'''The Divine Temple of Faith!'''

Out of all the Houses in the Pantheon, this is probably the one that inhabitants of the mortal worlds has the most access to. This is where people from all worlds and religions pay their respects to their gods. The House of Faith is not just one house due to the massive diversity that religions have, but is instead a massive collection of gargantuan churches, synagoguess, mosques, temples, totem poles, monasteries, cathedrals and so forth. There is at least one place for every god, Good, Evil, Chaotic, Lawful or Neutral, for the mortals to pray to. In this place, you can find anything from marriages, animal sacrifices, fighting pits (for worshiping war-loving gods such as the Nordic Pantheon), holy as well as unholy rituals and so forth. It is also one of the most guarded Houses in order to make sure that followers do not clash against each other. Sometimes, gods from the other houses will visit in order to bless (or curse) their followers.

Contrary to popular belief, this house doesn't promote sacrilege, as the Gods sometimes pray to [[Pantheon/MainHouse Illuvatar]]. And they mostly abhor their priests (excepting Evil Gods here) [[EnemyExchangeProgram to shamelessly use the word]] [[VideoGame/AgeOfEmpires "Wololo"]].


* [[Pantheon/FaithOverdeitiesAndGreaterGods Faith Overdeities and Greater Gods]]
* [[Pantheon/FaithIntermediateGods Faith Intermediate Gods]]
* [[Pantheon/FaithLesserGods Faith Lesser Gods]]
* [[Pantheon/FaithDemigodsAndQuasideities Faith Demigods and Quasideities]]

!!The Great Triad

[[folder:Kane (Command and Conquer)]]
'''[[VideoGame/CommandAndConquer Kane]], God of {{Magnificent Bastard}}s, Evil Prophets, Doomsday Cults, Ambiguous Evil and ContractualImmortality''' (The Prophet, Cain, The Granddaddy Of Them All) [[quoteright:315:[[CommandAndConquerTiberium http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/oie_Kane.jpg]]]]
* Greater God
* Symbol: The Flag of Nod: chamfered triangle enclosing a curved, left-facing scorpion tail; main color elements, red and black.
* Alignment: Ambiguous Evil
* Portofolio: [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence Ascension]], BaldOfEvil, BeardOfEvil, ContractualImmortality, DarkMessiah, [[MagnificentBastard Magnificent Bastards]], MissionFromGod and [[DoNotAdjustYourSet interrupting broadcasts]] to name just a few...
* Domains: Evil Cults, Yellow Zones, Advanced Technology, [[AppliedPhlebotinum Tiberium]].
* Followers: The Brotherhood of Nod, as an organized lot. Roughly 50% of his world's population in total, and almost certainly Agent Tanya.
* Known for orchestrating [[WorldWarIII world wars]], {{plan}}s of unlikely complexity, and quickly recovering from {{Villainous Breakdown}}s.
** Speaking of said {{villainous breakdown}}s: While Kane is mostly observed as being cool and collected, even in the midst of mortal danger, disserters and usurpers have been known to send him into fits of rage, which is always followed up by said person's execution - after which he will promtly return to his calm and collected state of being.
* While Kane has been reported, multiple times, to have perished at the hands of other gods, these reports always prove false.
---> ''"Of course, Troper. You can't kill the Messiah"''
* Even G-man respects Kane, for his tactics are devious and incredible. Both have agreed not to tangle with each-others plans for fear of a multiverse-breaking GambitPileup. However, G-man still hasn't let Kane forget getting blasted by GDI's Ion Cannon.
* Do NOT, FOR ANY REASON, stare into Kane's bald head, he will imprison you forever. Similarly, Kane's magnificent beard has been known to Mind Control people at his bidding.
* Kane's last performance was very disappointing, causing him to lose many followers. He has moved to rectify that and publicly executed his agent immediately.
* Also has a spot in the Main House.
* His involvement as one of the masterminds of [[spoiler: "The Pantheonic Rebellion" is a combination of EvenEvilHasStandards and respect for what Madoka represents despite his opposistion. He has ordered the Brotherhood of Nod to deploy to the "Fog of War" campaign front]].
* Is not to be confused with the wrestler known as Kane.

