'''Basic Trope''': A character (who may be low on the SlidingScaleOfAntagonistVileness or [[AntiVillain relatively high]]) self-identifies as "evil", "a villain", or the like.
* '''Straight''': [[MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate Dr.]] [[MadScientist Villainous]] [[EvilGenius Evil]] styles himself as a smart character who knows he's a villain, refers to himself whenever the subject comes up, and often responds to someone's criticisms of his moral character with a hearty InsultBackfire rejoinder.
* '''Exaggerated''':
** Dr. Villainous Evil appears to be basing his every action on what would be the most villainous thing to do.
** StupidEvil
** Dr. Villainous Evil is so into the idea that he's a villain, he [[AtLeastIAdmitIt actively hates any villain]] [[KnightTemplar who doesn't acknowledge they are in the wrong]].
** Dr. Villainous Evil's main goal is to punish others for what he refers to as "crimes of virtue".
** Dr. Villainous Evil considers himself to be [[CompleteMonster irredeemably, abominably, and nightmarishly diabolical]], who is fueled by [[ThePowerofHate the power of genocidal hatred]] gained from [[ZeroPercentApprovalRating all who sincerely hated him]], and claims to have [[UptoEleven went beyond]] [[MoralEventHorizon crossing the line]], and [[EvilFeelsGood it feels very great]], [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and he can jaywalk without fail]]. He also calls himself the [[UltimateEvil Ultimate Evil]] [[GodofEvil God of]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Evil]] who believes that [[DystopiaJustifiestheMeans unconditional tyranny]] is the best thing in the world. He goes on to say that he [[MadeofEvil is made of pure, unadulterated evil]], and those who try to see how evil he is [[YouCannotGraspTheTrueForm will not able to put it into words how wicked he is]].
* '''Downplayed''':
** Dr. Villainous Evil claims that he's evil, but doesn't have the [[NobleDemon heart]] to use vile methods to achieve his goals and because of this can only PokeThePoodle.
** Dr. Super is [[AntiHero morally]] [[AntiVillain ambiguous]] and [[AboveGoodAndEvil quite proud of it]].
** Dr. Villainous Evil doesn't go out of the way to claim he's evil, but doesn't quibble when he's called that and proud of his more immoral talents.
* '''Justified''':
** The world is ruled by a BalanceOfGoodAndEvil, and Dr. Villainous Evil gains power by allying with the forces of evil.
** EvilIsCool or EvilIsSexy: Dr. Villainous Evil doesn't personally think he's evil, however, he pretends to think he's one as [[RootingForTheEmpire villains are popular]], and [[DracoInLeatherPants chicks dig the bad guys]].
** Dr. Villainous Evil can't possibly find a way to justify or excuse his actions as anything other than him being evil.
** Dr. Villainous Evil is an AxCrazy [[TheSociopath psychopath]] (if not flat-out [[CompleteMonster pure evil]]), who gleefully embraces his title as a villain and [[{{Sadist}} loves seeing others suffer]].
** [[AntiVillain Dr. Villainous Evil]] is a PunchClockVillain. He knows that he commits evil for a living, but [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes also has kids to feed]].
** [[TragicVillain Dr. Villainous Evil]] has been ForcedIntoEvil (possibly coerced into working for [[BigBad someone worse]]), and hates the position he is in.
* '''Inverted''':
** KnightTemplar, a bad guy who thinks he's moral and just, and would scoff at the label of being "evil".
** VillainWithGoodPublicity, who works hard and successfully at convincing the world that he is good and not evil.
** A Card-Carrying IdealHero who always proudly declares how good and noble he is.
* '''Subverted''':
** The heroes confront the WellIntentionedExtremist and he remarks, "Right, my only reason for doing any of this is that I'm evil." [[SarcasmBlind The heroes fail to note that he is being sarcastic]].
** The villain has a ZeroPercentApprovalRating, so he pretends to be a CardCarryingVillain.
** A character who is [[IdealHero not,]] [[KnightInShiningArmor in fact]], Evil [[AllLovingHero in the]] [[IncorruptiblePurePureness slightest]] (or is [[KnightInSourArmor just a bit worse]] [[PragmaticHero than ideal]]), still pretends to be such to the heroes because he finds it funny, doesn't want to discuss morality with heroes or just has a [[BlackAndBlackMorality jaded]] [[EvilVersusEvil outlook]] on the [[CrapsackWorld world]]. Or because it's [[ZeroApprovalGambit all a part of his plot to save the world]]. [[JustifiedTrope Or for some other reason a genuine villain can do this]].
