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Pantheon: Book Of Trope
The Book Of Trope

All stories must begin somewhere. All people, whether they be a hero, villain, or something else entirely, have their own stories to tell, and their own exploits to define them. And somewhere, somehow, these exploits are recorded and stored.

So it is with the Pantheon of Trope. Here we open the grand book written by the author-god, and peruse its contents. Within are revealed the origins of the world itself, the rise to godhood of many of the pantheon, and the grand clashes between the gods that have changed the shape of the pantheon time and time again.

This recording is merely that, an attempt to transcribe the many, many stories left by the gods over history; some stories are forgotten, others invented, and some are misremembered; there are many gods who claim to be the Creator, for example. If you discover a new one, do not hesitate to relate it. And if a story seems out of place, or if you feel that the previous transcriber wrote it badly, do not hesitate to improve upon the translation. And if you have found evidence that a story is false, then it is your duty to print the truth.

The Tales

Tales of Creation The Beginning of the World

In the Beginning, mankind created the fictional universe, born of human imagination. Its first resident was Dream of the Endless, who built a library to store all stories that mankind told. He watched the various realms of fiction come into existence and made sure that they followed the rules of Narrative Causality.

One day he felt lonely, so he traveled throughout the multiverse, looking for people to live with him in his palace.
On the first day, Dream was going to organize the gods for this new world, but had to change a light bulb in his den and ended up reorganizing his record collection.

On the second day he went underwater and tried to invite mermaids to populate this new world. After offending the Princess of All Naiads, he went back home dejected.

On the Third Day he was on his way to try to get some Svirfneblin, but he ended up at a Dwarf commemoration party.

On the Fourth Day he was hung over. Nothing got done.

On the Fifth Day he decided he wanted a nice peaceful universe, to balance out the unpredictable multiverse, so he looked for the most average person he could think of off the top of his head. This man was busy, and had to turn Dream down.

On the Sixth Day he was concerned that there was no progress in this new universe. He had a light breakfast and went to work. As soon as he realized how much was to be done, he decided to delegate authority. He called everyone he could think of and invited them over. Thus was the Trope Pantheon born.

He probably rested on the Seventh Day.

Tales Of Ascension

The Fall of a King and the Rise of a New God.

The story begins in the Marysuetopia Gladitoral Arena, where a wrestling ring was constructed for one purpose: Eragon vs. Goldberg. Eragon, in a display of cockiness, challenged Goldberg to a match. He believed that he could best the newly crowned God of Squash Matches. Eragon entered first to a chorus of cheers from his people, followed by Goldberg, who elicited jeers and boos from the partisan crowd. Goldberg paid them no mind. The bell ring and what Eragon thought was going to be a grand victory for him was cut short by a Spear from Goldberg, who quickly lifted the Shadeslayer up and hit him with the Jackhammer, netting a victory before walking off. The crowd booed at this when suddenly over the PA system, another entrance theme blared.


Out walked Dolph Ziggler, holding the blue Money in the Bank briefcase. He handed the briefcase to the referee who called for the bell, which sounded Eragon vs. Dolph Ziggler for Eragon's Lesser God status. Ziggler jumped the ring as Eragon got up, hitting him with a Zig Zag and dropping the second pin on Eragon that night. The crowd watched in shock as their King was dethroned and Dolph Ziggler was declared the God of Selling. With this, Prince Edward Cullen was allowed to take the throne while Eragon was soon left in the ring, a God who fell worse than any God can, being depowered and turned mortal.
  • Though, as always with these sort of things, there's a group of schismatics that feel that he's actually better off that way. An even more insane group thinks he did it intentionally. They're usually ignored.

The Grim Reaper's Arrival

A moment to Chat.

It has been a busy set of weeks for Kaname Madoka. Homura's discovery of the old system in another world was such a shock that even The Incubators were prone to action over it. The Warp seemed to have at least kept one pocket reality with the entire system grafted to a new universe. The work itself was impressive, in that it was a fully functional system in which the MG-to-witches system was simply grafted to. Something that she didn't try to dwell on herself, knowing fully well what that setup was capable of. It was something that seemed beyond The Warp, having most of the old MG system intact. And given what she known about the The Warp, it seemed to have no real purpose in his hands. But then, he might not be the one that wished for the suffering of Magical Girl's universe wide. She could think of one that would insight rage of this kind. Tzeentch, a god that insights chaos, one that would manipulate the system into a universe as a test case.

If it was him, there is cause to be worried. It would mean that he would have plans against the other magical girls of this Pantheon. As an entity of hope, Madoka is duty bound to get to the bottom of this disturbance since upon her ascension, the system that Tzeentch had in place originally had to be replaced. It's on that matter, mainly, that she finds herself in Cosmos' chambers. It was one of the few matters of discussion that she would have with the goddess of good. Taking a seat by a bench, she smoothed out the dress of the stars. Humming softly as she looked around the empty room, looking for her dear friend as he looks upon her form. It would seem that Cosmos' chamber considered the form of herself as a goddess of her world as her true one or maybe it had more to do with herself than the room's magic itself.

It was a while before she noticed the ruffles of the silk drapes that hung off the pillars in the chamber. Madoka smiled and then glanced behind herself to find Cosmos sitting beside her looking to the rest of the room.

Madoka: Uh.. hi.
Cosmos: (turning her attention to her visitor) Ah, the Goddess of Magical Girls. To what do I owe the honour of this visit.
Madoka: Ummm... the system backup crisis.

Cosmos shifted the way she was seated, expecting something more of a friendly visit than serious discussion.

Cosmos: I see, the MG section in the Combat Division not helping?
Madoka: They are and Lord Kroak has been a rather helpful ally, it's just... I have reason to believe that something might be behind The Warp's actions.
Cosmos: Maybe there is... Chaos is not something that is easily restrained, so says Lucifer.
Madoka: Your right, I can't really think of anything that would not attract a Lord of Chaos in this pantheon. But it seems to have an different imprint than when Kyubey was in control of it. Something... like it for the sake of calamity itself. Kyubey was many things, but malevolent wasn't one of them.
Cosmos: That is being to sound like something the Lord's of Chaos would do.
Madoka: There is one that I would watch. Tzeentch has been coming up a lot when I talk with Homura over the crisis. She seems utterly convinced that he would be behind this. I have never seen such fury in her eyes before.
Cosmos: That would explain Lord Kroak's intervention on the crisis. From what I have heard, he and the Lord's of Chaos are not speaking terms. Still, Homura is very dedicated to you, isn't she?
Madoka: When there was nothing else left, she was my only friend. My best friend. Without her selfish dedication, all that I am... this goddess you see before you... I would not be here. Homura fought for that to happen. She will not let me be lost, and neither will I let her lose herself.
Cosmos: That is very cute. You sound committed to each other.

