* ''VideoGame/DCUniverseOnline'':
-->'''Deathstroke''': (''taking a flamethrower, to Riddler'') I've got a ''burning'' question for you.
* Carth Onasi's great line from ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'': "DOWN YOU GO!"
* [[VideoGame/CommandAndConquer "I got a present for ya!"]]
* Parodied in ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing'':
--> "PANCAKES!" you howl, testing the theory that it doesn't actually matter what you howl, so long as you get the correct volume and murderous inflection. "PANCAAAAAAAAAAKES!" Your foe scampers away in fear, lending credence to your hypothesis.
* ''VideoGame/BaldursGate'' has quite a few used by both villain and hero, even if we discount the fact that every character has his own {{Battle Cr|y}}ies.
-->'''[[HelloInsertNameHere CHARNAME]]:''' Is it true that dragon meat [[TastesLikeChicken tastes like chicken?]] Never mind; I'll find out for myself.
** Minsc has the ''best'' battle cries. "Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes! ''Raaagghhhhhhh!!''"
** Even better: "Jump on my sword while you can, evil! ''I'' won't be as gentle!"
** "Evil, meet my sword! ''Sword, meet'' '''''Evilllllllllllllllll!'''''"
* Happens quite often in the ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'', usually delivered by the final boss:
-->'''[[OmnicidalManiac Utsuho Reiuji]]:''' [[OhCrap The sunlight that rains down on the Earth is a nuclear furnace that will create new atoms]]. [[ILoveNuclearPower My ultimate nuclear fusion]] [[ApocalypseHow/{{Class 2}} will burn up every body, heart, ghost, and fairy!]]
** But ''Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil'' and ''Perfect Cherry Blossom'' are unique in the fact that both the heroine and the final boss ''deliver one each other simultaneously'':
-->'''[[BarrierWarrior Reimu]]:''' Return under the flowers, ghost of spring!
-->'''[[CuteGhostGirl Yuyuko]]:''' Sleep under the flowers, red-white butterfly!
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'', made by [[Creator/BioWare the same company]] as ''Baldur's Gate'', includes a whole lot of team chatter that qualifies, including a shout-out to Minsc's famous line:
** Tali: "Go for the Optics, Chikkita! Go for the Optics!"
** Jack: "Hello, dead people!"
** Mordin: "Flammable! Or inflammable! Forget which! Doesn't matter!"
** Grunt: "I! AM! KROGANNNNNN!"
** Kasumi: "Now you see me..." *cue StealthHiBye and BackStab*
** Zaeed: "Sit down!"
** [[PlayerCharacter Commander Shepard]] is full of these. If we were to list all the one-liners s/he says we would probably have to give ''Mass Effect'' its own section. ''[[{{Troperiffic}} AGAIN!]]''
** Emily Wong got one in a Twitter feed. She was in an aircar, unarmed, bleeding, with a Reaper right in front of her. She had only one choice. Her last message: "You want to see how a human dies? [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome At ramming speed.]]" A shame she almost certainly accomplished nothing with it.
** Even Joker gets one ([[ImagineSpot sorta]]): "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC9U-XuDvPA It's joking time!]]"
** Sovereign in the first game gets some good ones:
--> [[AC:We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite. Millions of years after you civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure. We are legion. The time of our return is coming. Our numbers will darken the sky of every world. You cannot escape your doom. Your words are as empty as your future. I am the vanguard of your destruction. This exchange is over.]]
--> [[AC:You exist because we allow it. And you will end because we demand it.]]
* Every FightingGame you can find these days.
* Most phrases said by video game bosses before the BossBattle, especially in {{R|olePlayingGame}}PGs. Most well-known example: "[[VideoGame/FinalFantasyI I, Garland, will knock you all down!]]".
** [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX "Your hope ends here! And your meaningless existence with it!"]]
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'' in general has the characters say one-liners before casting spells and using skills. [[DeadpanSnarker Lulu]] is particularly known for that.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI''
** "My name is Ultima... I am power both ancient and unrivaled... I do not bleed, for I am but strength given form... Feeble creatures of flesh... Your time is nigh!"
*** "Life... Dreams... Hope... Where do they come from? And where do they go? Such meaningless things... I'll destroy them all!"
** The BigBad of VII gets several on separate occasions (and games):
*** From ''VideoGame/CrisisCore'': "Traitor...you will pay!" (Cue [[SpamAttack Octaslash]])
*** From ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsII'':
---> '''Sephiroth:''' Well, that's an interesting sword you're carrying. ''(indicating Sora's weapon)''\\
'''Donald:''' It's the Keyblade.\\
'''Sephiroth:''' I see. So that's a Keyblade. ''(to Sora)'' And I suppose you must be its chosen wielder.\\
'''Sora:''' So what if I am?\\
'''Sephiroth:''' I wonder if it won't change its mind, once I defeat you.
*** From ''[[Anime/FinalFantasyVIIAdventChildren Advent Children]]'' after impaling Cloud on the Masamune: "Is this the [[ContinuityNod pain you felt before, Cloud?]] Let me remind you... [[TraumaInducedAmnesia this time, you won't forget."]]
** Zack Fair, a non-villain example: "...and above all... protect your honor... AS SOLDIER!! '''''COME AND GET IT!!!'''''" To a whole army.
** ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'' has all characters say something when the battle starts, and a good part of the time it'll be this trope, or some sort of mocking comment about the opponent. The prequel ''Dissidia 012'' went further with custom introductory quotes for storyline battles where both character speaks. For example, this gem from the FinalBoss:
-->'''[[spoiler:Garland]]:''' "I will grant you true and utter annihilation!" \\
'''Lightning:''' "Bring it on! I don't need a second chance!"
* From ''VideoGame/ChronoCross'': "Now, let love bleed! Darker and deeper than the seas of hell!"
* Gene from ''VideoGame/GodHand'' has a few of these, even more irrelevant than usual because he doesn't give a damn about his opponent. "You can [[AssKickingPose wax on wax off]] all you like, I'm still kicking your ass" is probably the most well-known. Probably the most amusing is the one word he spouts in response to the Mad Midget Five's TeamShot:
** Elvis' "I'm gettin' hungry, hombre!"
* ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' has those whenever an ubercharge is used on a Heavy. "Is good time to run cowards!"
** I AM BULLET-PROOOOOOOF!! *Commence ass-kicking*
** The Soldier's Buff Banner when used also makes him utter one of his battle cries.
** Also, ''every'' character on both teams at the very start of a round. They can also be used at any time through the "Battle cry" voice command.
** The "Meet the Medic" short gives us this:
-->'''Medic:''' Now? (''[[EvilLaugh creepy chuckle]]'') Let's go ''practice medicine''.
* Gaz/GHOST/the SAS announcer in all three ''Modern Warfare'' games. "Let's do this."
* [[MemeticMutation "Can't let you do that]], VideoGame/StarFox!"
** "Andross has ordered us to take you down."
** "Peppy! Long time, no see!"
** "Andross' enemy is my enemy!"
** "Your daddy screamed REEEEEALL good before he ''DIED!''"
** "Think you're tough eh? In that case, IT'S SECRET WEAPONS TIME!"
** "Dang! DEPLOY IT NOW!"
* ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry'': Dante practically lives for these.
** "Let's rock, baby!"
** "Jackpot!"
** "I can already tell, looks like this is gonna be one hell of a party!"
** "So, this is what they call a heartwarming family reunion, eh?"
*** [[VideoGame/DevilMayCry3DantesAwakening Vergil]] even has a retaliatory one-liner for that one: ''"You got that right."''
** And of course Nero's short and sweet "Let's roll."
** When using Buster on [[spoiler:Sanctus]], one of his lines is "You are the demon. NOT ME!"
* ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}}'' has several, including Dante's "Let's rock, baby!"
** "[[Awesome/{{Bayonetta}} Don't fuck with a witch!]]"
* This is part of the reason why VideoGame/DukeNukem is such a Badass, even though he lifts a few lines from other sources. Example: "Come on out, Morphix. There's only two ways this can end, and in both of 'em, you die!"
* From ''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade -- Redemption'', said by a crusader who has survived to the modern nights.
-->'''Christof Romuald:''' Stand, sir, or wouldst thou arrive in hell squatting upon thy arse?
* [[VideoGame/GodOfWar AREEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!]]
** Ares, destroy my enemies, and my life is yours!!
** I am not the same man you found that day. The monster you created has returned... to kill you!
* ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic II'' actually has one for, of all people, [[GadgeteerGenius Bao]]-[[BadassBookworm Dur]].
-->'''Bao-Dur:''' "I think he wanted us to give the General to his poorly trained collection of bounty hunters."
-->'''Atton:''' "Well that makes sense. Which one do you want?"
