Quotes: Based on a Great Big Lie

"The following story is a big fat lie. No names have been changed to protect anybody!"
— The intro of the Woody Woodpecker cartoon "Under The Counter-Spy"

"[P]lease ignore any tiresome scolds who complain that the movie is not really based on fact. Duh."
Roger Ebert, from a review of Hidalgo

"Hey there, boys and girls! This here's a true story we just made up."
Stinky Wizzleteats, The Ren & Stimpy Show, "Son of Stimpy"

"Tentatively titled The Conjuring, it's the 'true' story of a haunting at a New England farmhouse — though presumably it's 'true' in the contemporary sense of the word, meaning that it didn't happen but it says it did on the poster."
The A.V. Club on The Conjuring