Playing With / Non-Humans Lack Attributes
aka: Animals Lack Attributes

Basic Trope: Non-Humans do not have genitalia, even when they should.
  • Straight: Werewolves do not have genitalia.
  • Exaggerated: Despite being very detailed and realistic, werewolves do not have genitalia.
  • Downplayed: In some cases, werewolves have a few lines to suggest where their genitals are, but it's not detailed.
  • Justified: ???
  • Inverted: ???
  • Subverted: A seemingly naked beastman actually wears a hide-matching loin cloth (like a Wolf Man in a fur speedo)
  • Double Subverted: He only wears them for comfort and doesn't have anything to hide.
  • Parodied: A werewolf transforms and feels the need to urinate. 2 minutes later, he's thoroughly confused because he succeeded.
  • Zig Zagged: Some werewolves have genitalia, some don't.
  • Averted:
    • Werewolves have visible genitalia.
    • Werewolf Genitalia is present, but censored.
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