-->'''Bao-Dur:''' "I'll take the stupid one who decided to threaten us rather than shoot us when he had the chance."
* A particularly impressive one from the [[BloodKnight Sith]] [[DarthVaderClone Warrior]] in ''VideoGame/StarWarsTheOldRepublic'':
-->'''[[RedShirt Republic Soldier]]:''' "Time to show this bastard what we're made of!"
-->'''Sith Warrior:''' [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome "You are made of bones that break and blood that spills."]]
* More than a few of these in ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'', especially from the Organization XIII baddies.
** Axel, Demyx (below), Larxene, and Xemnas:
-->'''Axel''': "Oh? So you really ''do'' remember me this time. I'm sooooo [[PlayingWithFire FLATTERED.]] But you're toooo LATE!"
-->'''Axel''' (''during the intro sequence of the boss fight''): "Come here! I'll make it all STOP! [[LargeHam BURN! BABEH!]]"
-->'''Xemnas''': "I cannot feel sorrow... no matter what misery befalls your worlds. No matter what you think, what you feel, or how you exist"
** '''Cloud's''' [[SoBadItsGood memorable and extremely clever comeback]] to Sephiroth's taunts (''several times''): Shut up!
** Gems from Auron: "I foresee no difficulty," "You don't want to move," and "Pray. Now."
** "They'll pay for this." Cue FlungClothing and RoaringRampageOfRevenge.
** And what about some of [[ThatOneBoss Those Few Bosses]]' lines, such as "Different name, same fate," the [[spoiler: Lingering Sentiment]]'s ever so simple "Xehanort!" or [[ThatOneBoss Demyx's]] LetsGetDangerous line, [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass "Silence, traitor."]]
** [[TheChessmaster Ze]][[TeenGenius xi]][[BadassBookworm on]], his [[HannibalLecture attempted]] MindRape of Riku thwarted and on the verge of a VillainousBreakdown, gets one during his (actual) boss fight in ''[=re:CoM=]'' (he was TheUnfought in the original). Had [[MagnificentBastard Axel]] not started a chain of events leading to Naminé playing SpannerInTheWorks, he might have very well ''succeeded'' in carrying out his threat.
-->'''Zexion''': "Then I shall make you see... That your hopes are nothing--nothing but a mere [[MasterOfIllusion illusion]]!"
** We get this one from Riku in ''VideoGame/KingdomHearts3DDreamDropDistance''
-->'''Riku:''' Glad I get to fight more than boredom.
** And, from the same game, and in the same world...
-->'''Sora:''' [[TearJerker Let's go]], [[spoiler:[[FightingYourFriend Tron]]]]!
** Even the manga adaptation cannot avoid such badass lines. One noticeable example is Sora taking out an out-of-control Magnum Loader.
-->'''Sora:''' [[{{Pun}} End of the road]]!
** Despite its UnexpectedGameplayChange, [[Disney/TheLittleMermaid Atlantica]] gets one from Sora when he realizes that the girl with Eric is a disguised Ursula.
-->'''Sora:''' [[RantInducingSight Okay, that's it!]] *pulls the Keyblade out and destroys Ursula's necklace with a beam of light*
* Many ''VideoGame/TimeCrisis'' bosses:
** Sherudo Garo (''Time Crisis'' Stage 2 boss): "Since you have traveled so very far, be my guest and let me ENTERTAIN YOU!"
** Buff Bryant (''Time Crisis II'' Stage 2 boss): "It's time for you to say goodbye!"
** Ernesto Diaz (''Time Crisis II'' Stage 3 boss): "This is not a real satellite, anyway let me ENTERTAIN YOU!"
** Victor Zahn (''Time Crisis 3'' Stage 1 boss): "Say goodbye!"
** Wild Fang (''Time Crisis 3'' Stage 3-1): "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wild Fang, and it's a pleasure to meet YOU!"
** Giorgio Zott ((''Time Crisis 3'' Stage 3 boss): "And now... Time to get rid of you both!"
** Marcus Black (''Time Crisis 4'' Stage 1-3): "You want it? Then come over here and TAKE IT!"
** Jack Mathers (''Time Crisis 4'' Stage 2-3): (in response to Captain Rush asking "Where's your patriotism?") "What ''good'' is ''patriotism''?"
** Wild Dog (''Time Crisis 4'' Stage 3-2): "A bunch of annoying little flies..."
** Gregory Barrows (''Time Crisis 4'' Stage 3 boss): "You two... are gonna DIE HERE!"
** [[spoiler: Robert Baxter]] (''Time Crisis 5'' Final Stage boss): "Now then, shall we begin?!"
* ''VideoGame/AlteredBeast'': "[[DoomyDoomsOfDoom WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM!]]"
* The beginning of a ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'' multiplayer match normally has someone saying something.
* ''[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Soulcalibur IV]]'', as with other games in the series and most modern fighting games, have these for each character. One, in particular, stands out, from GuestFighter [[Franchise/StarWars Darth Vader]]: "''Unwise.''" Equal parts simple and menacing.
* In ''VideoGame/FireEmblem [[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe 7]]'' before taking down the BigBad, all characters that are taking part in the battle get to deliver one, or at the very least the group they're fighting for. The best is Canas' "Let this battle be forgotten by history, that is all I ask."
** Hector gets this beauty of a quote when facing the boss of his version of chapter 11:
-->'''Hector:''' You see, I'm about as angry as I've ever been. I doubt that even a dozen of you could slow me down. Prepare to die!!!
** ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemTheSacredStones Fire Emblem 8]]'' has this gem delivered by Joshua when fighting his [[EvilFormerFriend former friend and partner]] Caellach, [[spoiler: who just finished killing Joshua's mother.]]
-->'''Joshua:''' Listen Caellach... [[PrepareToDie I've got to kill you now.]] Don't hold it against me.
** In ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening Awakening]]'', all characters have quotes when they land a critical hit or activate a skill. The line generally viewed as the best belongs to [[CrutchCharacter Frederick]].
-->Frederick: "Pick a god and pray!"
-->[[PlayerCharacter The Avatar]]: "Time to tip the scales!"
-->[[DarkActionGirl Tharja]]: "[[YouAreAlreadyDead You're all dead...]]"
** This comes back in ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemFates Fates]]''. One of the more memorable quotes is The Avatar shouting for the glory of the respective kingdom you choose to fight for, once they promote.
* [[VideoGame/{{Contra}} "It's time for revenge." "Let's attack aggressively."]]
** And the lesser known "What is this place?" "Keep your eyes peeled!" *gun cocking sounds*
* In ''[[VideoGame/LegacyOfKain Blood Omen 2]]'', before the first boss, the boss in question says that Kain will die if he fights the [[BigBad Sarafan Lord]], Kain says that may be true, and then adds, "But you will never know how it ends, Faustus, for I will bury you first of all."
** If you haven't played the other games before ''Defiance'', it does a great job at explaining Kain to you in the first five minutes.
--> '''Sarafan:''' ''"Surender, fiend, and we promise you an easy death."''
--> '''Kain:''' ''"I could promise you the same. ...[[WillNotTellALie but it would be a lie]]."''
* One female voiceset in ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights'' says "I hope you like pain!" when you attack an enemy
* ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros.'':
-->'''Lucario:''' Watch the power of aura! ''({{Kamehamehadoken}})''\\
'''Meta Knight:''' Know my power! ''(FlashStep)''\\
'''Snake:''' It's show time! ''[[DeathFromAbove (calls helicopter with grenade launcher)]]''\\
'''Sonic:''' Now I'll show you! ''[[SuperMode (screams as he flies straight through everything)]]''
* ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' has some characters with truly justifiable one liners.
-->'''[[SmugSuper Hakumen]]:''' [[BadassBoast Give everything, and you]] ''[[BadassBoast might]]'' [[BadassBoast live a little longer!]]
-->'''[[RobotGirl Nu-13]]:''' [[RoboSpeak Activate]] [[StormOfBlades termination]] [[MachineMonotone protocol.]]
* [[VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG "I am matter... I am antimatter... I can see your past... I can see your future... I consume time... And I will consume you!"]]
** From ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario'', "Control, Alt, DEL!"
* ''VideoGame/{{Killer 7}}'' has Harman's first lines in the game "Good night child, it's past your bed time."
** And Dan's classic, "I went to see the Devil, now it's your turn."
* ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'': Each of the Alliance & Horde faction leaders will deliver one of these if you attack them.
** One attack on the Horde capital city of Orgrimmar featured this especially well. The raid organisers were targetting Thrall, warchief of the orcs, and forgot (as many do on both factions) that the leader of the trolls also spends most of his time in Thrall's keep. They charged Thrall at full speed, only to hear from behind, "Dis gonna be de last mistake you make, mon" seconds before Vol'jin the Shadowhunter tore their formation apart, starting with the healers at the back.