That was something that made Madoka stop in her train of thought. She never looked at it like that, but the tone that Cosmos used, it's almost sounded as if...

Madoka: Oh, stop it. (she blushed) She is dedicated, but that is more out of concern of my well being.
Cosmos: You know, if I asked Homua about that... there would be a much different answer.
Madoka: There would be, I have known her long enough to know that. I am everything to her.
Cosmos: Sounds like the feeling is mutual.
Madoka: It is and it isn't. I care about her a great deal, but I have my duties... and all magical girl's are open to the same concern that I have for Homura. I will admit, that between the both of us it's more.... personal. However I am bound to the universe and my duties, this is something that she knows.
Cosmos: Cut right to the heart of the matter, eh?
Madoka: You are not the only one to suspect a relationship between us. I doubt that you will be the last, Cosmos.
Cosmos: Fair enough, you know how I poke at things like that.
Madoka: (nervous chuckle) Yeah, I do. Better than Hiyori, I guess....

The two stood from the bench and then made there way to the fire place. Flopping into the sofa chairs by the fire as they take a seat, the two goddess' relax. Madoka has been a relativity new addition to the pantheon and yet her and Cosmos get along like old friends since Madoka's ascension. Madoka's eyes went to the fire, as Cosmos observed the woman. Then looking into the fire herself, Cosmos broke the silence.

Cosmos: I hear that you have been discussing a few things with your predecessors, Looking for Saint's to the title are you?
Madoka: Have I been that obvious?
Cosmos: No, but me and Usagi have been in close contact for quite some time after her tenure as Magical Girl Goddess. She mentioned it a few days ago, wondering if you are having problems with the responsibility.
Madoka: (turning to cosmos) It's not that, it has more to do with recognition. I don't believe that my title supersedes the fact that their experiences are useful to others that take the mantel of magical girl. The three of us define what being an magical girl is through our experiences.
Cosmos: True, but by having them around... you are admitting your inexperience.
Madoka: Well, um... experience defines other matters, but they don't lay at the core of being a Magical girl.
Cosmos: That would beg the question... “What is a magical girl?”
Madoka: We signify hope, We signify life. To me, those two things are what define magical girls. So to answer your question, What is a magical girl? Someone that delivers to others the hope and life we embody.

Cosmos smiled at the answer, such strength for the little girl that was seated across from her. It was fascinating to simply listen to Madoka air out her issues by the fire, watching her steely gaze. The silence between then lasted for a bit before Cosmos turned to Madoka with a curious glance.

Cosmos: You know, that it something that I think you managed to reestablish hope and life, even here in the Pantheon. But that does make me wonder about the case of Sayaka Miki.
Madoka: Oh?
Cosmos: I wonder why she is in the pantheon, Madoka. She seems to be the very antithesis of what you are trying to reestablish here.
Madoka: I feel as if, during the course of my life, that Sayaka's story remains unique among magical girl's. As I said, to me a magical girl signifies hope and life. Only in the case of Sayaka is where I feel that those connections, to life and hope, failed. She is Avatar to be an example to other girl's that enter this life... the very things that we give to others freely are rare, precious and volatile.
Cosmos: That is rather harsh isn't it?
Madoka: Ahm... What do you mean?
Cosmos: She is one of the few people that I see you call friend, and yet you highlight her greatest failure by being the avatar.
Madoka: I guess, but her history should be judged completely... Sayaka is my best friend, but her love for Kyosuke Kamijo was never a failure. She is the avatar because I feel as if she would be forgotten otherwise. The tragedy that became her is a lesson to ensure that others don't become what she became... her own monster, but even that would be lost if she was forgotten. Sayaka only wanted the love of someone she admired dearly, all her trying never made it happen and her slow descent into darkness remains my greatest failure.

Madoka sighed, looking into the dancing embers of the fire. Clearly, Sayaka was a sensitive topic to her as her gaze remained distant. Moving from her chair, Cosmos comforted the fellow goddess in a warm embrace as she looked into her eyes before Madoka continued.

Madoka: Homura and Sayaka are precious to me. For Sayaka, as much as I did try to curb it... I feel as if she gave up on herself in the mist of it all. I feel that we all deserve love in the way that Sayaka wished for, to be denied that after trying so hard... That is a tragedy that can't remain untold, even if I am replaced. Sayaka is the best friend that I feel deserved more from life than what she was given, her choice was to damn herself for her wishes and push on. No magical girl should sacrifice themselves like that without knowing what it will likely cost.
Cosmos: Ah, thank you. (backing away from Madoka) Maybe you have a point about her. Still, I have my concerns.... she is rather chaotic. As it stands, she have been hanging by a thread to keep from falling into the Disgraces and I feel as if she is likely to be targeted by the GUAE at some point. She already has the attention of Kefka. Given that, She might be in the way of what you are working towards.
Madoka: If anyone has the right to stand in my way, it's her.
Cosmos: You are prepared for that?
Madoka: I am.

Cosmos nodded before she turned her attention to the doorway. She sighed as she looks at the guard that entered and stood at attention by the door, more GUAG work most likely. Waving the guard away, Cosmos turned to her guess and then smiled before her took to her feet.

Cosmos: I am sorry to leave so soon. We really should do this more.

Madoka only nodded before she smiled to the fellow goddess and then looked up to the ceiling, lost in thought. Cosmos smiled before she whispered.

Cosmos: You want Sayaka to find herself, don't you?

Madoka nodded, fading into the air as she smiled. Cosmos, alone in her chamber chuckled to herself. Something about the little girl's strength amused her. Maybe that is why fate was tied to her so much, this warm of selflessness. Maybe that is why others come to view Madoka as hope itself.

Cosmos: She will need help... to the light.

The Other Son of Sparda vs the Once Eye of the Azure

It was a cloudy day in the House of Family as Noel Vermillion hurried along as she passed through the main square. She had been hoping to pay a visit to her friend Mami Tomoe in the House of Life and Death, and was passing through the House of Family to get there.

Noel: “I really don’t want to get caught up in a storm....If only they let me at least pass through the House of Food. Besides, I didn’t think my meals were THAT ba-”

All of the sudden, she noticed a figure standing in the center of a plaza.. Noel stopped, feeling a slight sense of dread as she ducked behind a pillar, taking a peek at the man. He was a white haired figure wearing a blue longcoat, and with a Katana to his side. His face showed a look of curiosity laced with disdain. The most immediate frame of reference in Noel’s mind was Jin Kisaragi, yet something about the figure reminded Noel of another god....

