Playing With / Clean Up the Town

Basic Trope: New person takes position of responsibility and makes things better.
  • Straight: Bob comes to Troperville, is made The Sheriff, and proceeds to reduce crime, close down the crooked gambling houses, and make the streets safe for decent people.
  • Exaggerated: While he's at it, Sheriff Bob also fixes the water supply problem, the sanitation system, and makes the gardens to bloom.
  • Downplayed: Sheriff Bob just has to put a few of the rowdiest criminals behind bars, and that's enough to improve life for the citizens.
  • Justified: Sometimes it takes a newcomer to fix the problems that apathy and inertia have allowed to accumulate.
  • Inverted: Tyrant Takes the Helm; new person takes position of responsibility and makes things worse.
  • Subverted: Sheriff Bob quickly becomes just as corrupt as his predecessor in the position.
  • Double Subverted: He just pretended to become corrupt to flush out the real mastermind behind Troperville's criminal element.
  • Parodied: Bob comes to Troperville to clean it a street sweeper.
  • Zig Zagged: Sheriff Bob cleans up Troperville, but becomes as corrupt as the previous government, but that's a ploy to smoke out the real criminals, but Sheriff Bob stays in office too long and becomes a tyrant, but when he's finally kicked out, Bob moves to Wikitown and cleans up that city.
  • Averted: While there's some crime and corruption in Troperville, the current sheriff is considered equal to the task, and there's no need for a newcomer.
  • Enforced: "We need a good plotline for the next Bob, Fastest Shooter Ever episode." "How about he comes to a lawless town and becomes sheriff to clean it up? It's pretty much mandatory for every Western gunslinger to do that one."
  • Lampshaded: "So, Bob, you think you can just waltz into my town and make crime disappear?"
  • Invoked: The Concerned Citizens Council of Troperville look for a gunslinger to take the sheriff job and deliver them from the Outlaw gang that currently rules the place.
  • Exploited: Some corrupt members of the City Council take advantage of Bob's proactive nature and relative lack of experience in order to convince him to finance their own egoistical agendas.
  • Defied: Black Alice shoots Sheriff Bob dead before he can make any changes in Troperville.
  • Discussed: "We need a new sheriff! One that will run Black Alice and her gang out of town."
  • Conversed: "Hey, which Cowboy Bob movie do you want to rent? The one where he cleans up the lawless town, or the one where he saves the widow's ranch?"
  • Deconstructed: Over time, Sheriff Bob's heavyhanded methods, vital in the dangerous early days, become too rigid and tyrannical for a now peaceful Troperville.
  • Reconstructed: Sheriff Bob is asked to step down, only for the town to slide back into lawlessness soon after he retires. The townsfolk realize that Bob served an important purpose, and he realizes that he could get the job done without taking quite so firm a hand.

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