** "LeeroyJenkins!"
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIBh_HbNBWY=related "Arcanite Reaper, HOOO!"]]
** During the Gunship Battle we have "You DARE board my ship? Your death will come swiftly." if you're on Horde and "What's this then?! Ye won't be takin' this son o' Ironforge's vessel without a fight!." if you're on Alliance.
** During the Wrathgate cinematic, Saurfang the Younger delivers this gem:
--> Rise up, sons of the Horde! Blood and glory await us!
** The standard BattleCry of "FOR THE HORDE!" or "FOR THE ALLIANCE!" can work as one of these.
* In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'', Snake and Otacon are trapped inside a building while the BigBad circles it in an armed helicopter. Snake tells Otacon to go fix the elevator so they can move on, and Otacon asks Snake what he intends to do. Snake's response? "I've got to go and swat a noisy fly."
** ''Metal Gear Solid'' also had [[spoiler: Gray Fox]]'s: "A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal!" though [[spoiler: he died shortly after saying it]].
** ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty'': "You want eternal rest? I've got it right here."
*** Also, a couple from Solidus in the same game: "I applaud your attitude. Well, if you have a death wish, I'll be happy to accommodate you; ''see you in hell!''" "Stupid Machines!"
** ''VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance'' gives Raiden a great one after an attempt to [[BreakThemByTalking break him by talking]] [[GoneHorriblyRight goes horribly right]].
--> It's time for [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Jack]]... to [[AxCrazy let 'er rip!]]
** There's also this little gem right before the actual FinalBoss Battle (as opposed to the HopelessBossFight bits that precede it).
--> "I said my sword was a tool of justice... Not used in anger. Not used for vengeance. But now... now I'm not so sure. And besides... [[spoiler: [[OhCrap This isn't my sword]].]]
* The [[VideoGame/TheWarriors video game adaption]] of ''Film/TheWarriors'' had each warrior give one of these when entering [[UnstoppableRage rage]] [[LimitBreak mode]]. Here is an example from each warrior:
** '''[[BaldBlackLeaderGuy Cleon]]''': ''Here comes the motherfucking warchief, asshole!''
** '''[[TheLancer Swan]]''': ''I'm gonna march right through you!''
** '''[[BoisterousBruiser Ajax]]''': ''You stupid fucks!''
** '''[[TheBigGuy Snow]]''': ''Enough of this bullshit! You're fucking finished!''
** '''Rembrandt''': ''Let me show you how the Warriors bump!''
** '''Vermin''': ''All right, all right, that's fucking it!''
** '''Cowboy''': ''I'm gonna go wild on you asshole!''
** '''[[FragileSpeedster Fox]]''': ''I'll show you how to flex!''
** '''[[ScaryBlackMan Cochise]]''': ''Bring it on sucka!''
* ''S.W.I.N.E.'' has units that always drop a taunt whenever they spot an enemy or score a kill. The combatants are rabbits (French accent) and pigs (German accent). The best are the rabbit artillery units.
-->''I'm going to open a can of whoopass on these pigs!''
-->''I'm supposed to be afraid? You gotta be kidding me...''
-->''Adieu, mon ami...''
-->''Whoa, brother! You really had to eat that much slop?''
-->''Off ya go to hog heaven!''
-->''(Hungarian version) Here, lead pill from the pharmacy!''
-->''(Hungarian version) I'm gonna kick you so hard you'll fly home!''
* ''VideoGame/LunarEternalBlue'':
-->'''Lucia:''' Dragons of Althena, come forth!\\
'''Ruby:''' This is it! Let's go!\\
'''Nall:''' Let's ''rock''!
* In ''VideoGame/YggdraUnion'' Gulcasa give the anti heroic version of this trope during his first confrontation with Milanor.
-->'''Milanor:''' So you're the big man around here, huh? Get ready!
-->'''Gulcasa:''' We haven't been introduced, so I'll think of you as "Prey".
** And when using his card's special ability, Gulcasa brings one tried and true line back.
-->'''Gulcasa:''' ''ARE YOU READY?!'''
* ''[[Franchise/MassEffect "You talk too much".]]''
* ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'' has a lot of great lines after you knock down an enemy and get a chance to have all four characters gang up on it, such as Akihiko's "Oh, I've been waiting for this!" and Junpei's "Come back here, you son of a-!"
** "I make my living as [[spoiler: an elevator attendant]] but... I know several effective ways of inflicting pain. Don't worry, I'm not as fragile as I look. Try to kill me... if you can."
*** And its [[DistaffCounterpart Spear Counterpart]]: I am he who governs power. I should pose a challenge, even for you. I advice that you do not hold back. Fight as though you intend to kill.
** Every Shadow boss in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' starts with "I am a Shadow, the true self..."
** Kanji: "[[CombinationAttack I LIVE FOR]] [[NoHoldsBarredBeatDown THIS PART!]]"
** Teddie: "Just say the word, and it's bear time!"
* ''VideoGame/{{Persona 5}}'': The Protagonist will drop a line from ''VideoGame/Persona4ArenaUltimax'' right before summoning the damaging "Wings of Purgatory" SpecialAttack to cut enemies to pieces with giant wings of darkness.
-->'''Protagonist:''' Showtime!
* "[[VideoGame/ArmoredCore Target verified. Commencing hostilities]]." [[ThatOneBoss The last words you will hear]].
* [[VideoGame/{{Killzone}} Do not...toy with me]]
** Also: "Haven't I killed ALL of you yet?!"
* [[VideoGame/ResidentEvil4 "It's game time."]] ([[Series/XPlay HEY! That's my line!]])
* [[VideoGame/ResidentEvil4 "Hasta luego."]]
* In ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'', [[spoiler: Corrine]] [[HeroicSacrifice dies to protect Sheena]] from Volt. After Lloyd [[HeroicBSOD motions her into action]] Sheena yells "For the sake of everyone that risked their lives to protect me, Volt...I DEMAND YOUR POWER!" The party then [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu kills the God of Thunder and Lightning]].
** Lloyd and Kratos team up to do this at the Iselia Ranch. As [[spoiler: Forcystus]] emerges from the front doorway after shooting Lloyd, Kratos says very calmly that he is disappointed that this is how the great Desian hero [[spoiler: Forcystus]] meets his end. He doesn't need to do anything though, as Lloyd does the asskicking part for him [[KnifeFight WHEN HE SHANKS HIM]]. Kratos has some choice lines when he [[spoiler: finishes off Kvar ("Feel the pain" *slash* "Of those inferior beings" *slash* *sheathes sword* "as you burn in hell")]] and before [[spoiler: right after you kill Remiel in the first time in the tower of salvation and Kratos show up and as the fight starts he say "Do you earnestly think you can defeat ME?"]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Darksiders}}'': "You can look at me in the eye when I kill you."
* In later ''VideoGame/TalesSeries'' games, many player characters get pretty [[BadassBoast awesome lines]] before shredding their opponents up with Mystic Artes:
-->'''[[VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss Jade Curtiss:]]''' "I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, command thee to open the gates of hell! Come forth, divine lightning! This ends now! [[CallingYourAttacks INDIGNATION!!!]]"
-->'''[[VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia Yuri Lowell:]]''' "O brilliant blade of coldest steel, rend the infinite darkness, and crush my enemies to nothing! You're ''dead!'' [[CallingYourAttacks SAVAGE WOLF FURY!]]
-->'''[[VideoGame/TalesOfGraces Hubert Ozwell:]]''' Prepare yourself! You have ''angered'' me. You'll regret this! [[CallingYourAttacks TEMPEST ARROW!]]
* The Empire's Assassin droids in ''VideoGame/StarWarsDroidworks'' say nothing but these once they see you. One such gem stands out: "There's nothing like a ''warm BLASTER'' to brighten your day!"
* ''VideoGame/RedFaction: Guerrilla'': Alec Mason cracks quite a few of these during the game, but the most epic one happens in the end, when the Red Faction is [[spoiler: about to shoot down the Hydra, the largest warship ever known to man]].
--> '''Kobel''': This is Admiral Kobel of the EDF Hydra. What is your status?
--> '''Mason''': Just fine, Admiral, but ''yours'' is about to go red.
* ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' Alastair gives us this gem.
-->Alright, who ordered death?
** [[BonusBoss Witness Gaxkang!]]
* ''VideoGame/DeusEx'':
--> '''Bob Page''': "Soon, I will become pure energy. I will burn like the brightest star."
--> '''JC Denton''': "You're gonna burn alright."
* From ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes2DesperateStruggle'', Travis will deliver quite a lot of these (In addition to Pre- and Postmortem One Liners.)