Before she could think about the deja vu, the figure spoke. “So this is the Pantheon....This seems unlike the demon world or the human world....I wonder....Perhaps there is a new source of power here that I can claim....”

Noel gasped at his words. His talk of demons, of looking for power, and that he would ‘claim’ it. It didn’t sound good to her. What if he was going after her friends? She decided to be brave, and confront this man. As he walked away, she came out of her hiding spot and called out to him.

“Stop right there!”

The main had his back turned to her, but he looked over his shoulder. “And who are you?” His tone laced with boredom.

“I-I’m Lieutenant Noel Vermillion! Goddess of the House of Personal Appearance!” she declared. Vergil maintained his stance. “A goddess? You? Pitiful? What could you possibly be the god of?”

“I’m the goddess of....I-IT Doesn’t matter! What matters is that you’ve acted suspiciously! Tell me! What are you up to? Answer, or I will have to use force!” She summoned Bolverk in her hands.

Vergil decided to turn around then. He looked irritated more than anything.

Vergil: “Tools of a ungraceful coward. I should have known the second I laid eyes on you.”
Noel: “Wh-What?!”
Vergil: “It’s fitting that somebody as obviously spineless and foolish as yourself would hid behind those worthless tools.”
Noel: “You....*Tightening grip on Bolverk* I’m not having any of that! Tell me! What are you planning?”
Vergil: “Plans? Hopes more like. That this ‘Pantheon would have people worth to fight against. That I could find new ways to increase my power. And if you are the first taste, then all those hopes are for nothing.”
Noel: “If you’re trying to hurt people to get more power....I WON’T LET YOU!”

She fired a shot at Vergil, only for him to move to the side in the blink of an eye. “Foolish girl.” He taunted at her. “You have no idea who you stand against.” He started slowly stepping towards her. The look in his eyes, the way he moved made Noel step back in fear, before she steeled her nerves and charged forth.


She lept up into the Air, blasting a trail of gunfire in her wake as she descended, as Vergil sidestepped out of the way. She immediately started blasting at close range upon landing, but was futile as Vergil instantly unsheathed his blade and twirled it to defect the shots, to Noel’s shock. She jumped away in a panic just as Vergil slashed the space where her body should be. Vergil charged after her with a sword trust, which Noel barely jumped over, before quickly retaliating in the air with unloading shots at Vergil’s body. She caught a glimpse of his eye before he teleported out of the way. Noel gasped in surprise, before Vergil appeared just above her and knocked her back down to the ground with his scabbard.

Vergil: “You seem to share the same delusions as my brother. That using your guns with flair and movement will allow them to be of more worth than they truly are. How sad.”
Noel: “(What is this guy? He just won’t let himself get hit!) I’m not finished yet!”

Noel gritted her teeth. She had to figure out how to get the better of her opponents speed. She concentrated started firing at his position with Optic Barrel. Vergil teleported out of the blast, but Noel reacted to his reappearance and unleashed a second Optic Barrel at him, to which Vergil barely jumped out of the way from. Noel took the chance and leaped at him , grabbing his neck with Muzzle Filter, hoping to bring him to the ground. But Vergil proved to be too hard to topple as he simply grabbed Noel’s leg and effortlessly yanked her off, throwing her back down to the ground.

Vergil: “If these pathetic little acrobatics are all you can do, then I see no reason to even continue this fight.”

Noel felt afraid and angry. This person was stronger than he seemed, but his taunts were starting to get to her. She wasn’t going to let this man have his way with the people she knew. She wasn’t weak. She would end this with her own power.

Noel: “I’ll show you what i’m capable of!”

Vergil sighed and teleported into her face, but Noel was ready “ASSAULT THROUGH” she cried as she spun around Vergil. But instead of tackling him, she released her power, turning Bolverk into a massive cannon. “FENRIR RELEASE!” She cried as she unloaded a massive volley of shots directly at Vergil. He hastily started spinning Yamato to destroy the shots, but the force of them kept pushing him away from Noel. The second they stopped, Noel immediately turned Bolverk into a Launcher as she fired a rocket at Vergil, with a cry of “THIS IS THE END!” as it flew towards him.

Then rocket exploded. Quickly. Too quickly. Noel didn’t even see it make contact with the man as the smoke enveloped her. “No....Remember who you’re up against. I can’t stop the pressure on him!” She lept out of the smoke, caught Vergil’s figure, his hand on his sheathed sword, and then went wild with Bolverk, unleashing Bullet Storm towards Vergil.

She then heard a deep, BWOONG sound, and to her horror, the bullets hit an orb that seemed to appear out of nowhere, as they were obliterated by a storm of slashes within. Before she could comprehend what happened, she heard the sound again a second orb appeared, right around Bolverk, as the guns were showered with gashes, before ti disappeared. And then Noel heard the sound again, and in her dawning fear, knew what would be trapped within it.


She barely got a scream out before the Sphere consumed her as her body exploded with pain, as massive gashes tore through her entire body spraying blood from every angle as she cried out in agony. She felt almost nothing else as she started to fall, her vision blurring, when suddenly, a blue figure started getting larger and larger....

The second before she hit the ground, one last stab of pain shot through her, worse than any of the others. Vergil had impaired her with his sword mid fall. The pain was all Noel could feel as her body started go numb. She didn’t feel the drops of rain starting to fall from the sky. She didn’t feel being softly lifted and propped up by Yamato’s blade, as Vergil stared into her eyes, with nothing but contempt. His hair was starting to get soaked by the rain, and the way he looked reminded Noel of somebody....Another god....

Vergil: “You honestly thought that your pathetic little attempts at combat could actually stand up to me. This should be a fitting lesson to you. You know NOTHING about might. You try to shield yourself in your empty bravery, when in fact you have nothing beyond that. The very idea that a useless human like you should be given the title of ‘god’ is an embarrassment. Be grateful that I didn’t cut your head from your body. It’s more than you deserve.”

Noel heard to every word as they flowed into her blood soaked body. She tried to speak back, but her mouth simply gurgled blood as nothing but moans came out. Blood, rain and tears poured down her face as all expression left it. Finally, Vergil yanked his sword out, blood spraying out of the wound as Noel fell backwards to the ground, her numb expression looking up into the rainy sky.

Vergil: “Pathetic....”

With those words, he started to walk away.

Noel’s mind was a fading haze. as she bled out on the ground, the pain and humiliation flowing into the frenzied mix.

“No....My friends....Wasn’t strong enough....It hurts....Nothing....I’m”

Her mind faded to black.

And then something else in her awoke.

Vergil was walking away when he suddenly felt a surge. From behind him. He looked back to see Noel’s body engulfed in a crackling mass of energy, as her body rose up, wrapped in light. She started staggering towards him, her body looking limp. Vergil rose an eyebrow at the events.