'''[[Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei YHVH]], the [[GodIsEvil Absolute Lawmaker]] and Leader of the Pantheon/GrandUnitedAllianceOfLaw''' ([[SpellMyNameWithAnS YHWH, Yehowah, Yahweh]], [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiII Elohim, Sabaoth, Shaddai]], [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne Kagutsuchi]], [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIV Demiurge, Ancient of Days]], [[IHaveManyNames the Great]] [[RedBaron Will]], [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast The Lord]])
* Overdeity of Law
* Symbol: His Countenance.
* Alignment: Pure Law, which translates out to LawfulGood to his own followers and LawfulEvil to everyone else.
* Portfolio: [[GodIsEvil Villainous Supreme Beings]], [[ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem Tyrannical Abuse of Law]], [[AbusivePrecursors Abominable Abuse of His Own Creation]], [[WorldOfSilence Soulless Worlds]], TheEvilsOfFreeWill, [[GodsNeedPrayerBadly Gods Influenced by Their Worshippers]], [[HolierThanThou Absolute Moral Authority]], [[AsLongAsThereIsEvil Immortality by Proxy]], [[FallenHero Once-Benevolent Deities]] [[MadGod Driven Insane]], [[KillEmAll Genocide]], LackOfEmpathy, Absolute Order
* Domains: Light, Law, Creation, Tyranny, Faith, Order.
* Followers: "[[ComicBook/{{Preacher}} The Loving God]]," [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV The Creator]], a second [[VideoGame/MakaiToshiSaGa The Creator]], [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII The Occuria]], various [[LightIsNotGood not-good light-aligned beings]], at least until he crosses one too many {{Moral Event Horizon}}s for even them.
* Allies: [[Manga/{{Berserk}} The Idea of Evil]], [[GodInHumanForm his five Names, Kagutsuchi]], ''lots and lots'' of CelestialParagonsAndArchangels, Metatron. Has a tenuous number of alliances of convenience with [[Pantheon/{{Leadership}} Darkseid, Palpatine]], [[Pantheon/{{Hatred}} Dolores]] [[Pantheon/{{Villains}} Umbridge, Arthas Menethil, Friday Monday, Scorponok, Nerissa, Gi Guy, Red Skull, Lex Luthor, Destro, Copy X, Enrico Pucci]], [[Pantheon/{{Emotion}} Megatron]], [[Pantheon/{{Faith}} Frollo and Seymour Guado]].
* Enemies: Lucifer, and for that matter, the entire Chaos Pantheon, Benevolent creator-figures (he gives them a bad name), [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} Sosuke Aizen]] (Aizen sees him as an obstacle to his ambitions), [[Pantheon/TimeAndSpace Shu Shirakawa]], [[Pantheon/{{Lust}} Luka]], [[spoiler: the GUAG Sisterhood]]... pretty much everyone with a modicum of Free Will, which is to say, '''''EVERYONE NOT LISTED UNDER "ALLIES"'''''.
* Apart from the ones hailing from his own multiverse, his "followers" listed above don't so much follow him as work toward the same goal, as they're all fairly powerful themselves and would gladly try to take over his portfolio if given half the chance. However, given the massive legions he has amassed, none of the competitors come nearly close to challenging his role as the Overdeity of Law.
* YHVH is also highly intolerant of other TopGod candidates, outright seeking the annihilation of all other [[{{God}} Creator Gods]] with limited success. He refuses to acknowledge the existence of any Creator who has proven stronger (not that there are many), and indeed, many of the [[GodIsGood friendlier Creators]] prefer it so, given the kind of press he generates for them. While there have been countless attempts to overthrow him, [[FullCircleRevolution the desire to return to the stability and order he promises is too great]], and as many times as he is destroyed, he invariably comes back. This is why he mocks any and all attempts to remove him from the human spirit or from the Throne of Law. [[spoiler: And why he regards the "Pantheonic Rebellion" as a particularly funny if stupid joke.]]
* His BlueAndOrangeMorality isn't hard to comprehend. It's merely that his Law and Good axes and the Chaos and Evil ones overlap ''perfectly''. Consequently, ChaoticGood to him is a complete oxymoron to him, as is LawfulEvil. It would be a terrible mistake to define the Great Will as purely evil - horrifying as his acts may be, he ultimately seeks the best for his Chosen, and to save as many as he can to usher them in an egalitarian paradise, with everyone, including himself, ruling equal in their power and will, forever and ever. Any form of freedom or difference is an unnecessary luxury he eventually intends to dispense with, and if a few have to suffer for the many to achieve his dream, ''so be it''.
* Through the power of Kagutsuchi and the Conception, he constantly creates and destroys universes in an eternal quest to create his perfect world, studying the variables of Humanity and how to manipulate them better, so he can ultimately purge them, no matter the cost, on every world and every timeline, of TheEvilsOfFreeWill. This worked so well some believe [[DissidiaFinalFantasy Shinryu]] might have been cribbing ideas from him.
* He's the ultimate incarnation of the concepts of Law and Tyranny. It's spoken he was once a benevolent god, but was driven to insanity and corruption by a massive flaw in reality - there is literally none who remembers how he once was. Few are willing to broach the subject, either for fear of provoking him... or finding out what he has to say. Even worse, nobody's sure of exactly what was/''is'' the flaw in reality that caused the shift. Efforts to find out ''what'' this was and eliminate its influence on the MadGod have all failed miserably.
** There was this [[VideoGame/DevilSurvivor one universe]] where [[PetTheDog he tried being more empathetic]]. More or less worked, except that due to an earlier act of dickery (orchestrating the whole AbelAndCain scenario to create the first martyr and the first murderer) what seemed to be a perfect plan for the domination of Law got derailed and he had to settle for at least preventing that Earth from falling into absolute Chaos. Metatron was ordered to take a note on the incident, file it, and lose it for a while.
* He personally has little interest in the Pantheon (he isn't even around most of the time), though he regularly sends envoys and avatars to oversee the situation.
* Very similar to [[Literature/TheBible the Abrahamic God]], but ''not'' [[{{Expy}} the same thing.]]
* His legions, while completely loyal, seem to have various degrees of understanding as to what exactly His will is. Most glaringly, the Four Archangels have twice created societies based on deep classist principles against His wishes. Satan is loyal to the principles of Law, not necessarily to Him, Merkabah is half crazy but has a firmer grasp on Law's tenets, Mastema ping-pongs between a selfish jackass and a genuinely helpful GuardianAngel, the Ancient of Days is merely a killing machine, Kuzuryuu was created without a will, the Demiurge is obsessed with sealing all human souls in the physical universe, and He no longer bothers to try to track Samael's allegiances. His sole actual link to the Pantheon and Speaker of His Will is Metatron, but the Voice cannot be everywhere at once.
** [[spoiler:To everyone's horror, Metatron managed to send him a partial communiqué about Lucifer's recent activities. The last one to get under the Great Will as badly was Aleph, who as stated above was trapped in an [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne endless cycle of death and rebirth]], [[GroundhogDayLoop doomed to record the history of the entire Multiverse as a spectator for eternity]], forbidden to ever influence the fate of a single world. He doesn't care what Metatron does to both Homura and [[KickThemWhileTheyAreDown Madoka]]. He just wants it to be [[FateWorseThanDeath worse]] than that.]]
** To this end, He has been meeting with fellow tyrants Darkseid, Palpatine, Dolores, Arthas, Friday Monday, Megatron, Starscream, Scorpanok, Nerissa, Gi Guy, Red Skull, Lex Luthor, Destro, Copy X, Frollo, Seymour Guado, and Rassilon about forming a "Regime". This news brought great worry to the pantheon, especially [[spoiler: to the Sisterhood given his recent plot against Madoka]].
** [[spoiler: Unknown to many deities, it's implied that he was the one who tried to make the asylum a stronghold through Valentine and Pucci.]]
* [[spoiler: After the Pantheonic Rebellion, Etna hacked his title to better reflect his true nature on a metaphorical level (labeling him as a Demon). She had some time to laugh before Lamington appeared before her and warned her ''very sternly'' [[DoNotTauntCthulhu not to try such a reckless action again]], lest she be marked as a target for more... ''imaginative'' punishments. He's willing to stick his neck a bit for her and distract the Great Will, but he's ''not'' going to save her should she keep her antics. Predictably, Etna blew him off. Moments later, she was struck with a curse that downgraded her to Level 1 ''and'' prevented her from both gaining experience and leveling up. It took her a lot of favors, quests and humiliation to get the curse broken, making her the laughingstock of the House. Even then, she had to level grind all the way back... at which point she was hit ''again'' with the curse, as a final spiteful gift.]]

