'''Basic Trope''': HumongousMecha can fire their forearms like a missile!
* '''Straight''': "Let's go [[SuperRobotGenre Troperion!]] JustForFun/{{Egregious}}-[[YouKeepUsingThatWord Genocider]]-[[CallingYourAttacks Knuckle!]]" [[ThemeMusicPowerUp *cue theme-music power-up*]]
* '''Exaggerated''':
** The Egregious-Genenocider-Knuckle is so powerful that it thrusts the MonsterOfTheWeek all the way up to the moon and returns back to Troperion just in time to [[VictoryPose strike the dramatic pose.]] (see: ''Anime/GenesisOfAquarion'')
** The Troperion can fire off either fist, either foot, its head, and each intact limb, making it little more than a walking missile launcher, just like its parody.
** The Troperior fires off its fist, which in turn fires off every individual finger.
* '''Downplayed''':
** Troperion can't fire off its fists, but its punches are still rocket-propelled one way or another.
** Troperion has a launcher that fires fist-shaped projectiles, but the projectiles are not functional hands.
* '''Justified''':
** Troperion has an advanced {{telekine|sis}}tic system and [[DetachmentCombat can detach and reassemble its components]] at pilot's will, so a Rocket Punch is a viable and effective offensive.
** Troperion is mainly meant for close range combat and most of it's combat strength is in the arms. So launching it's arm like a missile combines it's arm strength with a long range attack.
* '''Inverted''':
** [[GrievousHarmWithABody Troperion can launch its whole body]], minus an arm, by punching on an anchor point.
** An enemy tractor beam rips off Troperion's fist.
* '''Subverted''': Our hero detaches the fist from the mecha, to have it fall to the ground.
* '''Double Subverted''': The fist then rises up and launches at the monster.
* '''Parodied''':
** Troperion can actually use most of its parts in this fashion, including [[BreadEggsMilkSquick its feet, knees, shoulders, belly, head, crotch]] [[FastballSpecial and even its pilot!]]
** Troperion's Rocket Punch divides in mid-flight into dozens of little hands that trickle the opponent into submission before reassembling into a fly-swatter like contraption that pounds it into the ground before reassembling to give it the finger.
** Troperion's arm is broken off, and he throws it at his opponent with his other arm. (see: ''Anime/DaiGuard'', ''Anime/ShinMazinger'')
** When its pilot is especially irate, Troperion [[FlippingTheBird doesn't always fire off its whole hand.]]
** Alice, an otherwise normal human, can [[BloodyHilarious launch her arm on a trail of blood in this fashion]] (see: ''Manga/ShinMazingerZero''). It's [[ButtMonkey somewhat painful.]]
** Troperion [[LiteralMinded punches someone with a rocket]] (see: ''Series/KamenRiderFourze'').
* '''Zig Zagged''': Out of weapons, our hero tries to use the maneuver against MonsterOfTheWeek, which stops the punch effortlessly. "He he he... He just fell for it". Cue the click of a trigger and a gigantic explosion produced by the bomb hidden inside Troperion's arm. But it turns out the monster is still not dead! "Damn it! Not even that was enough... However, I still have one last chance." So our hero fires the second arm, but the monster dodges it. The monster tackles Troperion and prepares to destroy it, but then the arm [[BoomerangComeback returns]] and [[TakingYouWithMe explodes, hitting both combatants]] [[NoOneCouldSurviveThat with full force.]]
* '''Averted''': Troperion didn't have a Rocket Punch.
* '''Enforced''': "During the first few episodes, Troperion didn't have a Rocket Punch, but with the advent of the action figures, we had to add it for the sake of 'accuracy'."
* '''Lampshaded''':
-->"Is the missile-arm thingy absolutely necessary?"\\
[[LargeHam "OF COURSE IT IS! What kind of weapon of justice would it be without one?!"]]
* '''Invoked''': The R&D chief turns to be a [[AscendedFanboy BIG fan of the Old School Super Robot shows]]. He[=/=]She has the technology AND wackiness, and nobody will stop him[=/=]her when from adding this weapon into Troperion.
* '''Exploited''': ???
* '''Defied''': "A weapon of that nature would actually compromise the structural integrity of Troperion. The risks out-weigh any possible benefit"
* '''Discussed''':
-->"Inconceivable! How come nobody told me Troperion had that kind of weapon?"\\
"Are you ''kidding'' me? [[{{BFS}} The giant sword]] and the ChestBlaster were dead give-aways!"
* '''Conversed''':
-->'''Bob:''' [[Headscratchers/HomePage "I cannot begin to describe how impractical is that so called weapon"]]\\
'''Alice:''' "RuleOfCool. man! [[MST3KMantra Just relax and-"]]\\
'''Bob:''' [[StopHavingFunGuys "No, really! It's quite moronic when you actually th-"]]\\
'''Alice:''' [[CallingYourAttacks "ROCKETTO PAWNCH!!!"]] [[MegatonPunch *cue Bob flying and crashing against a near wall*]]
* '''Deconstructed''':
** It turns out Troperion is just a test-bed for the development of more efficient and conventional super-weapons, with the Rocket-Punch system being the prototype for a new class of impact-missile capable of being used multiple times.
** The fist projectile and all the electronics within are extremely expensive to replace, so Troperion's pilot burns through truckloads of money with every launch. ''Any'' amount of overuse would result in bankruptcy, so the weapon is restricted to emergency use.
* '''Reconstructed''':
** ...However, the weapon proves to be extremely effective under the control of its {{Hot Blood}}ed test pilot, so they decide to deploy Troperion as a full time unit.
** Turns out that rocket punches are a lot more useful if you use a cord to retrieve them after every launch...
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