Vergil: “So it seems there was more to you than I thought....”

The energy blew away, revealing Noel Vermillion’s cyborg form, Mu-12. But there was one different. Her eyes, which once showed the empty Blue Eyes of brainwashing, now were devoid of pupils, and bright blue. Her face showed pure, animalistic anger as she spoke one word in a vicious tone.


She spread out her arms, as two of her Steins Gunners flew out, which upon spawning, started spraying laser shots at Vergil. The half demon was unimpressed. “Even in this new form, you still rely on your guns....” he said with distain as he started deflecting the shots with Yamato. Suddenly, he sensed something behind him as he looked over his shoulder to see another two Gunners aimed at him. He broke away a split second before they sprayed bullets into him. Vergil started running, the gunners firing at him, following his movements the entire time, until it looked like they had him pinned. He teleported away the moment they fired at the spot....

....Only to find the enraged Mu coming down at him with her bladed arms. He blocked them with Yamato, the two clashing, trying to overcome each other, before they threw each other off, as Mu quickly recovered and responded with an overhead slash. Vergil sidestepped, but then got blasted in back by her gunners. As Vergil flinched in pain, Mu delivered a rolling kick to Vergil. The blow cut into Vergil’s shoulder, as Mu combined her blades and sent it through a portal to impale him as he stagger back. Vergil was still very much still aware, and simply leaped over the blade.

The gunners started immediately swooping down and firing at him. He blocked and dodged away, Mu focusing all her efforts into making her gunners blast away at Vergil. “These are proving to be a nuisance....” He muttered to himself, as he started summoning blue etherial swords. He fired them towards each of the gunners, destroying them on impact, as Mu charged at her. She swung her blade down....

....But was met with a massive punch to the face as she sped across the ground. Vergil’s hands and feet her now sporting sharp gauntlets and boots. The Devil Arms of Beowulf.

Vergil: “Hm. So it seems I have these Devil Arms once again. Interesting....”

As Mu groggily got up, she was met with a flurry of punches and kicks as Vergil closed the distance between then and got up close and started laying into her with Beowulf. Mu kept getting hit, when, with a scream of rage, formed a diamond shaped shield around her, which Vergil’s punched bounced off of as the energy forced him back. She summoned all her gunners back and sent them flying full force at Vergil, shooting at him as they went in to ram him.

Vergil: “You fight without considering your abilities. You don’t even seem to know what you are doing. How pitiful.”

Mu had no response but to have her gunners all fly directly at Vergil. Just before Vergil could dodge, they exploded, making him flinch. He didn’t notice Mu dashing right in front of him, and firing points of light around his body.

Vergil: “I....Can’t move....”

The Murakumo rose above him, summoning six large javelins of light. She growled as she sent them all into Vergil’s body, piercing through him as he grunted in pain. She dropped back to the ground, summoned her gunners, once again, and charged up a laser barrage directly at Vergil, still kneeling over on the ground with the spears in him, when suddenly....

Vergil: “This ends here....”

A purple dome surrounded him as the barrage of lasers fizzled out on it harmlessly. And then the dome released, as something not quite human dashed at Mu faster than she could react. In the blink of an eye the thing was behind her.

For a split second, a demon stood, before fading to reveal Vergil, slowly sheathing Yamato as Mu stood still. He paused just as he was about to fully sheathe it.

Vergil: “It’s over.”

The blade clicked back into it’s scabbard as Mu’s entire body exploded with a storm of cuts. Her mechanical parts were diced into pieces as they were torn off her, the slices still glowing orange, as her exposed body was showed in red slices, blood spraying from them all. Within seconds, her shredded body collapsed to the ground, lying down face first, as the rain washed all her blood around her in a sea of red.

Vergil stood up, slicked his hair back up, and glanced at his victim, as she shifted back to her original form.

Vergil: “For all the power you truly have, not only do you keep it locked away, you fail to make use of it’s potential. It’s wasted on a miserable stain like you. I can only hope that the rest of this, ‘pantheon’ has true fighters....You? You are NOTHING.”

He walked away, as Noel Vermillion was left alone, to bleed in the rain.

Broken Dreams, History Aren't As Thought

For quite awhile, more and more warriors known as the Pretty Cure has entered the Pantheon. One of such was Miyuki Hoshizora, AKA Cure Happy, ascending as the Goddess of Earning One's Happy Ending. She liked villains equally like heroes, befriending them as they enrich a story. However, once, her resolve was shaken a little... she saw that there were utter scumbag villains not worth of liking even if it enriches a story. She managed to recover thanks to the support of many, but of special note would be Nozomi Yumehara AKA Cure Dream, her so-called 'predecessor' residing in the Mentalism house.

And it was just this time that Nozomi was visiting Miyuki again.

Nozomi: Mi-yu-kiiii! Feeling all right?
Miyuki: ... Uh-huh! Thanks for keeping support to me even at hard times, Nozomi! Especially that time...
Nozomi: Don't mind it! It's what friends do, right?
Miyuki: Totally! It does strengthen my resolve and makes me more wary on villains that are really unforgivable. Next time I'm writing a fairy tale, I am SO not going to base any villains from that kind of people!
Nozomi: Maybe one day you can visit Komachi-san for that one... Oh speaking of that! I had really good fun with the Cutie Mark Crusaders when visiting a historical museum! I thought you'd like it too! Wanna come?
Miyuki: Eeeh? B-but...!
Nozomi: Breath of fresh air! Or something like that! Okay! Let's get to the historical museum in the Knowledge house! Ketteeeei!
Miyuki: *low toned* But there's no fairy tale things in history museums... Happupuuu~ -3-

So they went into the museum. The museum contained the history of Japan and figures there. Even the fairy-tale otaku like Miyuki eventually gave in and started paying attention too.

Miyuki: I take back my words! It's fun being here with you, Nozomi! Maybe your exposition isn't as clear as Reika, but I did enjoy it!
Nozomi: *pouting* I'm still ways to go until I can be a real teacher... *not pouting* A-anyway! Do you know? In this Pantheon, there are some historical people found here!
Miyuki: R-really...!?
Nozomi: Sure thing! Some like Ieyasu is a real nice guy too! Though there are some really scary ones like Nobunaga...
Miyuki: Aah, I really should meet them some day... Eh?

Their walk was stopped when they heard a sound of battle. Inside a museum no less! Thinking that it could be any monsters, be they Hoshiinas or Akanbes, both Nozomi and Miyuki snuck behind the door and took a peek.

Nozomi: Uwah...! That felt so real! Are they staging...
????: Archers, take position. Peel them with arrows. Infantries... hold the line.
Soldiers: Yes, sir!

