'''Basic Trope''': The story / series ends with our heroes boldly going into a brand new adventure!
* '''Straight''': By the end of the story, Detectives Rachel and Mike have discovered the vital piece of evidence which will incarcerate SerialKiller Alvin. They're just beginning to relax when the phone rings; there's a new case for them to investigate. The story ends with Rachel and Mike on their way to the latest crime scene.
* '''Exaggerated''': The second film in a TwoPartTrilogy. For example, Rachel and Mike have saved the entire universe from [[EvilOverlord Emperor Evulz]]. But no time to rest; TheDragon Drache is on the loose, and he's got the Reality Annihilator ready to fire. The story ends with Rachel and Mike jetting off to save all of reality from Drache...
* '''Downplayed''': Rachel and Mike imply that they still have some loose ends to tie up.
* '''Justified''':
** Rachel and Mike belong to a career where, even if one matter is resolved, another will soon turn up (the police, for example).
** Rachel and Mike love adventuring, and feel unable to settle back into their ordinary, mundane lives after having everything shaken up by the experiences they've just had. So once the current adventure is resolved, they decide to actively go seeking out new adventures.
* '''Inverted''':
** The story suffers from EndingFatigue; rather than it merely being alluded to, in between the climax and the story we see ''everything'' that happens to Rachel and Mike.
** The story begins with Rachel and Mike having been partners for a long time, with several dramatic cases already under their belts.
* '''Subverted''':
** Rachel and Mike receive a summons to go on a new adventure... and refuse. Their adventuring days are all done.
** Rachel and Mike die at the conclusion of the story. [[DownerEnding No more adventures for them.]]
* '''Double Subverted''':
** But after refusing, Rachel and Mike rethink it over, decide they're going to get bored, and go on OneLastJob after all.
** But wait! Rachel and Mike are NotQuiteDead! And since everything about their past lives is gone now that the world believes them to be dead, they're free to go off on adventures new...
* '''Parodied''': Rachel eagerly pounces on every single thing that seems to be a new CallToAdventure. Most of them are miscommunications, wrong numbers or Calls which have been incorrectly sent to them.
* '''Zig Zagged''': The series ends with Rachel and Mike getting a new CallToAdventure, but they die on their way to fulfill it. But it seems they're not quite dead, because we later see them disguised as AliceAndBob, living a [[HomeSweetHome quiet domestic life.]] It seems they faked their deaths to be able to retire, but adventure finds them anyway.
* '''Averted''':
** The story ends with no suggestion that Rachel and Mike go on to new adventures.
** The story ends with NoEnding; it doesn't seem clear whether ''this'' adventure has concluded, never mind any new ones.
* '''Enforced''': The author is making a SequelHook.
* '''Lampshaded''': "I guess a hero's work is never done, is it?" "No rest for the good..."
* '''Invoked''': Rachel and Mike go into business, advertising for new adventures along the lines of the one they've just completed. Eventually, someone gets in touch with them about it...
* '''Exploited''': ???
* '''Defied''':
** Rachel and Mike decide to retire for good, and they never look back.
** Rachel and Mike die at the end.
** The story ends on a BolivianArmyEnding; while the ending itself is not concrete, it's all but outright stated that Rachel and Mike die at the conclusion of the story.
* '''Discussed''': "You think our adventures will ever end, Rachel?" "I hope not, Mike... I hope not..."
* '''Conversed''': While reading Rachel and Mike's adventures, Kelly notes that her favourite adventure stories always end on a note suggesting that the heroes will go on to new adventures once the current one is done.
* '''Deconstructed''': The fact that Rachel and Mike's adventures will never be over is emblematic of the fact that, no matter what they do, they will never fix things or make the world any better in a practical way. All they're doing is getting trapped in a never-ending cycle of stress, hardship and misery that will ultimately tear their relationship apart, will see them bitter and jaded, and will drive them practically insane.
* '''Reconstructed''': The fact that Rachel and Mike have decided to devote their lives to their adventures is emblematic of their bravery and nobility; even if they can't fix the world themselves, every little bit helps, and their actions serve as inspiration to others who will take up their mantle later down the track.
Well, looks like we're all done here, we'd better get back to... Hang on. What's this? No time for that now; we've got work to do. AndTheAdventureContinues...
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