->''The moment of a Viking's death is chosen by fate. So what use have they of armor? Or of fear?''
-->--'''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B0LvgjSVhs The Raider]]''', ''Videogame/ForHonor''

->''"I believe there is never a long gauntlett sent, let [[TheBlacksmith Hill]] make one with all speede he can possibly; for it will kill a man to serve in a whole cuirass. I am resolved to use nothing but back, brest and gauntlet; if I had a Pott for the Head that were pistoll proofe it may be that I would use it if it were light, but my whole helmet will be [[HelmetsAreHardlyHeroic of no use to me at all]]."''
-->--'''[[RealLife Sir Edmund Verney]]''', [[UsefulNotes/EnglishCivilWar 1639]]

->''"Following standard JRPG logic, [[TheHero that guy]] has ''no'' armor, and is therefore the most powerful person in the world."''
-->--'''''{{Unskippable}}''''': on '''''[[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/unskippable/1972-Arc-Rise-Fantasia Arc Rise Fantasia]]'''''

->''"Uuh, this papier-mache armor is useless!"''[[note]] According to ''MythBusters'' it might actually be [[http://mythbusters.wikia.com/wiki/Paper_Armor_Myth reasonably effective]][[/note]].
-->-- '''Hapless Fire Nation soldier''', '''''WebVideo/AvatarTheAbridgedSeries'''''

->''"No man charges into battle without helm and shield for the sake of a few sheep, no, not even if it is his wife that has been stolen."''
-->-- '''Literature/TheLongShips'''

->''"Guys in full plate armor think they are soooo tough until you push them down a hill."''
-->-- '''[[Webcomic/TheFancyAdventuresOfJackCannon Max Facepuncher]]''', on Twitter, describes one of the biggest drawbacks of heavy armor: It's very heavy.

->''"Little does he realize that I have on my [[AmbiguousSyntax disintegration-proof]] vest! You may fire when ready, [[{{Pun}} Grisly]]!"''
-->-- '''Duck Dodgers'''[[note]][[TemptingFate about to provide a graphic example of this trope]]. The vest is disintegration-proof. It does not ''protect its wearer'' from disintegration. Being a cartoon, Dodgers recovers in short order.[[/note]], ''WesternAnimation/DuckDodgersInTheTwentyFourthAndAHalfCentury''

->''"Hopefully those guards have good armor... No they don't. Maybe they do...? They don't."''
-->-- '''Creator/{{Tobuscus}}''' as [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII Ezio]] kills four guards in plate armor with one shot each

->''"This [[TitleDrop armor is useless]], why do we even wear it?!"''
-->-- '''Imperial stormtrooper''' (upon having his armor pierced by [[RockBeatsLaser arrows]]), ''[[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuyPresentsLaughItUpFuzzball Family Guy: It's a Trap!]]''

->''"Your friend is dead, and Meryn Trant's not. Because Trant had armor, and a big f**king sword."''
-->-- '''The Hound''', '''Series/GameOfThrones'''

->''"My eyes! The goggles do nothing!"''
-->-- '''Rainier Wolfcastle''', ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''

->''"This tight-fitting cuirass\\
Is but a useless mass;\\
It's made of steel and weighs a deal,\\
This tight-fitting cuirass\\
Is but a useless mass.\\
A man is but an ass,\\
Who fights in a curiass,\\
So off--goes the cuirass!"''
-->-- '''Arac''', "This Helmet I Suppose";
---> from Creator/GilbertAndSullivan's ''Theatre/PrincessIda''

->''"The knight in shining armour is cool and all, but the archetype that imprinted itself in my soul at that formative age wasnít Sir Lancelot, or William the Marshall; it was Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. [[TinTyrant And the only armour in the Star Wars universe seems to be worn by the villains]]. Plus, itís completely useless anyway, as teddy bears with slingshots can get through it."''
-->-- '''Guy Windsor''', historical fencing instructor

->''"We're wearing armor and those Ewoks are'' still ''killing us!"''
-->-- '''Imperial stormtrooper''', ''WebAnimation/{{How|ItShouldHaveEnded}}'' Film/ReturnOfTheJedi ''[[WebAnimation/HowItShouldHaveEnded Should Have Ended]]''

-->''"Well, helmet has the word Hell in it. And I don't know about you, sonny, but I ain't no sinner. When my time comes, I'm on my way to Heaven. So, I won't be putting one of those demons contraptions on my head."''
-->-- '''Pibb''', from ''[[Recap/AdamSandlerS4E2Pibb Adam Sandler's Pibb]]''