A green-clothed man with very long hat and a ring blade gave command to the men in green armor. It looked like his underlings. However, as these men engaged in battle, the man in green tossed his ring blade to the air, creating an energy ring that surrounded the enemies and soldiers alike, with just him being in the safe zone. And the ring enclosed further and further... slaying both soldiers and enemies alike. And all these... Nozomi and Miyuki were watching.

????: You've served your purpose, pawns. And as of these fools, that's the price you pay for this insult you brought upon my land... and my statue.
Miyuki: He just... he just treated them all like garbage. Aren't they his...
Nozomi: This... this...!
Miyuki: Nozomi!

Nozomi couldn't handle the pressure. It was just at that time in the Mirror Land, seeing someone treat his subordinates like garbage, or the story she heard from Milk about the Director of Eternal. This man she was seeing is something that could be... worse. She ran from her hiding place and ran to the man.

Nozomi: You... How can you do this to your own men who are loyal to you!?
????: ... Noisy little girl. You should mind your mouth if you value them and your life.
Miyuki: (I'd like to stop Nozomi too, but...!) She's right! That's not what a leader does to his own men!
????: Two noisy little girls. I'll not repeat this. Begone from my sight.
Nozomi: These men worked so hard to do as you command... they are the men who'd fight by your side. How could you do this...!
????: So what? They served their purpose. As disposable pawns that is used for my genius strategies.

Both Nozomi and Miyuki froze at this man's Lack of Empathy. The treatment of this man towards his own soldiers were really riling them off. They have never faced someone this extreme.

????: Two noisy girls that doesn't understand the arts of war like you doesn't belong here... let alone the Pantheon. I'll do them a favor by removing you from this Pantheon. Maybe there would be some peace and quiet after that.
Miyuki: You... who are you to say that!?
????: Ah... name, huh. Fine, you can have it. I am the Child of the Sun... Mouri Motonari.
Nozomi: Mouri... Motonari...!? The historical lord of Chuugoku... he... he's like this...!? I thought...
Motonari: I see why you're such a fool. Your historian got things wrong about me.
Nozomi: I don't care...
Miyuki: Nozomi?
Nozomi: I don't care if you're a historical person, or how you're some brilliant tactician or something. But I'll never... I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU TO THIS MISTREATMENT OF YOUR MEN!
Motonari: Such a foolish girl who can't understand a thing. A pawn's a pawn, nothing more than that.
Miyuki: These men are not pawns! They have their lives, you have no right to just take them away for your own gain! Nozomi is right... This Is Unforgivable!
Motonari: ... What are you going to do about it, then? Whine on me? Truly, I'll make it quick with your death...
Nozomi: You won't! Precure Metamorphose!!

And so the two girls transformed into their Magical Girl form... the warriors known as Pretty Cure.

Motonari: ... Heh. Heh heh. You with your silly, foolish ideals that is spouted only by losers... you think you could defeat me with that?
Motonari: Very well, little girls. Come to your deaths!

(To be continued...)

Tales Of Falls From Grace The Prophecy of Operation: Axe To The Face

This prophecy was found nailed to the wall of the Main House door one morning, possibly with a sledgehammer:

Beware, gods of trope and tale
The Disgraced seek their revenge on you
As the doors of the Main House crumble and fall
We'll take what's ours, by extreme force
As we show you, we'll show them all!

The Thirteen Knights will lead our charge
As mages three summon storms and gloom
Your defenses nulled by a proton discharge
Helpless you are to WITNESS YOUR DOOM!!!

You'll probably win, maybe gain a great boon
For our greatest enemy is the status quo.

Forensic examination found an empty can of Pepsi Max, a donation to the Guide Dog box, and a hobo trying to eat the can and the dog-shaped moneybox. The results are inconclusive. Briscoe said "We'll find out next time".

The Sins of the Father

The funeral for Subject Delta had just finished. Eleanor had finished crying and was now headed to House Justice for her mother's trial. There were rumors of Lamb being not only acquitted, but ascending as well. Angela Patrelli being dispatched, and the vacancy needing to be filled. Also, Eleanor had expressed some feelings about asking for mercy on her mother's behalf. However, Bryan Mills wasn't worried about that. Right now, he had his own trial to attend. This one would be held in his own quarters. He opened the door, and looked at the man. Mark Meltzer was watching his daughter sleep, quietly stroking her hair. He didn't look up.

Mark: I'm sorry about Delta, I thought it would just take one of the other Big Daddies.
Bryan: And you think that would have made it any better?
Mark: No, just less guilty I suppose. Are you going to kill me? Send me to the Disgraces?
Bryan: No. I understand what you did, why you did it, and I can't say if I was in your position, I wouldn't do the same.
Mark: I'd do it again, too.
Bryan: I know...but there will be a price to pay, Mark. You'll have to say goodbye to Cindy.
Mark: What? No! I won't let an-
Bryan: Mark, it's not her. I promise you this, she'll be protected. I vow nothing will happen to her. belong to the Curtain now Mark. I have to turn you away.
Mark: I...understand. Thank you Bryan. I have to leave now?
Bryan: You have until dawn.

Bryan Mills left the small room. Mark Meltzer spent the night watching his daughter sleep, and writing a long goodbye note for her. Then, he quietly left the room as the first rays of the sun appeared in the window. He didn't want to wake her.

