is trying to build up a picture of terrifying, irresistible power, and to turn a normal political manoeuvre like infiltration to Infiltration adds to the general portentousness.
George Orwell, "James Burnham and the Managerial Revolution"

What befalls us is part of the plan.
But no—I repent me of some lowercase letters—
I mean to say, Part of the Plan.
Alan Jacobs, "On the Recent Publication of Khalil Gibran's Collected Works"