->''"I kind of had a problem with the math."\\
"Which part?"\\
"[[AllOfThem The math]]."''
-->'''Xander''' and '''Willow'''

->''"The new kid? She seems kind of weird to me. [[WhoNamesTheirKidDude What kind of name is Buffy]]?"''\\
[walking by] ''"[[HypocriticalHumor Hey, Aphrodesia]]."''
-->Girls in locker room

->'''Cordelia''': Some guy was stuffed in Aura's locker.\\
'''Buffy''': Dead?\\
'''Cordelia''': ''Totally'' dead. ''Way'' dead.\\
'''Xander''': So, not just [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment a little dead]], then.

->''"It's the weirdest thing. He's got two little holes in his neck and all the blood has been drained. [[ManyQuestionsFallacy Isn't that bizarre? Aren't you just going, 'Ooh'?]]''"
-->'''Buffy''' to '''Giles'''

->''"Into each generation, a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the--"\\
"...the strength and skill to hunt the vampires to stop the spread of their evil {{blah blah|blah}}. I've heard it, okay?"''
-->'''Giles''' and '''Buffy'''

->''"Something's coming, something, something... something is, is gonna happen here. Soon!"\\
"Gee, can you [[VaguenessIsComing vague that up for me]]?"''
-->'''Giles''' and '''Buffy'''

->''"You're standing at the mouth of hell. And it's about to open."''

->''"{{Who are you}}?"\\
"Let's just say... [[MysteriousProtector I'm a friend]]."\\
"Yeah, well, maybe I don't need a friend."\\
"I didn't say I was ''yours''."''
-->'''Buffy''' and '''Angel'''

->[holding an outfit in front of herself] ''"Hi, I'm an enormous slut!'' [holds another outfit in front of herself] ''Hello, would you like a copy of ''The Watchtower?'''' [sighs] ''I used to be so good at this."''

->''"Are you going out tonight?"\\
"Yeah, I'm going to a club."\\
"Oh. Will there be boys there?"\\
"No, Mom. [[AskAStupidQuestion It's a nun club]]."''
-->'''Joyce''' and '''Buffy'''

->''"From now on, I'm only going to hang out with the living - [[LastSecondWordSwap I mean, lively]]...people."\\
"Okay. You have fun."''
-->'''Buffy''' and '''Joyce'''

->''"I thought Xander was going to show up."\\
"Oh, are you guys going out?"\\
"No, we're just friends. We used to go out, but we broke up."\\
"How come?"\\
"He stole my Barbie. [{{beat}}] Oh, we were five."''
-->'''Willow''' and '''Buffy'''

->''"I think boys are more interested in a girl who can talk."\\
"You really ''haven't'' been dating lately."''
-->'''Willow''' and '''Buffy'''

->''"A vampire appears to be completely normal, until the feed is upon them. Only then do they reveal their true demonic visage."\\
"You're like [[MrExposition a textbook with arms]]. I ''know'' this."''
-->'''Giles''' and '''Buffy'''

->''"Okay, first of all, what's with the outfit? Live in the now, okay? You look like [=DeBarge=]."''
-->'''Buffy''' to Vampire

-->[-Visit unabridged version [[{{Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E1WelcomeToTheHellmouth}} HERE]].-]