Tales Of Battle

See Operation Axe To The Face

Also Operation Throw A Brick At The Shadow

Also Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

Also Tales of the Alliance

Tales of the Disgraces

The Choosing of the Court Tailor

Berii woke to the sun upon her face. The sun always shone down into her room at dawn, unmarred by any cloud. She stirred, and sat up in bed, clutching the silken sheets to her, and yawning. She got out of bed, looking as perfect as if she had just been to the spa, and went to the balcony outside of her palace room to look out upon her kingdom. It was a strange patchwork of many different societies, each modeled upon what the ruling deity deemed perfect, but the main City of the Disgraces shone in the morning sun... or at least, the places where the sun shone. In the Archmage's Sector, it was clouded over, and raining and snowing at the same time. This was how the Archmage liked it, and to each her own. But in Berii's sector, in the center, the sun always shone, and there were never clouds. During the night, the moon was always full. That was what she thought perfect, and as she thought it, so it was. A tinkling bell interrupted Berii's enjoyment of her realms. The bell served to show her that it was time for her to get ready for her morning routine, and the meeting of the Court of Perfection. Berii went back inside and closed the door to the balcony. She then crossed over to the wall next to her bed, and touched a picture of her symbol, the Love Berry Rod (the original of which was kept from her in the Vault). Immediately, maids in plain long sleeveless white dresses from the Church of Canon Sues, of which Berii was Goddess, appeared, and bowed low. These did not need any instructions on what to do. They had been doing this for a long time, and in fact had sacrificed their true identities to better serve the Church, becoming simply Mary and Sue. Mary was a blonde with baby-blue eyes and delicate features, and Sue was a redhead with a more bold look to her. Mary took off her nightclothes, and carried them off to be given away to the populace, as Berii never wore the same clothes twice, while Sue selected suitable day-wear for her God-Queen. The one she finally chose was a long gown with hanging sleeves, in purple with little star-like glints, the color of the Mary Suetopian Royalty. It was heavily embroidered in gold, and there were gems in the best places for such things. It was as perfect as Berii herself. Sue dressed Berii in it, and then, in front of a mirror in the corner, did up her hair in a way that complemented her dress and character, but it was Berii herself who placed the Crown of Mary Suetopia on her head. Berii then got up, and went to the throne room, where would be meeting the Court of Perfection. Attended by Sue and a returned Mary, Berii made her way through the winding corridors of the Palace of Mary Suetopia, through hallways made of such materials as gold, diamond, pastiches of different kinds of gems, silk, unmelting ice, and silver, with beautiful patterns in whatever material it was. Servants from the Church of Canon Sues and the Church of Marty Stus quietly moved around, doing whatever tasks were needed. Berii paid no mind to the sumptuous decorations, for she had seen them all before, and in fact, they were starting to get a little old, and the only thought that she spared her surroundings was that maybe it was time for a renovation. Berii moved quickly and soon arrived at the great golden doors to the throne room, where she halted. In place of doorknobs, on one side of the door was emblazoned with her symbol, and the other with the novel Twilight, symbol of her king, Edward Cullen, God of Marty Stus. A hand placed on the appropriate symbol would show who you wished to see, and you would be granted an audience depending if that person happened to be holding court. Berii placed her hand upon the symbol that represented her, and for her, the doors swung open.

Berii proceeded towards her throne, the Throne of the Queen of Mary-Suetopia. It was, like the currently-empty Throne of the King of Mary-Suetopia, made out of Mithril, the true silver from the continuity of Lord of the Rings. It served to remind all subjects of the King and Queen's connection to something greater, to things rare beyond compare. Mithril was an outlawed substance in the land of the Disgraces for just this reason. Berii took her place on the throne, and settled on the royal purple cushions that made the metal throne far more comfortable to sit on, and let the court commence. Immediately, she was approached by the Archmage of Suetopia, Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way. Ebony was one of the very few Disgraces from the fandom of Harry Potter, and thus, one of their only mages. She gained her place through her introductory fanfic, which was so awful that nobody knew how her name was truly spelled, as not even her author could spell it right. Its quality was so terrible that she was immediately catapulted, without going to the main Trope Pantheons first, into the Disgraces as Goddess of Black Hole Sues. Enoby was a rather legendary figure in the Pantheons of the Disgraced, and she had a complaint for Berii: “Tehre's dis grl, a cothsmkre, nd seh's makng tihs ew prep sytl, nad its atactng ma fulwers, trning tehm nto posers. Put a sotp to it, Beri!” Which, translated from Evony-speak, was “There's this girl, a clothes-maker, and she's making this new prep style, and it's attracting my followers, turning them into posers. Put a stop to it, Berii!” Enony was not known for her spelling, and she somehow managed to speak in spelling errors. She was also a 'goff', which pretty much translated into 'wears black, hates 'preps', is depressed and often suicidal, and does drugs'. Berii herself did not approve, but Ebondy was their most powerful magic user, and she was quite the Sue, and a true member of the Court of Perfection... going by Tara's view of 'perfect'. While Berii did not like Ta Ebory, the clothes-maker she mentioned was worth looking into. Berii herself was a preppy girl, and this clothes-maker seemed to be good. She waved Egogy away, ignoring the Archmage's protests. There were a few others who had come to see the Queen, but they could wait. Most of their complaints were petty anyways. With a small sigh and a shake of her head, Berii reflected that the point of Mary Sue was that she was better than everyone else. While Berii knew that this was true of her, due to it being canon, and her being the queen of all Mary Sues, everyone else thought so too, and thus could not get along, and trying to do so was like putting a square peg in a hole that didn't exist yet, and the only thing you could make were round holes. Thus, any unifying factor would have to be pounced on immediately. If each of the court could be forced to wear clothes from one tailor, this might produce a higher sense of equality. Admittedly, not that much, but all was needed.

She beckoned to Mary and Sue, and set off to the markets of the City of the Disgraced. Once out of the palace, the city, though bright and utopian, was rather empty. The servants, chosen from the devoted of each deity's church, stayed out of the way unless it was very early, which was the time they went shopping for such things as incenses to burn at the altar of their patron god, sacrifices, and things to make their temples even more beautiful than they were before, and so such. They also did shopping for their deities, but this wasn't as common. It was past the time when they would be out, and the NPCs made with a combination of the gods' power and the malleable nature of reality in the Disgraced Lands were not much in the market, being simply there to sell goods not sold by gods or their followers. Or course, some gods made a lot of NPCs to fill their territories, one such god being Ebondy Dark'ness Dementia TARA Way, the goffik vampire Archmage. This would usually not have been much of a problem, except Eboby's city territory was directly in the way of the marketplace, and due to Enopby's telepathic powers, every NPC in her part of the city knew about how Berii had brushed Tara off. And, since Tata was very short on imagination (taking after her Suethor in that respect), they were all clones of her. Thus, the Queen of Mary Suetopia had to endure jeers, nigh-incomprehensible insults to her and all preps, and something about how she liked chewing things in public. This mystified Berii, as she didn't have that habit. There were also a few shouts of “Crookshanks!”, which, as far as Berii could remember, was the name of Hermione's cat. Of course, after time spent with some of the disgraces, you tend to get very good at ignoring things, and Berii was a ignorance champ. She managed to make it through the Archmage's District with most of her sanity intact, and only a moderate headache, and emerged soon into the main point of her journey, the Marketplace.

It was rather loud for the few people who were there, with NPCs and a few Devotees to the Churches of the Disgraced, but Berii used her stupendous powers of ignoring people to focus on something else. She was looking for a girl who sold clothes, likely of a high quality. She tried to keep this on high priority, but due to a combination of concentration being no longer necessary for sanity, and the fluctuation of a Sue personality, she got distracted by some of the products for sale, and she sent Mary and Sue out to get some things for her. There were so many good things at the market, that Berii decided to relish this chance, and tour the market, but after she'd found her target. Near the entrance to Temple Street, where were the shrines of the Disgraced Gods that had no territory to call their own, she found her girl. The merchant was a young woman, brunette and brown eyed, and very pretty. She was wearing a long, simple, white silk dress with golden triforce symbols embroidered on the neck and edges. Some of her work was on display. It was well detailed and very pretty, although it would be considered extremely preppy by the standards of somebody like Enobby. Berii was impressed. She recalled Mary and Sue to her, and struck up a chat with the girl at the booth.

