[[folder:Film -- Live-action]]

->I am sick and tired of these [[AC: monkey-fighting]] snakes on this [[AC:monday-to-friday]] plane!
-->--TV edit of '''''Film/SnakesOnAPlane'''''


[[folder:Live-action TV]]

->'''Agent Mitchum:''' You've ended the war against crime with your brilliant "Give us your guns or we'll blow your freakin' heads off" bill. And you've ended the war against drugs with your brilliant "Give us your drugs or we'll blow your freakin' heads off" campaign.\\
'''The President:''' I actually said, "freakin'"?\\
'''Agent Mitchum:''' No, sir, but I'm a Mormon.
-->-- ''Series/{{MADtv}}'', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9hqL2EC1qE "Good Morning, Mr. President"]]

->''Film/PulpFiction? ''Yeah, saw it on an airplane, it's cute. It's a thirty-minute film about a group of friends who like cheeseburgers, dancing and the Bible.
-->-- '''Shirley''', ''Series/{{Community}}'', S2 E19: "Critical Film Studies"



->''Some days I pray for silence\\
Some days I pray for soul\\
Some days I just pray to the god of sex and ''[[AC:[[DrugsAreBad drums]] ]]'' and rock and roll''
-->-- '''MeatLoaf'''


[[folder:Video games]]

->The gym teacher hit me. Maybe I should drop out and become a thug...
-->-- '''Kid''', ''VideoGame/{{MOTHER|1}}''

->The gym teacher made me do extra push-ups again. [[{{Badbutt}} Id rather do sit-ups though.]]
-->-- '''The same kid''', ''[[VideoGame/{{Mother1}} Earth Bound]]/[[FanNickname EarthBound Zero]]''


[[folder:Stand-Up Comedy]]

->I'm gonna fill your hoo-hah with goof juice!
-->-- '''Creator/PattonOswalt'''



->''So they'll censor us and they'll make a fuss\\
When we take this show out on a bus.\\
Totally bleeped, 'cause in sex we're steeped.\\
No four-letter words for us!\\
Totally bleeped!''
-->-- ''Theatre/ForbiddenBroadway: Rude Awakening'', parody of ''Theatre/SpringAwakening''


[[folder:Web Original]]

->The people who do ADR for movies shown on broadcast TV and basic cable (i.e., the guys who dub over the curse words) are [[GiftedlyBad underappreciated geniuses.]] After all, without them, how would we know that [[Film/{{Scarface 1983}} Miami is like a great big chicken, just waiting to be plucked]]? Who else is going to warn us about the dire consequences [[Film/TheBigLebowski when you find a stranger in the Alps]]? And where else would we have learned about the treacherous [[Film/DieHard Mister Falcon]]?
-->-- '''Website/TheAgonyBooth''', [[http://www.agonybooth.com/agonizer/Snakes_on_a_Plane___The_TV_Edit.aspx on the TV edit of]] ''Film/SnakesOnAPlane''

->Monsters, for some unexplained reason, [[NoBodyLeftBehind explode in a ball of fire]] rather than leaving bodies behind; presumably suicide-bombers are somehow more family friendly. Rather than ritual murders, you investigate [[NeverSayDie kidnappings]]...There's really no reason to play this game at all. Please don't.
-->--'''Robert Kosarko''' [[http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/ultima/ultima8.htm on]] ''VideoGame/UltimaVII'' (SNES port)

->It might be worth noting that a terminology change was made in the North American localization of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII''. The English script refers to Edea as [[VainSorceress a sorceress]], but what she's called in the original Japanese is evidently a lot closer to "[[WickedWitch witch]]." Interesting choice. "Witch" is a bit of a loaded term; Square's American branch probably worried that players would associate it with pointy hats and broomsticks, inadvertently softening the impact... But "witch" still might have been the better choice: Possessed Edea's speech and manners are very evocative of the Creator/HansChristianAndersen breed of witch, especially in the scene in which [[TheVamp she lures Seifer to her side]]. (The old woman in the gingerbread house probably spoke to Hansel in the same tones.) And since ''Final Fantasy VIII''[='s=] world was designed to have a more predominantly Western feel than previous entries', it makes sense for the game's story to tap into Europe's traditional witch-phobia. Possessed Edea speaking of the populace's [[DrivenToVillainy deep-seated hatred and fear towards sorceresses]] isn't terribly evocative; the scene probably would have struck more of a chord with English-speaking audiences had she referred to people hating and fearing ''witches'' instead. Ah, well.
-->--'''Pat R.''', [[http://www.socksmakepeoplesexy.net/index.php?a=ff08 "A Series Discovers Its Crack Pipe"]]


[[folder:Real Life]]

->With ABC deleting dynamite gags from cartoons, do you find that your children are using explosives less frequently?
-->-- '''Mark [=LoPresti=]'''

->''"Then the word came down from a lawyer at Columbia working for [[Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger Arnie]] that he didn't want to be associated with violence and the game should not feature him wielding guns. Even dynamite was included which messed up the plans for a toy company that was ready to go with a ''Last Action Hero'' doll holding dynamite -- I heard they ended up [[FamilyFriendlyFirearms recoloring it bright orange so it doesn't look quite like dynamite]]."''
-->--'''[[http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/lastactionhero/lastactionhero.htm Pete Baron]]''', lead developer for ''Film/LastActionHero''