** v.s. Skelter Helter: "And when you see your brother in hell, tell him, that he's ''still'' a '''DOUCHE!'''"
** v.s. Nathan Copeland: "Hale-fucking-lujah!"
** v.s. Matt Helms: "Time for some pro-bono ghost-busting!"
** v.s. [[spoiler:Jasper Batt Jr. (last form)]]: "Come on, Prez! Unleash your hate! Your anger! Everything! I'll take it all and FUCKING kill you with it!"
** Travis gives a good number of these in the first one too.
--> To Dr. Peace: "This is what I LIVE FOR. Fighting your own kind, nothing's more gratifying!"
--> To Destroyman: "If challenge had a taste, you'd be quite delicious."
--> To Holly: "Normal assassins don't shoot the shit like this. They see their target and KILL THEM!"
--> To Harvey: "IT'S KILLING TIME!"
--> To Bad Girl: "You're no assassin. You're just a perverted killing maniac."
--> To [[spoiler:Jeane: "All of your sorrows end today, Jeane."]]
* ''VideoGame/AsurasWrath'': [[BringIt Come on!]] (To a fucking ''planet-sized god'', and ''[[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu he wins]].'')
** The ''game itself'' delivers one in Episode Twelve, when Asura goes into his Berserker Form.
-->'''Achievement Unlocked''': "Heads Will Roll"
* ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights''' [=NPCs=] and [=PCs=] have voice that sets will occasionally have them say one of these once they attack an enemy.
** Dark Hero: "NO QUARTER!"
** Reserved Guardian: "Let the earth take you!"
** Confident: "I'll handle this one!"
** Dramatic: "Your death has been too long delayed."
** In ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2'', this ultimately fails with Kaelyn the Dove, for which she can explain why. And this is one of her One Liners.
-->Kaelyn: "Oh... you... oh, I don't know any profanities! How embarrassing..."
* ''VideoGame/EVEOnline'' gives us this from the trailer for the latest expansion, called ''Incursion''. This particular one-liner precedes the collective ass-kicking of a ''galactic cluster, 4 established empires and their respective naval forces, and the player-base.''
-->[[spoiler:'''Sansha Kuvakei''']]: "I will vanquish your fear, and commute your flesh...to dust."
* ''Videogame/WingCommander Prophecy'' has Maestro's: "I think we haven't been properly introduced yet, I'm Maestro, you're dead,"
* ''VideoGame/MechWarrior'''s [[HumongousMecha BattleMechs]] ''themselves'' almost seem to coincidentally have one every mission you start off already in the middle of a fight. Given that [[AceCustom your 'Mech]] is an armored behemoth bristling with [[MoreDakka more than]] [[BeamSpam enough]] [[MacrossMissileMassacre firepower]] to [[ApocalypseWow level a city block in a single instant]] the third part of the line rather... telling.
-->''Mech Power Up Voice Over'': "Reactor online, sensors online, '''weapons online'''. All systems nominal."
* From ''VideoGame/DeadSpace2'': "Goddamn it, I trusted you! ''Fuck you'', '''AND FUCK YOUR MARKER!'''"
* From ''VideoGame/DeadSpace3'': "You can't have us..."
* In ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn'':
-->'''Arcanus:''' How many times must I prove that [[PitifulWorms you little insects]] can't hurt me?
-->'''[[CoolOldGuy Hou Zan]]:''' Once more, apparently.
** [[spoiler: Subverted, Arcanus teleports away.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Portal 2}}''
** Executed quite nicely by [=GLaDOS=], although the person the one-liner was directed at - [[PlayerCharacter Chell]] - never actually got her ass kicked.
-->'''[=GlaDOS=]''': [[AC: I hope you brought something stronger than a portal gun this time. Otherwise, I'm afraid you're about to become the immediate ''past'' president of the Being Alive Club. Ha ha.]]
-->'''[=GlaDOS=]''': [[AC: This next test involves turrets. You remember them, right? They're the pale spherical things that are full of bullets. Oh wait, that's you in five seconds. Good luck.]]
-->'''[=GlaDOS=]''': [[AC: I suppose we could just sit in this room and ''glare'' at each other until somebody drops dead... But I have a better idea. It's your old friend, deadly neurotoxin. If I were you, I'd take a deep breath. ''And hold it.'']]
** Later, she gives another one to Chell, but this time it implies she's not going to be at the receiving end of the asskicking this time.
-->'''[=GLaDOS=] (to Chell):''' [[AC: [[EnemyMine Look, even if you think we're still enemies]], we're enemies with a common interest. Revenge. You like revenge, right? ''Everybody'' likes revenge! Well, ''let's go GET SOME!'']]
** [[spoiler: Wheatley]] delivers a couple for himself as well. Some are [[AffablyEvil cute and silly]], others are ''[[FauxAffablyEvil terrifying]]''.
*** When he's about to crush you to death with a spiked plate.
--->'''[[spoiler: Wheatley]]:''' Holmes versus Moriarty... Aristotle versus [[BuffySpeak MASHY SPIKE-PLATE]]!
*** And then there's the absolutely side-splitting example from the intro of chapter 9:
--->'''[=GlaDOS=]''': Well, this is the part where he kills us.\\
'''[[spoiler: Wheatley]]''': Hello! This is the part where I kill you!\\
Chapter 9: The Part Where He Kills You.\\
BGM: [[https://youtu.be/hOXrgDDLpYw The Part Where He Kills You]]\\
Achievement Unlocked: The Part Where He Kills You\\
Achivement Subtitle: [[CaptainObvious This is that part.]]
*** One of the very few times he actually sounds terrifying is after you escape multiple of his death traps at the start of Chapter 9. He'd been [[LargeHam yelling triumphantly]] the entire time, but after you escape him yet again, [[MoodWhiplash suddenly]] [[TranquilFury his voice gets eerily quiet]].
--->'''[[spoiler: Wheatley]]:''' ''Fine.'' [[IronicEcho Let the games... begin]].
*** And who could forget this dialogue from right before his BossBattle?
--->'''[[spoiler: Wheatley]]:''' Also, I took the liberty of watching the tapes of you killing [[=GLaDOS=]], and I'm not gonna make the same mistakes! Four-part plan is this: one, no portal surfaces. Two, start the [[DeadlyGas neurotoxin]] ''immediately''! Three, bomb-proof shields, for me! Leading directly into number four, bombs. For throwing at you. You know, this plan is ''so good'', I'm gonna give you a sporting chance... [[HopeSpot And turn off the neurotoxin]]! [[ILied I'm joking]], of course. '''Goodbye.'''
* ''VideoGame/DungeonSiege 3'' has one especially memorable one.
-->'''[[spoiler: Jeyne]]''': "[[VoiceOfTheLegion If any of you pretend to piety, pray to your gods now]]."
* ''VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou'' has some memorable ones; one of the best is from Neku and Joshua's Level 3 Fusion Attack:
-->'''Neku:''' "Another world awaits!"
-->'''Joshua:''' "''And you're going.''"
** Also, Neku and Beat's Level 3 Fusion:
-->'''Beat:''' "Let's start it up!"
-->'''Neku:''' "No, let's end it!"
* In ''VideoGame/EternalSonata'', if you build up enough echoes before unleashing a special attack, the character will say something awesome.
-->'''Falsetto:''' "By thunder and lightning will you be thrown. By wind will you be scattered. Heaven and Earth! Howling Thunder!"
-->'''Fredric:''' "There is power within my melodies! Listen! Piu Grave!"
-->'''Salsa:''' "Descend from Heaven and shatter the Earth! Deadly Orbit!"
-->'''March:''' "The bright light within me is apart of all things that shine! Super Nova!"
-->'''Polka:''' "Stay out of my way! Pure Geyser!"
* ''VideoGame/Left4Dead''
-->'''Bill:''' "Goddamn Smoker! You're going to have to use that tongue of yours to pull my foot out of your ass!"
-->'''Bill (Sacrifice Comic):''' "Hold your horses, I'll be with you in a minute."
-->'''Nick:''' "I have not...come this far...to die now!"
-->'''Ellls:''' "Kill all sons of bitches...that's my official instructions."
-->'''Coach:''' And when we run outta bullets...baby, they gonna wish we hadn't.
* ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}''
-->'''[[spoiler: Coach Oleander]]:''' Kochamara does not speak giant monster boy language.
-->'''Raz:''' The only word you're gonna need is "ouch."
* In ''VideoGame/WarioWorld'', Wario frequently utters the line "I'm-a number one!" before boss battles.
* In ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2'', Both Sonic and Shadow have lines when their final fights start up
-->'''Shadow''': ''[Against Sonic]'' Before this is over, I'll show you the true power of Chaos Control!
-->'''Sonic''': ''[Against Shadow]'' Alright, Shadow, time to finish this!
