'''Basic Trope''': A blond character is good and has a heart of gold.
* '''Straight''': A blond character is sweet, wholesome, and good, making her a big contrast from the witch who is out to get her.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** Hair like pale spun-gold, IncorruptiblePurePureness.
** The AlwaysLawfulGood race [[PeopleOfHairColor are all blonde]] and the AlwaysChaoticEvil race [[PeopleOfHairColor are all]] [[EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette black-haired.]]
* '''Downplayed''': The dirty-blond hair of the [[TheHeart sweet]], [[NaiveNewcomer naïve team newbie]] (who's nonetheless a [[RoundedCharacter complex]] and {{dynamic|Character}} [[FiveManBand major character]]) only particularly stands out because the rest of the central cast are dark-haired and/or [[BaldOfAwesome shaven-headed]].
* '''Justified''': She grew up with love and affection because she's so pretty (and she knows this and is kind to those who did not get treated so).
* '''Inverted''': The evil blonde attacks the poor innocent brunet character.
* '''Subverted''':
** The blond character is a BitchInSheepsClothing.
** The blond character is [[JadeColoredGlasses cynical]] or a [[BreakTheCutie broken cutie]].
* '''Double Subverted''':
** Except that GoodIsNotNice and she had to worm her way into the villain's confidence.
** She's a KnightInSourArmor.
** She's blonde, and appears to be [[{{Jerkass}} cold-hearted]] and cynical, yet she's [[HiddenHeartOfGold secretly quite kindhearted and sweet]], and has a strong reason to keep up the JerkassFacade.
* '''Parodied''': A villain dyes her hair blond and undergoes an instant HeelFaceTurn. Her {{Mook}}s kidnap her and dye it bubble-gum pink. She reverts and kills them all for laying hands on her.
* '''Zig Zagged''': She reveals that she dyes her hair. Cue the CostumeTestMontage as her younger self goes through a dozen hair styles and colors before settling on blonde. No one is really sure what her alignment is supposed to be now.
* '''Averted''': Hair color is not connected to morality; the good character can just as easily be a brunette or a redhead.
* '''Enforced''': How will the audience tell if they're not ColorCodedForYourConvenience?
* '''Lampshaded''': "Hair dye might do more to make the world a better place than all magic and fighting we do."
* '''Invoked''': "Trust me! I'm blond!"
* '''Exploited''': The character uses her blonde hair to look innocent and pure-hearted, when it's a facade.
* '''Defied''': "I'm not going to turn into some namby-pamby IncorruptiblePurePureness because of my hair color!"
* '''Discussed''': "What, you expected me to save you idiots just because I'm blonde?"
* '''Conversed''': "Brown...black...brown...blonde...Gee, I wonder which one is going to [[HighHeelFaceTurn betray the bad guy]]?"
* '''Deconstructed''':
** A character who treats a blond character as good is horribly betrayed by him.
** Alternately, the blond character is so good and pure that she don't understand that other people are capable of being evil, so she routinely gets tricked by people with bad intentions.
* '''Reconstructed''': But she's rescued by another blond character, who reveals the first one dyed his hair.
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