“Hi, I'm Berii, goddess of Canon Sues, who are you?” she asked. The merchant answered: “I'm Jenna Silverblade, and I'm the goddess of Relationship Sues. My temple is down there on, well, Temple street, third on the left, as I don't have a high position that allows for territory, though I have a lot of followers. I'm just a merchant of clothes right now.” She said it with a nonchalance that told Berii that she thought that her Sue Influence would be enough to take on the Queen of Mary Suetopia. She might be trouble, but judging on her demeanor, she would be more of an asset to the court than a liability. Oh, such decisions! Being queen of the Disgraces was such a hard job. Berii, however, in the time between when she was banished and now had adapted considerably to the position and so she soldiered on, because the job needed to be done, for the good of all Disgraces and the humiliation of the Trope Pantheons, who had thrown them out. So, she asked Jenna: “I love your work, and would like to buy it. It's the most beautiful stuff I've ever seen, and you seem to be very good at what you do. So, I have an offer for you. Would you like a position in the Court of Perfection as Royal Tailor? You would have full privileges as a Court Lady, along with your own districts to go with your new position, and all you'd have to do is sew for the court.” Jenna wasted no time taking Berii up on this offer. “Yes, yes, I would,” she nearly yelled with excitement. Berii nodded, and then left her to pack up her things and then head back to the Pantheon. Berii continued her marketplace tour, picking up along the way a few choice things she wanted for herself, plus pretty trinkets to appease the sues of her court. When her shopping was finished, she called for her maids and left the market, and returned to her throne. This time she did not come by a inside door. She came by the outer door to the throne room, which was three stories tall and made to impress. It was intricately carved with the symbols of all of the Disgraced Trope Gods, with the center being a huge image of her and Edwards' symbols. And of course, laid into a tile pattern before it was, on the left side, Edward's symbol, and on the right, hers. She stepped onto the pattern of her symbol, and then, dramatic magic happened.

A beautiful aura of the brightest pink surrounded Berii and lifted her into the air. As she threw her arms outward, the humongous doors swung open, and as they did, Berii transformed into her Mew form. A cat tail poked out from under her fluffy dress, and bunny ears grew from the top of her head. The pink aura gently set her down in front of the Throne Room. She then processed up to her throne, and sat there, making sure her tail was in a comfortable position. Mary and Sue took up their positions behind the throne, and the Court of Perfection was ready to meet. Berii endured the requests and chatter from the Sues of the Court, looking forward to the time when Jenna would arrive. When she finally did, arriving the same way as Berii, though not transforming into Mew form, as she had none, Berii rose from her throne, and went to greet her, taking her hand and processing with her up to right before the throne, and then Berii turned and adressed the Court: “Sues and Stus, I have, on today's market tour, discovered one who creates clothes worthy of the perfect, and is also a Sue worthy of the Court. May I present to you our new Court Tailor, Jenna Silverblade!”

There was hush for a few moments in the court. And then Ibory shouldered her way to the front of the crowd, and yelled: “U pt A preip in cahrge of making al ur clotths?" Berii sighed and facepalmed. Just a usual day at the court.

Tales Of Redemption

Nina, Homer and Jar Jar's Redemptions

Nina Einstein was escorted to a small room, which had a long table of food, all Japanese, one from each Japanese deity within the Pantheon. She removed her shoes and socks, kneeling onto the hardwood floor. The table was padded, which confused her.

Nina: Hmm? Is this some sort of Ele- *ahem* Japanese custom?
Death: No. We've just been told that with you, it's best not to take chances...

Nina blushed, flustered by that statement. She unwrapped the chopsticks she was given and grabbed the first dish, made by Orihime Inoue. When she finally figured out how to use the chopsticks, having once dealt with them before on the school's "Strange Utensil Day" she took a bite. It took at least three tries to force a sample of Orihime's food down.

Nina: If this is how all Japanese foods taste, this may be more difficult than I thought...

Nina tried to brace her stomach for what lied ahead of her. She watched as people walked by, seeing Captain America walked by. He entered through one door, exited through another, and came back through the second door, with Suzaku Kururugi in tow.

Nina: Suzaku... good luck...
Suzaku: Thank you, Nina, I guess I'll need it more than you...

Sonic the Hedgehog walked by, heading for his own task. Nina looked away from him and saw a stage in front of her. She was curious as to who was performing. The curtain rose to... Jar Jar Binks. It was his task to perform a comedy routine where something didn't get thrown at him. And it turns out she was the audience. She watched the show, occasionally laughing softly at his bumbling, but for the most part confused about some of his jokes. A hour passed and soon, Nina's patience with the Gungan grew thin. She reached for the sake bottle on the table, calculating her throw so she could knock him out, when... she burst out laughing.

Nina: Wahahahahaahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahaahhahahahahahahahaha!!!
Jar Jar: If yousa liked that, then yousa gunna love this one!

The show went on and Nina kept laughing hysterically. The show ended and Nina's laughter subsided. She turned around and saw that there was no one behind her, despite the fact that she knew her laughter wasn't genuine...

Cutting to the main office of Purgatory, the Overseers of the Tasks were in a bit of a debate as to whether or not Jar Jar had completed his task. Some argued that Homer Simpson's interference by tickling Nina's feet with a feather should have made the task null and void, while others pointed out that the task did not say that they needed to laugh, but that Jar Jar had to avoid something being thrown at him. Finally, the decision was made that Homer's actions counted as a good deed, and thus were allowed in this case. Jar Jar was the first to be de-powered and placed into the Unsorted, where he will remain until he is given a new deification.

Finally not having to deal with Jar Jar's routine, Nina continued her task, eating a bit of almost every food she had in front of her. After the first dish, it all seemed to taste much better, most likely because everything tasted better after Orihime's meals. She kept eating and eating, dealing with Death's terrible service until she finally finished. She was the second to enter the Unsorted.

Sonic's Redemption

Sonic continued down the long, unending road, each complaint stinging him viciously. Slowly, the thought of giving up grew in Sonic's mind, no one cared about him anymore, he may as well die out. He kept going, thinking about when it would be the right them to turn back... but then, he saw it! A pedestal with a glowing light! It was the light at the end of the path. But he didn't have the strength, he collapsed onto the ground. But then he thought about everything he accomplished... his beginnings, Dark Chronicles, Unleashed, The cartoons, The comics, his spot in Brawl. He got back up and continued walking, climbing up, working through the pain and then finally stepping onto the pedestal. Bathed in the glowing light of praises from his fans, and the hopes of a better future, Sonic was lifted up, healed, and sent to the Unsorted. There he would run around the track that had been summoned upon his arrival, biding his time until his return to the Pantheon.

