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->'''Kristoff:''' My troll family taught me the Lord loves a working man, and to not trust whitey.\\
'''Anna:''' Before I decide how I feel about that, I have to ask -- what kind of trolls are you?\\
'''Grand Pabbie:''' Well, since were reclusive, mystical and made out of rock, I want to say ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'', but because were also sickeningly sweet with an emphasis on family and friendship, Ill have to go with "Big-Haired Doll".
-->-- ''Disney/{{Frozen}}: [[Website/TheEditingRoom the Abridged Script]]''

->"''Physically, they could be anywhere from two to fifteen feet tall, with almost any number and arrangement of heads and arms. One and two-headed trolls were the most common, but there were reports of up to a dozen. Some were gangly and spindle-limbed, and others had legs like tree trunks. The saying was that the gods made trolls out of leftovers.''"
-->-- ''Literature/TalesOfMU''

->'''[[Myth/NorseMythology Thor:]]''' I think trolls should be hardworking blacksmiths, [[BeneathTheEarth toiling away underground]], [[UltimateBlacksmith forging magical weapons]].\\
'''[[Myth/ClassicalMythology Hades:]]''' No! Trolls should be [[AlwaysChaoticEvil vile monsters]], [[TrollBridge living under bridges]] and [[Literature/ThreeBillyGoatsGruff harassing goats!]]\\
'''[[EasternZodiac Pig:]]''' You're both wrong! Trolls should be tiny wrinkled men with big poofy hair that are [[GottaCatchEmAll collected by old women!]]
-->-- ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'', [[ #273]]

->''Trolls sure are weird!''
-->-- ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''

->''What a happiness this must have been seventy or eighty years ago and upwards, to those chosen few who had the good luck to be born on the eve of this festival of all festivals; when the whole earth was so overrun with ghosts, boggles, bloody-bones, spirits, demons, ignis fatui, brownies, bugbears, black dogs, specters, shellycoats, scarecrows, witches, wizards, barguests, Robin-Goodfellows, hags, night-bats, scrags, breaknecks, fantasms, hobgoblins, hobhoulards, boggy-boes, dobbies, hob-thrusts, fetches, kelpies, warlocks, mock-beggars, mum-pokers, Jemmy-burties, urchins, satyrs, pans, fauns, sirens, tritons, centaurs, calcars, nymphs, imps, incubuses, spoorns, men-in-the-oak, hell-wains, fire-drakes, kit-a-can-sticks, Tom-tumblers, melch-dicks, larrs, kitty-witches, hobby-lanthorns, Dick-a-Tuesdays, Elf-fires, Gyl-burnt-tales, knockers, elves, rawheads, Meg-with-the-wads, old-shocks, ouphs, pad-foots, pixies, pictrees, giants, dwarfs, Tom-pokers, tutgots, snapdragons, sprets, spunks, conjurers, thurses, spurns, tantarrabobs, swaithes, tints, tod-lowries, Jack-in-the-Wads, mormos, changelings, redcaps, yeth-hounds, colt-pixies, Tom-thumbs, black-bugs, boggarts, scar-bugs, shag-foals, hodge-pochers, hob-thrushes, bugs, bull-beggars, bygorns, bolls, caddies, bomen, brags, wraiths, waffs, flay-boggarts, fiends, gallytrots, imps, gytrashes, patches, hob-and-lanthorns, gringes, boguests, bonelesses, Peg-powlers, pucks, fays, kidnappers, gallybeggars, hudskins, nickers, madcaps, trolls, robinets, friars' lanthorns, silkies, cauld-lads, death-hearses, goblins, hob-headlesses, bugaboos, kows, or cowes, nickies, nacks necks, waiths, miffies, buckies, ghouls, sylphs, guests, swarths, freiths, freits, gy-carlins Gyre-carling, pigmies, chittifaces, nixies, Jinny-burnt-tails, dudmen, hell-hounds, dopple-gangers, boggleboes, bogies, redmen, portunes, grants, [[OlderThanTheyThink hobbits,]] hobgoblins, brown-men, cowies, dunnies, wirrikows, alholdes, mannikins, follets, korreds, lubberkins, cluricauns, kobolds, leprechauns, kors, mares, korreds, puckles korigans, sylvans, succubuses, blackmen, shadows, banshees, lian-hanshees, clabbernappers, Gabriel-hounds, mawkins, doubles, corpse lights or candles, scrats, mahounds, trows, gnomes, sprites, fates, fiends, sibyls, nicknevins, whitewomen, fairies, thrummy-caps, cutties, and nisses, and apparitions of every shape, make, form, fashion, kind and description, that there was not a village in England that had not its own peculiar ghost. Nay, every lone tenement, castle, or mansion-house, which could boast of any antiquity had its bogle, its specter, or its knocker. The churches, churchyards, and crossroads were all haunted. Every green lane had its boulder-stone on which an apparition kept watch at night. Every common had its circle of fairies belonging to it. And there was scarcely a shepherd to be met with who had not seen a spirit!''
-->--Michael Aislabie Denham, 1895, perhaps explaining why the need came about for a single word that could encompass several vastly different creatures.

->''So, when everything was ready, down came the Trolls. Some were great, and some were small; some had long tails, and some had no tails at all; some, too, had long, long noses; and they ate and drank, and tasted everything.''

->''They call me a troll,\\
moon of the dwelling-Rungnir,\\
giant's wealth-sucker,\\
storm-sun's grief,\\
seeress's companion,\\
fjord-corpse's guardian,\\
heaven-wheel's swallower.\\
What is a troll, but that?''
-->--'''A troll-woman''', ''Literature/SnorraEdda''