[[folder:The Unconquered Sun]]
'''[[{{Exalted}} The Unconquered Sun]], God of Virtue, Perfection, and {{Holy Hand Grenade}}s''' (Sol Invictus, Ignis Divine, the Once-Guarding Star, the Most High, the Highest of Holies)
* Greater God
* Symbol: [[ArcNumber Five]] golden sigils representing the rising, resplendent, setting, hidden, and eclipsed sun
* Alignment: LawfulGood
* Portfolio: ThePowerOfTheSun, [[TheParagon Embodiments of Virtue and Righteousness]], [[OrderVersusChaos Order and Perfection]], [[HolyHandGrenade The Destruction of Creatures of Darkness]]
* Domains: Courage, Good, Glory, Law, Protection, Purification, Nobility, Radiance, Sun, War
* Allies: Luna, The Five Maidens
* Followers: The Solar Exalted
* Enemies: All evil gods, but ''especially'' the Ebon Dragon
* Yes, he and [[Pantheon/MainHouse Amaterasu]] exist in the same Pantheon. [[MST3KMantra Don't think about it too much.]]
* Despite the term "Creatures of Darkness", he holds no ill will towards Midna and [[DarkIsNotEvil those like her]]. However, they do hold a somewhat strained relationship, due to his ability to declare entire species fair game for holy powers.