'''Basic Trope''': A cutscene or cinema that requires the player to enter commands or risk YetAnotherStupidDeath.
* '''Straight''': As [[TheHero Hawkeye]] and [[NinjaButterfly Nene]] enter a large dungeon chamber, a cinematic shows the player just how vast and impressive the room is, while Nene comments on the decor and starts [[MrExposition explaining its cultural significance]]. Suddenly, [[BoobyTrap a poison dart]] flies out, and the player has to hit the X button and dodge before it hits Hawkeye.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** ''Several'' darts fly out, forcing the player to [[VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution mash a sequence of several buttons]] to avoid getting hit. Overlaps with [[UnexpectedGameplayChange Unexpected]] [[SimonSaysMinigame Simon Says]] {{Minigame}}.
** [[VideoGame/HeavyRain The entire game is a cutscene]] of {{Visual Novel}}s
** Hawkeye can react several different ways depending on what button is pressed (including pressing no button at all) as a reaction to the dart, resulting in different reactions: one might result in Hawkeye dodging successfully, another has him dodge by jumping and grabbing a ledge which reveals a secret passage by his weight pulling on a previously-unseen lever, a third might have him roll out of the way [[HaveANiceDeath into a pit full of spikes]], and so on.
* '''Downplayed''': It's just a regular dart, and whether or not Hawkeye can dodge it merely determines what Nene says next.
* '''Justified''': Hawkeye is a OneHitPointWonder in a 2D Platformer, X is your jump button, and the cutscene ends with the dart launching.
* '''Inverted''': PressXToDie
* '''Subverted''':
** A cinema ''looks'' like it's leading up to a cheap shot attack, but nothing happens.
** Or alternatively, Hawkeye dodges the dart regardless of whether or not you press X.
* '''Double Subverted''': ...Until, near the very end of the scene, the player suddenly has to hit a button to make Hawkeye dodge an assassin.
* '''Parodied''': A hidden trap launches a razor sharp "Press X To Not Die" sign at Hawkeye.
* '''Zig Zagged''': A poison dart flies at Hawkeye and he dodges it. Another dart flies at him, but it always misses UNLESS you hit X and accidentally move into its path.
* '''Averted''': Nene talks, the cutscene ends, and control returns to you without further issue.
* '''Enforced''': The programmers want to capture a sense of tension while exploring the dungeon, so they use this to keep players on their toes.
* '''Lampshaded''': See HeKnowsAboutTimedHits.
* '''Invoked''': Hawkeye appears to be caught in a death trap with no chance of escape until he [[BreakingTheFourthWall draws an X button on the screen and screams, "PRESS IT, ALREADY!"]]
* '''Exploited''': Well into the game as the player gets used to quick-time events, the programmers sneak in a "press X" event within a string of them where pressing X results in the injury or death of Nene - the game may still be beatable, but without Nene's help it becomes more difficult from here on out.
* '''Defied''': A press X not to die button pops up as an axe starts to swing down on his head. Hawkeye effortlessly sidesteps the trap and [[BreakingTheFourthWall shoots the button]] and states "I'm not putting up with this bullshit."
* '''Discussed''': Nene to Hawkeye - "Be careful! Sometimes in these ancient ruins just where you '''put your finger''' can make the difference between life and death!"
* '''Deconstructed''': The game features these constantly, at every conceivable opportunity, so that neither the player nor the character gets a moment's rest, and they become so routine they're no longer special.
* '''Reconstructed''': They're a crucial part of gameplay that's well implemented, and keeps you engaged even during the cinemas, rather than drifting off while the bad guy is talking again.
* '''Played For Laughs:''' While Hawkeye is dodging and darting around, Nene keeps talking, eventually snapping "Are you even listening to me?!" ...Having somehow completely missed the dangerous acrobatics he just went through.
* '''Played For Drama:''' If you don't press X fast enough, Nene dives in to save you and dies in your place. [[HeroicBSOD Hawkeye is crushed]] [[MyGreatestFailure and is never able to forgive himself]], resulting in a game over.
* '''Poe's Law''': Hawkeye has to press X at the right moment to do ridiculously mundane tasks, like opening a door, talking to people, sitting down, or eating. Begins to resemble a ContextSensitiveButton by this point.
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