** The conversation before the fight might even count as one as well:
-->'''Shadow''': So, there's more to you than just looking at you. What are you, anyway?
-->'''Sonic''': [[BadassBoast What you see is what you get: a guy who loves adventure!]] I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!
-->'''Shadow''': I see. Well, you know, I can't let you live. Your adventuring days are ''coming to an end''!
** In ''VideoGame/SonicHeroes'', right before the Egg Emperor boss fight in their story, Team Sonic gives us this exchange.
--> '''Tails''': This time you won't get away!
--> '''Knuckles''': Give it up!
--> '''Sonic''': This looks like checkmate, Doctor!
--> '''Eggman''': Hmph! Enough of this! Sonic, Tails, Knuckles! ''[Egg Emperor armor clanks down with perfect timing]'' Time to meet your maker! ''[swings lance]''
*** Also, after said cutscene, Eggman starts the battle with this.
--> '''Eggman''': I'll show you what real evil is!
* ''VideoGame/GIJoe''
** '''The Joes''': [[BattleCry "Yo, Joe!"]]
** '''Tomax and Xamot''': It's now or never!
** '''Metal-Head''': Don't get me mad!
** '''Baroness''': I can't wait to see you. [[EvilLaugh Hahahahahahaha!]], It's showtime.
** '''Major Bludd''': YourDaysAreNumbered!
** '''Destro''': You won't get out after this one.
** '''Cobra Commander''': Long live Cobra, the greatest, [[EvilLaugh Whahahahaha!]]
* ''VideoGame/VegaStrike'' has DialogueTree entries for cases when AI pilot is aggressive and [[IShallTauntYou taunts]] or hostile and fails to be appeased:
--> '''Rlaan''' ([[GiantEnemyCrab arthropod]]): "I put your flesh back inside your bones!"\\
'''[[{{Cyborg}} Mechanist]]''': "I'm going to retrofit you in unspeakable ways!"
* ''VideoGame/XMen''
-->'''Pyro:''' Pyro will turn you to toast!\\
'''The Blob:''' Nothing moves the Blob!\\
'''Magneto''': Hahahaha, X-Men, [[MemeticMutation welcome to die!]]\\
'''Emma Frost''': The White Queen welcomes you to die!\\
'''Juggernaut''': Juggernaut will flatten you!
* In ''Primal'' you need to get back the sword of a ghost from the Wraith Captain who executed him.
--> '''Jen:''' ''"Now that's a sword I'd kill for."''
* In ''VideoGame/StarCraft'' we have the following badass exchange:
-->'''Fenix''':"The Khala awaits me, Kerrigan. But although I am prepared to meet my destiny, you will not find me an easy prey."
-->'''Kerrigan''':"Then that. Will be. Your epitaph."
** Also in one cinematic, where Zeratul faces Kerrigan.
-->'''Kerrigan:'''"The galaxy will burn at their coming."
-->'''Zeratul:'''"Perhaps... But you won't live to see it!"
** There are also many, ''many'' examples from the units themselves.
--> '''Archon''': Power overwhelming!
--> '''Ghost''': Somebody call for an exterminator?
--> '''Firebat''': Need a light?
* Every boss in ''VideoGame/VirtuaCop'':
-->'''Kong''': ''"[[EvilLaugh Hahahahaha!]] Pretty bold, aren't we? I'll take care of you myself!"''
-->'''King''': ''"[[EvilLaugh Haha!]] Show's enough, you two! So you made it this far, huh? [[EvilLaugh Haha!]]"''
-->'''Boss''': ''"And now, you'll regret [[RightManInTheWrongPlace being at the wrong place at the wrong time]]."''
-->'''Fang''': ''"This chopper is all I need. I'm through with you two! Now, you meet your maker!"''
-->'''Bull''': ''"[[EvilLaugh Hahaha!]] Where are you looking? I'm over here, cops!"''
-->'''Aero-Divers''': ''"Die!"''
-->'''Bladley''': ''"I'll remember this last moment after I finish you. Die!"''
-->'''Fang''': ''"It seems my plan as been ruined. But I can at least finish you!"''
* ''VideoGame/SilentScope'':
--> '''Cobra''': ''"I told you I'll survive to have my revenge! Feel my reborn power!"''
--> '''Mosquito''': ''"[[EvilLaugh Keh keh keh keh keh!]] Catch me if you can! [[EvilLaugh Keh keh keh keh keh!]]"''
--> '''Smith''': ''"Go to hell!"''
--> '''Shaker''': ''"Oh my! Our guest has no sense of style! But I suppose a guest is better than no guest at all! Welcome, welcome! Come, come now, do stay a while and enjoy yourself!"''
--> '''Ray''': ''"You there! Wait! So you're the scum that's causing all the commotion! Thanks to you, I had to drag my ass all the way out here! It's hot and stuffy in here... My suit's getting dirty... This is the pits! Sorry, but I have to kill you now... I'm kinda in a hurry to get back home..."''
--> '''Charly''': ''"[[EvilLaugh Hahaha!]] Let the fire burn!"''
--> '''[[spoiler: Robert]]''': ''"Now why don't you just relax..."''
* ''VideoGame/TwoWorlds'' uses this to alert the player to the presence of enemies. In dialog it is noticable that the PC becomes more free with them when he is accompanying Reesa, who he is attracted to.
-->'''Reesa:''' Damn! Looks like we're out of plans.
-->'''PC:''' Looks like something's in our way.
* Where as most Fighting Games use, "Ready? Fight!" before matches, ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom2'' gives us...
--> '''Announcer:''' Prepare to kick butt. BEGIN!
* From ''VideoGame/BioShockInfinite's'' [[KillerRobot Motor]][[UncannyValley ized]] [[GatlingGood Patri]][[PresidentEvil ot]]:
--> ''The Lord judges.'' '''''I act.'''''
* From ''VideoGame/GuildWars2'', for Human characters who choose the street-rat personal story:
-->'''Two-Blade Pete:''' You think you're smarter than Pete, do ya? Think you hurt me? Let me tell you something--
-->'''Player:''' Better men than you have tried.
-->'''Two-Blade Pete:''' [[NeverHeardThatOneBefore Tried and failed. Look, kid. I'm not easily intimi-]]
-->'''Player:''' Tried... and died.
* ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaCDiGames'':
** From ''Link: Faces of Evil'':
---> '''Ganon:''' "[[WeCanRuleTogether Join me, Link]], and I will make you a face--the ''grrrreatest'' in Koridai! Or else you will ''DIE.''"
** From ''Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon'':
---> '''Ganon:''' "You ''dare'' bring ''light'' into my lair? ''[[PrepareToDie YOU MUST DIE!!]]''"
* In ''Videogame/CrashBandicoot3Warped'', [[MixAndMatchCritters Dingodile]] delivers one before his boss fight:
--> Break out the butter. [[{{Pyromaniac}} I'm gonna make toast!]]
* In ''VideoGame/HardCorpsUprising'':
---> '''Tiberius:''' "''You'' again... So, you want me dead? ''I'm going to enjoy this battle!''"
* Diablo 3 gives us this one.
--> '''Diablo:''' "Even in the heart of heaven, angels can still feel fear."
* Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War has many. Each expansion adds more, and basically half the lines in the series are these.
--> '''Apothecary:''' "Death or healing... I care not which you seek."
--> '''Dreadnought:''' "At last, back to war."
--> '''Force Commander:''' "Come! Show me what passes for fury among your misbegotten kind!"
* In ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' and ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'', the Mr. Gutsy robots say these almost exclusively: "Every day is a good day to die!" "Kill'em all and let GOD sort 'em out!" "Looks like it's my lucky day." "Take THAT, you commie bastard!"
** Every companion in ''New Vegas'' has one of these before combat starts. They range from the amusing (Arcade Ganon's "Oh ''here'' we go!) to the understated (Rose of Sharon Cassidy's "And then the fight started") to the genuinely disturbing (cold sniper Craig Boone's calm "You're ''mine''"). ED-E, being able only to communicate in beeps, has a Western melody that plays (taken from a Pre-War radio show about a boy and his eyebot).
* Upon fighting the final boss of ''[[VideoGame/LethalEnforcers Lethal Enforcers II: Gunfighters]]'', he says, "Arise, my friends!"
* ''VideoGame/{{Transistor}}'' has [[spoiler: Royce Brackett]] start off the final fight with one as he [[spoiler: [[MirrorBoss uses his own Transistor]] to enter BulletTime and fire energy blasts at you before you can react]].
-->"Who gets to go first? How about... '''''[[LetsGetDangerous me]]'''''."
* ''VideoGame/TheMatrixPathOfNeo'' has a few, a notable villainous one:
-->'''Agent:'' Crush him!
