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Playing With: Smelly Skunk
Basic Trope: Skunks that smell bad by default, usually with no stimulus required to activate their scent glands.
  • Straight: Stinky drives people off with his scent.
  • Exaggerated: Stinky's scent is foul enough to cause death.
  • Downplayed: Stinky is smelly, yes, but it's only really bad when he uses his glands. Otherwise he just smells 'a bit off'.
  • Justified: Skunks produce noxious-smelling chemicals as a natural defense mechanism.
  • Inverted:
    • Stinky sprays out pink clouds of flowery perfume.
    • Or, standard skunk musk is considered attractive in this setting.
    • Everything stinks but skunks.
  • Subverted: Stinky doesn't smell all the time.
  • Double Subverted: Only when he's really ticked off.
  • Zig Zagged: Some skunks constantly smell bad, others don't.
  • Parodied: The smell can be smelled on the other side of the world, and maybe even from space!
  • Averted:
    • Skunks don't smell in this setting, as with domesticated skunks.
    • Skunks don't even exist in this setting.
  • Enforced: Rule of Funny
  • Lampshaded: " Peeeww!!! Who ran over a skunk?!" "No one ran over me. I'm just stinking up the room."
  • Invoked: Bob and his drunk friends tease Stinky.
  • Exploited: Stinky helps The Hero by stinking up the Big Bad's lair.
  • Defied: Stinky decides to conserve his stink for when he really needs it.
  • Discussed: "How could something so little and cute smell so bad?"
  • Conversed: "I got sprayed last week. It was horrible."
  • Implied: People hold their noses in Stinky's presence, but no one mentions his odor.
  • Deconstructed: Skunks are ostracized as dirty, unclean, and constantly smelly, even if such stereotypes are far from the truth.
  • Reconstructed: Skunks find better roles in society eventually, and their stink is found useful as a deterrent to not just themselves, but others.
  • Played For Laughs: Stinky sprays a group of people by accident, who then have to bathe in tomato paste to get rid of the smell.
  • Played For Drama: Stinky feels sad because no one likes him.

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