Playing With / Comically Missing the Point

Basic Trope: A character comes to a conclusion that is technically accurate but irrelevant.
  • Straight: Bob's son, B.J. draws pictures of Bob dying horribly:
    Bob: "Oh my God... Where'd you learn to draw so well? Look at that shading..."
  • Exaggerated:
    • Bob's son sets up 278,786 contraptions to kill him:
    Bob: "B.J.! Don't leave your bear-traps on the steps, someone could trip and fall! And why is there a flamethrower in the shower? Are you trying to seriously burn someone? Why does my coffee smell like bleach?"
    • Not only does Bob remain oblivious to B.J.'s murderous intentions, so does everybody else!
  • Downplayed: Bob sees his son drawing pictures of Bob dying horribly, and is concerned that his son doesn't like him, but hasn't picked out just how much.
  • Justified:
  • Inverted:
    B.J.: "Dad look at my project for my art assignment."
    Bob: "Alright, let's take a look."
    B.J.: "See, it's a village of angry peasants rising up against the evil tyrant and leading him to his execution."
    Bob (Looks at the drawing): "Yeah, it looks goo—wait..." (Bob takes a closer looks at the drawing. The tyrant is bloody and crying and looks just like Bob. The village people and the executioner look just like his son. Bob points a finger at the tyrant.) "Is that—?"
    B.J.: "Watercolors? Yeah, I don't normally use them, but I want a good grade and the teacher encourages us to challenge ourselves."
    Bob: "Um, yeah that's nice, but don't you think the tyrant looks—"
    B.J.: "Realistic? Well duh, Dad, that's what I was aiming for."
  • Subverted:
    Bob: "Haha look how dopey and fat the tyrant is! No wonder the peasants are killing—-wait that's me! Why would you paint me being killed?!"
  • Double Subverted:
    Bob: "Haha look how dopey and fat the tyrant is, no wonder the peasants are killing—-wait that's me! Why would you paint me being killed?! And why'd you make me look so stupid and fat? I know I haven't been working out lately but I'm not that fat am I?"
  • Parodied: Bob notices the shading, but Dean complements the color choice, while Alice comments on the medium used to create the drawings - and all of them proceed to argue over which is more important, all while missing the big picture.
  • Zig Zagged: B.J has painted a picture of Bob being horrifically killed. Bob praises the dramatic use of colour before flipping out when he realizes who the subject is and sends B.J to a child therapist. Said child therapist points out that B.J's version of Bob is completely out of proportion, with the arms being longer than the legs, before getting a court order to ensure that B.J never goes near Bob again.
  • Averted: Bob immediately questions why his son draws him dying.
  • Enforced: Bob misses the point just because the creators want comedic purpose in cartoons.
  • Lampshaded:
    Alice: "So you discover several drawings your son made of him killing you and that didn't alarm you at all?"
    Bob: "Of course it did. I didn't realize how much weight I had gained until I saw those drawings."
    Alice: "... Don't you think that maybe you're overlooking a more serious issue?"
    Bob: "Yeah. My comb-over looks ridiculous!"
    Alice: "You can't possibly be this blind!"
  • Invoked: Bob is genuinely alarmed by his son's drawing, but compliments his artistic abilities rather than question why his son apparently wants him to die as a joke, because he feels sad that his son apparently wants him to die.
  • Exploited: ???
  • Defied: Bob, who has a trouble understanding the things people tell him, improves his focus and learns to think about what was said before responding so that he doesn't look like an idiot.
  • Discussed: B.J and Alice have a debate over Bob's habit of missing important details. To prove it, B.J draws a squicky picture of Bob with his head being removed. Bob's first worry is that his hair is the wrong shade of brown.
  • Conversed: "You know, this would be a lot less funny if everyone knew what everyone was talking about".
  • Deconstructed: Bob's son is planning on killing him and Bob accidentally uncovers the written down and drawn out plans. In one of the schematics, Bob is depicted as a very fat man. Bob goes on a very intensive health regimen to get fit and impress his son but his obliviousness to his son's obvious plans to kill him eventually gets him killed.
  • Reconstructed: Because Bob's son is an Evil Genius with a penchant for overly complicated death traps, he rigs Bob's car to explode when Bob steps into it. The explosives are calibrated to exactly Bob's weight, but since he's trying to lose weight after seeing his son's fat drawing of him, he has been dieting and riding his bike around town. When he finally does get into his car, Bob's too light to set off the explosives.
  • Played For Drama: Dramatically Missing the Point

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