* ''VideoGame/DonPachi'' series:
** ''[=DoDonPachi=]'', from the TrueFinalBoss:[[note]][[BlindIdiotTranslation Yes, this is verbatim]][[/note]]
** [[spoiler: Colonel Longhena]] in ''[=DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu=]'':
---> "Finally, it is time for you to die. Farewell."
* Many bosses in the ''VideoGame/{{Wolfenstein}}'' series, most of which is GratuitousGerman.
** ''VideoGame/Wolfenstein3D'':
--> '''[[WarmupBoss Hans Grosse]]''': ''"Guten tag!"''
--> '''[[MadScientist Dr. Schabbs]]''': ''"[[EvilLaugh Muahahaha!]]"''
--> '''UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler''': ''"Die, Allied schweinehund!"'' (first phase)
--> '''UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler''': ''"[[ForeignCussWord Scheisse!]]"'' (second phase)
--> '''Otto Giftmacher''': ''"Eine kleine Amerikaner!"''
--> '''Gretel Grosse''': ''"Kein durchgang!"''
--> '''[[ClimaxBoss General Fettgesicht]]''': ''"Erlauben sie, bitte!"''
** ''Spear of Destiny'':
--> '''Trans Grosse''': ''"Einer sprachschnitzer!"''
--> '''Barnacle Wilhelm''': ''"Ach so!"''
--> '''Death Knight''': ''"Tot ist mein leben!"''
--> '''[[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere Angel of Death]]''': ''"Prove your worth, human!"''
** ''VideoGame/{{Wolfenstein 2009}}'':
--> '''[[TheDragon Hans Grosse]]''': ''"[[CallBack Guten tag!]]"''
** ''VideoGame/WolfensteinTheNewOrder'':
--> '''Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse''': ''"You perplex me, captain. But you do not scare me."'' (first phase)
--> '''Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse''': ''"[[CallBack Die, Allied schweinehund!]]"'' (second phase)
* ''[[VideoGame/{{Contra}} Neo Contra]]'':
--> '''Guerilla Contra''': ''"As your reward for getting this far, I'll grant you a quick death."''
--> '''Mystery G''': ''"[[EvilLaugh Bwahahahaha!]] Let's see what you got!"''
--> '''Plant Contra''': ''"En garde! [[LetsGetDangerous Serious mode!]] [[OneWingedAngel Plant Flaaaaash!]]"''
--> '''Pheromone Contra''': ''"Poor Billy. There are some things you're better off not knowing. But don't fear, I'll kill you now so you'll never have to deal with them."''
--> '''Animal Contra''': ''"Flutter about all you want! Your time is over..."''
--> '''Master Contra''': ''"But enough! The time for talk is over!"'' (first phase)
--> '''Master Contra''': ''"When I'm through, not a single strand of your DNA will remain!"'' (second phase)
* ''VideoGame/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesTurtlesInTime'':
--> '''The Shredder'''': Tonight I dine on turtle soup!
* Colonel, General, [[spoiler: Double, Iris, and Sigma]] from ''VideoGame/MegaManX4'' have several pre-battle lines.
--> '''Colonel''': [[BringIt Show me what you've got]].
--> '''Colonel''': I've been waiting to fight with you.
--> '''Colonel''': I'll show you no mercy. Now get ready!
--> '''[[spoiler: Double]]''': [[BloodKnight I'm so anxious to rip you apart]]!
--> '''[[spoiler: Double]]''': I'm gonna recycle you!
--> '''[[spoiler: Double]]''': Ha ha ha... You're gonna get hurt, X!
--> '''[[spoiler: Iris]]''': Okay. [[TheDeterminator I'll do it]].
--> '''[[spoiler: Iris]]''': [[ApologeticAttacker Forgive me]], Zero!
--> '''[[spoiler: Iris]]''': Stay with me, brother...
--> '''General''': My fate is sealed. I have... no choice.
--> '''General''': Show me your true power.
--> '''General''': It was our destiny to fight.
--> '''[[spoiler: Sigma]]''': [[PrepareToDie Prepare to become space dust]]!
--> '''[[spoiler: Sigma]]''': [[LetsGetDangerous Are you ready for Round 2]]?
--> '''[[spoiler: Sigma]]''': Tremble with terror, you are finished!
--> '''[[spoiler: Sigma]]''': Are you ready for your final journey?
* ''VideoGame/MortalKombat9'' gave most of the playable characters a short one-liner for their arcade battle introductions. Most are short but serve to summarize the character in a sentence, such as Scorpion shouting about [[{{Revenge}} vengance]] or Shang Tsung declaring that YourSoulIsMine. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXeLlLtIsmE A sampling]].
* ''VideoGame/MortalKombatX'' expanded the one-liners into entire brief conversations between the two kombatants, with several unique dialogues for each potential pair of opponents, including variations based on which character starts the conversation or in the event of a MirrorMatch. It still qualifies for this trope, as many of the exchanges finish with a character giving a one-liner, followed by violence.
* The bosses in ''VideoGame/{{Einhander}}'', with the exception of the [[ClimaxBoss Schwarzgeist]] and [[spoiler: [[FinalBoss Hyperion]]]]. All their taunts are in GratuitousGerman.
* In ''VideoGame/TelepathTactics'', bosses tend to say one of these before their first attack. Emma gets one as well, if she attacks Tarion in the final battle:
--->'''Tarion:''' I should have killed you ten years ago, fleshling.\\
'''Emma:''' Too late for that now. I am going to strike you down, tie you to a rope, and let the slaves use your body for games of tetherball.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'', the true final boss of the Genocide path, [[spoiler:Sans the skeleton, who's in a far less affable mood than usual,]] drops one of these at the start of the fight, followed by an attack so brutal it could easily double as a PreMortemOneLiner:
-->[[spoiler:it's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you... Should be burning in hell.]]
** [[spoiler:Undyne]] also has a few great ones before her fight as [[spoiler:Undyne the Undying]].
--->[[spoiler:I, UNDYNE, will strike you down!]]
--->[[spoiler:You're gonna have to try a little harder than THAT.]]
* ''VideoGame/StarControl II'' has the Kohr-Ah's traditional greeting to new ships they meet:
-->''"We are the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah. We cleanse our destiny. You will soon die. Make whatever rituals are necessary for your species."''
* ''VideoGame/PonyIsland'': Lucifer delivers one [[spoiler: a third of the way through the full system dump]], which shows that [[LetsGetDangerous he's no longer playing around]]: "You don't want to give me your souls? Fine. '''I am no longer asking'''."
* In the middle of ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankUpYourArsenal'', the titular duo [[spoiler:(or rather, just Ratchet, since "Clank" is really [[TheMole Klunk]])]] witness a video recording of EvilDiva [[TheDragon Courtney Gears]] turning the captured Skidd into a robot. Gears then captures them, and shows how far she has crossed the MoralEventHorizon. [[WouldHitAGirl Ratchet]] declares war on her.
-->'''Gears:''' Don't be afraid, Ratchet. The transformation doesn't hurt... ''([[EvilLaugh chuckles]])'' [[{{Sadist}} much]]. Besides, I think you'll enjoy being a robot.
-->'''Ratchet:''' Let's see if you can fight better than you can sing!
* The ''VideoGame/{{Splatterhouse}}'' remake delivers an awesome one using the game's title.
