->''(Hakumen and Caim wander back in, [[NoodleIncident looking rather beat from a long fight]].)''\\
'''[[VideoGame/{{Drakengard}} Caim]]:''' YOU DIDN'T TELL ME THOSE [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX GRAND DRAGONS]] WERE TOUGH AS SHIT, YOU ASSHOLE!\\
'''[[VideoGame/BlazBlue Hakumen]]''': And whose fault was it for [[LeeroyJenkins charging them like a dumbass]]? Well?!
-->-- Conversation about what Caim and Hakumen did off-screen when the [[RolePlay/WeAreOurAvatars Group]] was in [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX Gaia]]

->''(after a single guard did a CriticalHit and managed to hold the entire group off for two complete turns)''\\
'''Krayn:''' Come on, [[KillerGM Mahyar]], your guards aren't normal guards, they're bosses from previous campaigns who went legit, right?
-->-- ''WebVideo/{{Aventures}}'', Season 3