'''Basic Trope''': The point where two characters become an OfficialCouple is the point where a series [[JumpTheShark jumps the shark.]]
* '''Straight''': After [[LongRunner several seasons]] of playing the WillTheyOrWontThey game, AliceAndBob resolve their {{UST}}, and the fandom begins to dwindle.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** AliceAndBob get together and the series is abruptly over.
** AliceAndBob get together, are reduced to SickeninglySweethearts, and are [[PutOnABus taken off the show]], [[DroppedABridgeOnHim killed off abruptly]], or [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome simply disappear into nowhere]].
* '''Downplayed''': There's still a pretty large fandom after AliceAndBob got together; the ones that left were mainly the fans that preferred [[FanPreferredCouple Alice and Charles]].
* '''Justified''':
** [[YoYoPlotPoint This isn't the first time Alice and Bob have gotten together]]; not only are the other characters (perhaps even themselves) tired of the [[BelligerentSexualTension on-again-off-again relationship]], but the fans are getting aggravated too.
** The relationship has mushroomed into an all-out RomanticPlotTumor; half of a given episode is AliceAndBob [[SickeninglySweethearts making out and whispering sweet nothings to one another.]]
** The fans and the writers have vastly different views on who should be paired with whom.
** AliceAndBob were in relationships with other people, and the audience was more than OK with that status-quo. In order to get them together, the writers had to [[DerailingLoveInterests break up their existing relationships]] or [[DieForOurShip kill off their previous partners]].
** AliceAndBob have been StrangledByTheRedString, or the writer suffers from RelationshipWritingFumble.
** AliceAndBob are [[CoupleBomb played by a real-life couple]], and the audience feels that the actors put too much of ''themselves'' and ''their relationship'' into the characters they're playing.
* '''Inverted''':
** The point in the series where AliceAndBob get together is seen as GrowingTheBeard, either because now that their RomanticPlotTumor has been resolved, the writers can focus on the genuinely engaging aspects of the series; they have such a great chemistry and compelling interactions when together, that [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap both of them become better characters as a result]]; or combination of the previous points.
** AliceAndBob break up, which ruins the show.
** Or, [[RomanticFalseLead their]] [[DerailingLoveInterests breakup]] ''[[ShipSinking enhances]]'' the show, whether through DieForOurShip or removing a RomanticPlotTumor.
* '''Subverted''':
** The fans seem to be OK with AliceAndBob as a couple.
** AliceAndBob break up, or only have a one-night stand.
** Relax, it was only a ShipTease!
* '''Double Subverted''':
** But around the same time, the series begins SeasonalRot, and the pairing gets MisBlamed for it.
** Shortly afterwards, AliceAndBob get back together or become an OfficialCouple, and the show starts to go downhill.
** Except it really wasn't, and the fans get pissed off.
* '''Parodied''': On the ShowWithinAShow ''LongRunner'', Alice and Bob finally get together. There is instant, massive InternetBackdraft from the fandom. The characters watching the show scream "[[BigNo No]]" and hurl the remote. The show cuts to commercial shortly after their first kiss, and after a few commercials a message appears on-screen: "''Long Runners'' has been cancelled. It will not return. Ever."
* '''Zig Zagged''': ???
* '''Averted''':
** The fans like (or at least tolerate) the pairing, and the series.
** NoHuggingNoKissing
** AliceAndBob don't get together.
** AliceAndBob live HappilyEverAfter at the end of the story.
* '''Enforced''': TrueLoveIsBoring, RelationshipWritingFumble.
* '''Lampshaded''': "Ever since AliceAndBob got together, ''LongRunner'' has really gone downhill."
* '''Invoked''': AliceAndBob take a break from their mission to pursue their feelings for one another.
* '''Exploited''': ???
* '''Defied''': Not long after they get together, AliceAndBob [[SexChangesEverything break up]].
* '''Discussed''': ???
* '''Conversed''': ???
* '''Played For Laughs''': AwfulWeddedLife.
* '''Played For Drama''': TheMasochismTango.
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