-->'''Terror Mask:''' Well, [[WhyWontYouDie look who's back]]. Show him why we call it... ''[[TitleDrop SPLATTERHOUSE]]''
* Everyone in ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'' when they activate their respective ultimate ability. To wit[[note]]All of these lines below are heard when it's activated either by yourself or by the enemy (Zenyatta is the lone exception, explained below)[[/note]]:
-->'''[[StatusBuff Ana:]]''' Warihum qawtuk! [[note]]Show them your strength![[/note]]\\
'''[[TankGoodness Bastion:]]''' ''(chirps the "Charge!" fanfare)'' [[note]]Unlike fellow robot Zenyatta, Bastion can't speak; hence why he chirps.[[/note]]\\
'''[[SelfDestructMechanism D.Va:]]''' Nerf THIS!\\
'''[[KatanasAreJustBetter Genji:]]''' Ryuujin no Ken wo kurae! [[note]]Taste the blade of the Dragon God![[/note]]\\
'''[[ArcherArchetype Ha]][[InstantAwesomeJustAddDragons nzo:]]''' Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau! [[note]]Let the dragon consume you![[/note]]\\
'''[[PlayerGuidedMissile Junkrat:]]''' Fire in the hole!\\
'''[[DeflectorShields Lucio:]]''' Oh, let's break it DOWN!\\
'''[[QuickDraw Mc]][[OneHitKill Cree:]]''' It's high noon...\\
'''[[KillItWithIce Mei:]]''' Dòng zhù! Bùxǔ zǒu!! [[note]]Freeze! Don't move!![[/note]]\\
'''[[BackFromTheDead Mercy:]]''' Helden sterben nicht! [[note]]Heroes never die![[/note]]\\
'''[[StatusBuff Orisa:]]''' Cease your resistance!\\
'''[[MacrossMissileMassacre Pharah:]]''' JUSTICE ''RAINS'' FROM ABOVE!\\
'''[[SpinAttack Rea]][[MoreDakka per:]]''' DIE! DIE! '''DIE!'''\\
'''[[ShockwaveStomp Rein]][[DropTheHammer hardt:]]''' Hammer DOWN!\\
'''[[MoreDakka Roadhog:]]''' Eat! THIS!\\
'''[[ImprobableAimingSkills Soldier: 76:]]''' I've got you in my sights!\\
'''[[{{EMP}} Som]][[PowerNullifier bra:]]''' ¡Apagando las luces! [[note]]Turning off the lights![[/note]]\\
'''[[TeleportersAndTransporters Symm]][[DeflectorShields etra:]]''' Teleporter online. I have opened the path. / Shield generator online. Defense matrix established.\\
'''[[SuperMode Torbjörn:]]''' MOOLLLTEN COOOORRREEEE!!!\\
'''[[StickyBomb Tracer:]]''' Bombs away!\\
'''[[GogglesDoSomethingUnusual Widowmaker:]]''' Personne n'échappe à mon regard. [[note]]No one can escape from my sight.[[/note]]\\
'''[[UnstoppableRage Winston:]]''' *Enraged roar*\\
'''[[GravityMaster Zarya:]]''' Ogon' po gotovnosti! [[note]]Fire at will![[/note]]\\
'''[[EnlightenmentSuperpowers Zenyatta:]]''' Experience tranquility...
** On that note, some characters[[note]]D.Va, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Lucio, [=McCree=], Mercy, Pharah, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Zenyatta[[/note]] have completely different lines when they use their ultimate; but most of those lines can only be heard only if that character is a friendly unit:
*** Mercy has two different lines. Normally, she will say "Heroes never die!" when she uses her ultimate. If she wears the ''Devil'' or ''Imp'' skins, she will say "Heroes never die! For a price..." instead. If she wears the ''Sigrun'' or ''Valkyrie'' skins, she will say "'Til Valhalla!" instead. If she wears the ''Witch'' skin, she will say "My servants never die!"
*** Hanzo has ''three'' different lines. Normally, he will say "Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!". If a friendly Hanzo activates his ultimate, he will say "Let the dragon consume you!" instead. However, if Hanzo wears the ''Lone Wolf'' or ''Okami'' skin, he will say "Okami yo waga teki no kurae!" instead; while a friendly Hanzo wearing those skins will say "The wolf hunts for its prey!" instead.
*** Zenyatta only had one different line, but he have a unique case. In his case, the different line comes when he's an ''enemy'' unit, in which he says "Pass... into the Iris..." instead.
*** Apart from Hanzo, Mercy, and Zenyatta's unique case; the rest who had different lines only had one other lines per ultimate ability:
--->'''Ana:''' Nano-Boost administered!\\
'''D.Va''': Activating self-destruct sequence!\\
'''Genji:''' The dragon becomes me!\\
'''Junkrat:''' Ladies and gentleman, start your engines!\\
'''Lucio:''' Let's drop the beat!\\
'''[=McCree=]:''' Well now, step right up...\\
'''Orisa:''' Team up for special attack!\\
'''Pharah:''' Rocket barrage incoming!\\
'''Reaper:''' Clearing the area...\\
'''Soldier: 76:''' Tactical Visor activated!\\
'''Sombra:''' EMP activated!
* In ''VideoGame/HeroesOfTheStorm'', using a [[LimitBreak Heroic Ability]] rewards you with an awesome line or quote from nearly every playable hero. Even the ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'' characters say their iconic lines for their signature Heroics from their home game, as well as new lines for their exclusive Heroics for this game[[note]]Tracer is the only exception as she only has her ''Pulse Bomb'' as her only Heroic[[/note]]:
-->'''Alarak:''' Meet my blades! (Deadly Charge)/*EvilLaugh* (Counter-Strike)\\
'''Artanis:''' [[OrbitalBombardment Activate]] [[CallingYourAttacks Purifier Beam]]! (Purifier Beam)/Take their vision away! (Suppression Pulse)\\
'''Arthas:''' [[ZombieApocalypse Let the army of the damned]] '''[[AnimateDead RISE!]]''' (Army of the Dead)/[[{{Dracolich}} Sindragosa!]] [[KillItWithIce Let loose your wrath!]] (Summon Sindragosa)\\
'''Azmodan:''' '''DROWN''' IN THE TIDE OF SIN! (Black Pool)/*EvilLaugh* You though you were ''so'' clever... (Demonic Invasion)\\
'''Brightwing: '''Blessings among friends!! (Blink Heal)/Go away!!!(Emerald Wind)\\
'''Cassia''': Suffer the might of THE STORM! (Ball Lightning)/Lend me your aid, sister! (Valkyrie)\\
'''Cho:''' [[Franchise/MortalKombat Get over here!]] (Upheaval)\\
'''Chromie:''' Power of the BRONZE DRAGONFLIGHT! (Slowing Sands)/ See you in a few moments! (Temporal Loop)\\
'''E.T.C.''': Let's ''JAM!!!'' (Mosh Pit)/'''[[CallingYourAttacks Stage Dive!!!]]''' (Stage Dive)\\
'''Falstad:''' ''Ride the lightning!'' (Hinterland Blast)/It's BOOM time! ([[WindFromBeneathMyWings Mighty Gust]])\\
'''Gall:''' Come havoc! Come INFINITE NIGHT! (Twisting Nether)\\
'''Genji:''' ''Ryuujin no ken wo kurae!'' (Dragonblade) / ''Ryuu gekiken!'' (X-Strike) \\
'''Gul'dan:''' Such feeble minds!(Horrify)/Bear witness to the Master's true power!!(Rain of Destruction)\\
'''Illidan:''' '''[[AscendedMeme YOU!! ARE NOT!! PREPAAARED!!!]]''' (The Hunt)/NOW I AM COMPLETE! (Metamorphosis)\\
'''Jaina:''' ''[[SummonMagic Rise,]] [[MakingASplash servant of Neptulon!]]'' (Summon Water Elemental)/''[[CallingYourAttacks Ring of Frost!]]'' (Ring of Frost)\\
'''Johanna:''' '''FAITH''' is my shield! (Blessed Shield)/May the Heavens' wrath fall! (Falling Sword)\\
'''Kael'thas:''' Behold... the phoenix god, Al'ar! (Phoenix)/And now you will taste true power! (Pyroblast)\\
'''Kharazim:''' THE GODS STRIKE THROUGH ME! (Seven-Sided Strike)/A thousand and one blessings upon you. (Divine Palm)\\
'''Leoric:''' YOU '''DARE''' BRING THE WARMTH OF LIFE INTO '''MY TOMB'''?! (Entomb)\\
'''Lt. Morales''': Nano-Stim Deployed! (Stim Drone)/ Heal Bus is here! Fall in! (Medivac Dropship)\\
'''Lúcio:''' ''OH, LET'S BREAK IT '''DOWN!''''' (Sound Barrier)/''RRE~MIIXXX!!'' (Reverse Amp)\\
'''Lunara:''' ''[[DissonantLaughter Ha-HAHA!]]'' (Leaping Strike)\\
'''Malfurion:''' Gather my friends, and be healed! (Tranquility)/ Let our enemies ''beware!!'' (Twilight Dream)\\
'''Muradin:''' KHAAAAZ MOOOO-'''DAAAAAAN!''' (Avatar)/Ha, ha, ha! ''That's'' how we do it! (Haymaker)\\
'''Murky:''' *''Horn blowing''* (March of the Murlocs)\\
'''Nazeebo:''' Rise, '''Gargantuan!''' Defend this land! (Gargantuan)/Devour ''everything!'' (Ravenous Spirit)\\
'''Nova:''' Terminating, with '''extreme prejudice!''' (Triple Tap)/Here comes the light show! (Precision Strike)\\
'''Ragnaros:''' ''BEHOLD, RAGNAROS!!'' ([[SuperMode Molten Core]])/'''DIE INSECTS!!!''' (Lava Wave)/''SULFURAS WILL BE YOUR END!!!'' (Sulfuras Smash)\\
'''Raynor:''' Light 'em up, [[ContinuityNod Matt]]! (Hyperion)/ Rain down hell down on my target! (Raynor's Raiders)\\
'''Rehgar:''' BATHE IN THE POWER OF THE HORDE! (Bloodlust)/YOU'RE NOT DYING ON ME! (Ancestral Healing)\\
'''Sgt. Hammer:''' Let's rain down some '''HELLFIRE'''! (Napalm Blast)/Time for the '''BIG GUN'''! (Blunt Force Gun)\\
'''Tassadar:''' The Void and Khala, AS ONE! (Archon Mode)/'''[[CallingYourAttacks FORCE WALL!!!]]''' (Force Wall)\\
'''Tracer:''' [[{{Pun}} You need a time-out!]] (Pulse Bomb)\\
'''Tyrael:''' EMBRACE '''JUDGMENT'''! (Judgment)/Stand firm, friends! (Sanctification)\\
'''Tyrande:''' '''BURN''' IN THE GODDESS'S LIGHT! (Starfall)/We meld with the shadow! (Shadowstalk)\\
'''Uther:''' ''The Light is our shield!!'' (Divine Shield) / [[CallingYourAttacks Divine Storm!!!]] (Divine Storm)\\
'''Valeera:''' There's smoke in your eye! (Smoke Bomb)/ Shadows envelop me! (Cloak of Shadows)\\
'''Valla:''' You '''cannot''' escape my wrath! (Strafe)/ Let '''vengeance''' take you! (Rain of Vengeance)\\
'''Varian:''' [[BringIt You're holding back. Don't!]] (Taunt) / [[ScreamingWarrior *scream of fury*]] (Colossus Smash)\\
'''Xul:''' ''[[CallingYourAttacks Poison Nova!]]'' (Poison Nova)/ Rise in my service! (Skeletal Mages)\\
'''Zagara:''' The Swarm consumes! (Devouring Maw)/Rise, Nydus! (Nydus Network)\\
'''Zarya:'''[[BilingualBonus Огонь по готовности!]][Fire at will!](Graviton Surge)/[[BilingualBonus Прочь с дороги!]][Get out of the way!] (Expulsion Zone)\\
'''Zeratul:''' Your fate is '''sealed!''' (Void Prison)/The void claims you! (Shadow Assault)\\
'''Zul'jin:''' '''[[LastChanceHitPoint TAAAAAAZ']][[CallingYourAttacks DINGO!!!]]''' (Taz'dingo)/Here come the big axe!!! (Guillotine)
* The bosses of VideoGame/VampireNight have at least one.
