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Playing With: Elective Mute
Basic Trope: A character (willingly) rarely speaks to most people, but speaks to certain people much more often.
  • Straight: Alice usually stays silent, but she speaks to Bob often.
  • Exaggerated: Alice is a complete mute that doesn't speak even when spoken to, unless Bob is the one doing the talking.
  • Downplayed: ???
  • Justified: Alice is a Shrinking Violet, that isn't comfortable around most people.
  • Inverted: Alice speaks to everyone but Bob.
  • Subverted: Although Bob and Alice are friends she doesn't speak very often to him either.
  • Double Subverted: ???
  • Parodied: ???
  • Zig Zagged: ???
  • Averted: The people around Alice don't affect how much she speaks.
  • Enforced: ???
  • Lampshaded: "Alice is so quiet usually, but all of a sudden she starts talking to Bob often."
  • Invoked: ???
  • Exploited: ???
  • Defied: ???
  • Discussed: ???
  • Conversed: ???

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