Quotes / Bare-Fisted Monk

No weapons! No tricks! Just you and me! Byron Williams! The heavyweight champion of the world!
Byron Williams, Mars Attacks!

Thief: I thought that's what martial artists did. You forsake melee weapons and constantly strive to transform your own body into the perfect weapon. This process often involves a training regime meant to unlock nigh mystical powers within the practioner.
Black Belt: Well now that's certainly an interesting approach. Back at my dojo, they just taught us to beat our opponents senseless.


'''These are the famous Xiaolin temple monks. They pursue spiritual peace though mastery of bare fisted murder.
Madam Wu, The Simpsons, "Goo Goo Gai Pan"

[Rick Flag] don't need no weapons.
Captain Boomerang, Task Force X

The city's laws may not affect all characters equally. A monk isn't hampered at all by a law about peace-bonding weapons.