-->'''Bathe'lemy (human form):''' Draw your guns! Don't disappoint me!
-->'''Bathe'lemy (true form):''' Be prepared, because I've no mercy for you! This sword will mark your graves!
-->'''Guillaume:''' You stupid humans! I'll show you how incompetent you are!
-->'''Raoul (human form):''' Enough! You humans disgust me! Now it's your turn to suffer!
-->'''Raoul (true form):''' Humans! Heal my soul!
-->'''Diane:''' But I can't stop here! The warmth Sir Vampire has given me...I can't turn back now!
-->'''Auguste (true form):''' The end to all!
-->'''Auguste (final form):''' I shall not be defeated...I am immortal...I am the Vampire!
* Many bosses in ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'' have one, but of note is the bosses inside [[spoiler:Purgatorium]], the VeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon on the Chaos path and the second-to-last dungeon on the Neutral path; with the sole exception of the endboss, ''every single boss repeats the exact same line'', almost as if under a HiveMind:
--> [[spoiler:"I speak unto the Filth...We will not allow you to take even a single step into the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado. We will obliterate you Filth, just as the Lord has commanded."]]
* ''VideoGAme/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne'' brings perhaps one of the series most infamous quotes. If the player sees it, they better get ready, cause the speaker ain't joking.
-->'''Matador:''' "I swear, by my sword and capote, that I will once again prove victorious!"
* Onslaught, the final boss of ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcomClashOfSuperHeroes'', gives two, one for each form.
-->'''Onslaught (first form):''' Know my name and fear it: ''I am Onslaught''.\\
'''Onslaught (final form):''' '''NO ONE IS SAFE!'''
* ''VideoGame/TargetOfDesireEpisode1'': Maia says "Hi boys!" before kicking ass, but since she uses guns, it might be more specifically called shooting ass. Then again, maybe stick with kicking ass.
* As the protagonists of ''VideoGame/Destiny2'' are all suffering from a severe case of HeroicMime Syndrome, it's often on your MissionControl to provide these. For example, at the start of the final battle in The Pyramidion strike;
-->'''Ikora Rey:''' Inform the Genesis Mind ''it has'' '''''guests'''''.
* As a game with [[LimitBreak Ultimates]], ''VideoGame/{{Paladins}}'' naturally has these. Complete with PowerEchoes that can be heard across the map.
-->'''Barik:''' [[DeflectorShields LAST ONE]] [[KillItWithFire STANDING WINS!]] [[labelnote: Allies hear]]Hunker down![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Fernando:''' [[HeroicSecondWind I will not die...]] [[NoSell Not yet, amigo!]] [[labelnote: Allies hear]]Together, we are strong![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Inara:''' [[ShockwaveStomp YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]Strike now, friends![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Ruckus:''' Bringing out the [[MoreDakka big guns!]]\\
'''Makoa:''' [[SuperMode YOU CHALLENGE MAKOA?!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]I will not be stopped![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Torvald:''' [[{{BlownAcrossTheRoom}} It's working!]] IT'S ''[[TwinkleInTheSky WORKING]]''![[labelnote: Allies hear]]Power overwhelming![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Ash:''' [[BloodKnight COME ON! LET'S FIGHT!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]I'll handle this![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Terminus:''' [[BackFromTheDead ONCE MORE I RIIIIIISE!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]][[DeathSeeker Please, let me die!]] [[TragicMonster No! Nooooooo!]][[/labelnote]]\\
'''Cassie:''' [[AnimalEyeSpy Target locked!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]Go, Zigs![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Kinessa:''' [[BoomHeadshot Try and run!]]\\
'''Lian:''' '''''[[OneHitPolyKill Kneel.]]'''''\\
'''Drogoz:''' BEHOLD! THE DRAGON'S [[OneHitKill FURY]]!\\
'''Bomb King:''' Give your king a [[ActionBomb big hug]]![[labelnote: Allies hear]]Don't deny me this embrace![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Viktor:''' [[DeathFromAbove BARRAGE, INCOMING!]]\\
'''Sha Lin:''' [[InvisibilityCloak YOUR SIGHT FAILS YOU!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]The winds hide me.[[/labelnote]]\\
'''Strix:''' [[BlindedByTheLight Flash out!]]\\
'''Tyra:''' [[BottomlessMagazines GIVE THEM HELL!]]\\
'''Willo:''' [[FlyingFirepower Reach for the Sky!]]\\
'''Vivian:''' Have you met [[AttackDrone my friends]]?\\
'''Pip:''' Let's make this [[BalefulPolymorph interesting...]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]Special delivery![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Grohk:''' [[ShockAndAwe SURGING... WITH... POOOWWWWEEEERRRR!!!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]Ride the lightning![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Grover:''' [[HealingHands The spirits... do not rest...]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]Spring... has come![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Jenos:''' Step into the light... [[KamehameHadoken And perish!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]The stars spell their doom![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Mal' Damba:''' Please[[note]]He doesn't specifically say "Please", but he says the same word his voice set says when you use the "Please" voice clip.[[/note]] [[MookHorrorShow Wekono!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]The spirits join us![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Seris:''' [[GravityMaster GAZE INTO THE ABYSS!]] [[labelnote: Allies hear]]Gather round![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Ying:''' [[HealingHands Time to take charge!]][[labelnote: Enemies hear]]We are stronger together![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Skye:''' [[BigBulkyBomb Time's ticking!]]\\
'''Buck:''' Here's the [[MoreDakka WINDUP!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]] I AM THE JUGGERNAUT![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Androxus:''' DEATH AWAITS YOU ALL!\\
'''Lex:''' [[FinishingMove No one escapes THE LAW!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]]I will pass judgement.[[/labelnote]]\\
'''Maeve:''' [[CastingAShadow Good niiiiiiight]]![[labelnote: Allies hear]] They're blind![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Moji:''' [[BalefulPolymorph Snack]] [[EatingTheEnemy time!]]\\
'''Talus:''' [[{{Kiai}} HAAAAAAAAAH,]] [[DynamicEntry HYAAAAAAAA!]][[labelnote: Allies hear]] This is my birthright![[/labelnote]]\\
'''Zhin:''' [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown tzzzzzZAAAAAAAAAAH!]]\\
'''Evie:''' [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers Ha...]] [[KillItWithIce CHOO!]] ([[SneezeOfDoom Yes, that is her ultimate callout]]. And it has PowerEchoes as well.) [[labelnote: Allies hear]] Freeze, jerks![[/labelnote]]