** Dr. Villainous Evil [[MeanCharacterNiceActor isn't a bad guy]] -- he's only acting it because it makes him [[EvilIsCool seem cool.]]
* '''Double Subversion''':
** The villain [[StrawHypocrite doesn't believe in his]] WellIntentionedExtremist motivations at all, and really is just doing it ForTheEvulz.
** A character believes himself to be a non-Evil subversion, but is in fact a WellIntentionedExtremist or KnightTemplar or HeWhoFightsMonsters, which is why heroes actually believe him.
* '''Parodied''':
** Dr. Villainous Evil carries a literal CallingCard to prove he's the villain, and [[DeathDealer uses it as a weapon]].
** Even when he's [[TheMole trying to infiltrate the heroes' organization,]] Dr. Villainous Evil still gives himself away by referring to himself as a villain. (Or, he would have given himself away, but such examples [[RuleOfFunny almost always]] [[MostDefinitelyNotAVillain go unnoticed]] by [[GoodIsDumb the heroes]].)
** Doctor Villainous Evil considers himself a monster, [[HarmlessVillain yet he]] [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain can't harm]] [[PokeThePoodle a fly]].
* '''Zigzagged''': Sometimes, the villains are ObviouslyEvil and admit it, while other times, the same villainous characters are portrayed as [[GreyAndGreyMorality far more morally complex]], believing that EvenEvilHasStandards, [[PetTheDog liberally engaging in dog-petting]], and so on.
* '''Averted''':
** The villains may be clearly bad people, but they show no sign of thinking of themselves that way.
** KnightTemplar or WellIntentionedExtremist.
* '''Enforced''':
** It was decided that the audience wouldn't be able to tell that Dr. Villainous Evil was a bad guy unless they gave him that kind of name and self-description. Perhaps because, [[BlackAndGreyMorality without it, there wouldn't be much difference between Dr. Evil and his enemies.]]
** The actor wants to play a LargeHam, and being a CardCarryingVillain will enhance the hamminess
** BlackAndWhiteMorality: They have to [[{{Anvilicious}} enforce the idea that evil people think they're eeeevill!]]
** It's a comedy, and being a hammy CardCarryingVillain just adds to this.
* '''Lampshaded''': "It's really [[EvilFeelsGood quite a lot of fun,]] being evil."
* '''Invoked''': In the [[StartOfDarkness story of Dr. Villainous Evil's turn to villainy]], a major milestone was when he began self-identifying as evil.
* '''Exploited''': Heroes use this to try to identify villains who can be redeemed; their logic being that villains who self identify as evil will do a HeelFaceTurn as soon as the get another option.
* '''Defied''': "Yes, I was convicted in that plot to blow up the White House, but I'm really a nice guy. [[FalselyReformedVillain I've changed, honest!]]
* '''Discussed''': "You're one hell of a scoundrel, you know that? [[InsultBackfire Wait, you probably take that as a compliment.]]
* '''Conversed''': "Why do the villains on these shows just come right out and say that they're 'bad'? It's almost as if they're [[BadIsGoodAndGoodIsBad unclear on what the word 'bad' means]]."
* '''Deconstructed''':
** Dr. Villainous Evil is doomed to a ZeroPercentApprovalRating because he never pretends to be anything but evil.
** The reason Dr. Villainous Evil chose that name is that he's actually disgusted by the moral absolutism of the [[KnightTemplar "heroes"]]. Ultimately, he ends up saving the world since he's a NobleDemon, but since he presented himself as the ultimate bad guy, no one realizes this until long after his lonely and [[AndThereWasMuchRejoicing celebrated]] death, having been bound by his own ideological image.
** Dr. Villainous Evil comes to the realisation that he no longer needs to justify his actions in any moralistic fashion, since it would clash with seeing himself as the villain. This leads him [[TheUnfettered to become unrestrained in his evil]], [[MoralEventHorizon plummeting into depravity.]]
** Dr. Villainous Evil sees himself as evil due to his self-hatred.
** Dr. Villainous Evil wants to be evil because he believes that EvilIsCool.
* '''Reconstructed''':
** [[LegionOfDoom The Evil League of Villains]] gains a great deal of grudging respect from most non-members because, after all, they are [[EvilIsCool cool and powerful]], and [[AtLeastIAdmitIt at least they're not hypocritical about their evilness]], like so many other people.
** Dr Villainous Evil is proud of his own evil, but is smart/clever/cunning enough to put up a facade to fool people into getting what he wants. Any kind of noble or reasonable words he says to fool or gain support are flat-out lies.
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