Suzaku's Redemption

Suzaku followed Captain America into the House of Defense. Cap stopped at a small desk loaded with paperwork.

Captain America: Okay, kid. This is your work station, you have quite a number of cases to work through. You'd better get started. This is what I'm having you do to work your way back in. Got it?
Suzaku: Yes, Captain.

Suzaku sat down and looked over the cases. First up was Darth Vader's request to change into his RotS form. Suzaku pressed down the accepted stamp. Next, Captain Gordon's request to allow for a barrier around Earth when he couldn't be there to defended. Suzaku accepted it once again.

  • Hayate being allowed regular visiting hours with his parents: Rejected.
  • Gla DOS's request for more test subjects: Rejected.
  • Ciaphas Cain's request to be depowered and out of the Pantheon: Rejected.
  • Power Girl to be allowed to freely attack members of the Love House when they stare: ...Accepted.
  • The 501st to be allowed full health care: Suzaku took a moment to think about it and accepted.
  • The ODST to be put in guard the Disgraces gate: Accepted.
  • The Taskmaster to be paid for his work in training the 501st: Accepted.
  • Request for a battle between Tifa Lockhart and Motoko Kusanagi over which is the true Goddess of Female Asskicking: Rejected.
  • The SCP Foundation's permission to regularly record the Disgraces: ... Accepted.
  • Goliath to be given a much higher area of rest during the day: Accepted.
  • The Basterds to be allowed to freely attack Red Skull: Rejected.

Suzaku sighed, looking at the paperwork in front of him. It was going to be a long day...

He finally finished his first stack of papers.

Suzaku: Captain? I finished.
Captain America: Hmm? Oh, good. Well, I'll just send you the next stack.
Suzaku: Next stack?
Captain America: Yep. You'll have quite a bit of work before you can leave.

Suzaku kept working. He managed to finish the forms for the Main House, Beast, Commerce, Craft, Emotion, Family, Food, Heroes and Villains, Justice, Knowledge, Life and Death, and Love houses. Then came the stacks from the newest Houses...

As Suzaku worked, he had more and more papers tossed to him. Moving out various Castaways, adding pictures to Gods, filling up the Combat Pantheon and much more. One day, as he filed, his eyes grew heavier and heavier. He heard something placed on his desk and looked up. It was a mug of coffee.

Suzaku: Huh? Oh, thank you, Cap.
Captain America: You're welcome. And please, call me Steve.
Suzaku: Steve... how long will this take? Until I'm redeemed?
Captain America: Perhaps you can help another person with their task, Marneus Calgar. He's preparing for an attack on the Sons of Ward, a chapter of Marty Sue Marines. If you help him to destroy them, I'll declare your task completed.
Suzaku: Very well. Thank you, Captain.

Johnny's Redemption

Johnny Lawrence entered the temple of Bruce Lee, Orihime in tow. When they entered, Bruce was waiting, breaking bricks of Adamantium with his bare fists. Bruce stood up, bowing his head to Johnny, who bowed in return. The two began Johnny's training, with Bruce destroying the inexperienced Lawrence. Orihime healed Johnny of his wounds, bringing him back to full strength, as he went back to sparring with Lee. The pattern continued for many months, with Johnny gaining small advantages over Bruce only to have Bruce defeat him again. Throughout the training, Johnny was tempted to Sweep The Leg, but he remained steadfast in wanting to win cleanly. Eventually, Johnny slowly comes closer and closer to his goal, finally hitting a One-Inch Punch on Lee, winning against him and being allowed into the Unsorted.

BelialVandemon's Redemption

Melkor entered the realm of Purgatory, sword in hand. He stopped at BelialVandemon, stabbing him in the chest. The sword was used to channel dark energy into the weakened Digimon. He felt his power growing within. Soon, the sword was removed, the wound healing itself instantly. Melkor left, his work done for now. However, BelialVandemon felt like he was about to explode with how much energy was poured into him. He thought that he was going to burst, until...

BelialVandemon: BelialVandemon digivolve to... NeoVandemon!

He had become a changed Digimon. More powerful than he was before. He liked it. But for now, he was depowered until he found a new position in the Pantheon.

Silver's Redemption

Silver looked at the Time Stone in his hand. Thinking over his choice. He was allowed to alter the timeline once. Prevent one disaster. Stop the ascension of one Evil or Disgraced God. He thought deeply about his choice before gripping the Time Stone.

Silver: Chronos Control!

Silver looked at the area around him. It was years ago in the beginning of the forming of the House of Shape. He looked at the stack of papers at the desk, searching for the one he looked to remove. He found it. "Brian Griffin as the God of Anthropomorphism." Silver grabbed the "Rejected" stamp and pressed down, heading back into the future, hoping he changed the timeline. When he returned, no evidence of Brian's existence in the Pantheon was left. Only him and a few members of the House of Time and Space knew he was even there, and Snoopy was the God of Anthropomorphism. Silver had completed his task and entered the Unsorted.

Kim's Redemption

Kim entered the House of Defense, cans of Powerthirst in hand, as she got to work. She started with cleaning Captain America's shield and Darth Vader's lightsaber. This didn't mean much until she took two hours to clean Captain Gordon's ship. She then cleaned all of Nagi's house, taking at least 3 days, 5 cans of Powerthirst and a map to get the job done. Then she ran an obstacle course for GLaDOS, taking 10 hours to complete that. Remaining time to task: 60 hours.

Next was cleaning the armor and weapons for the 501st and 7th ODST Battalion, taking 5 hours. Then she did organizing for the SCP, taking another 5 hours. She then spent her remaining 50 hours with nonstop paperwork. She watched the timer click away slowly, finishing her last stack as the timer hit zero as she was depowered and sent to the Unsorted.

Marneus' Redemption

Marneus Calgar suited up, preparing himself for his mission to battle the Sons of Ward when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Suzaku Kururugi.

Marneus: Suzaku, why are you here?
Suzaku: I'm under orders from Captain America to help you battle this force. You and your men cannot act alone. And if I help you I shall have completed my task.
Marneus: Very well.

The two shook hands. At noon, the two arrived at the Gates of Marysuetopia.

Marneus: Now for the difficult part. The Gates are completely impenetrable. It would take 1000 years to even crack the barrier surrounding-'

Suddenly, the barrier shut down and the gates opened. A beep went off on Marneus' communicator. Marneus turned it on.

Mara Jade: Marneus, long time no see. Now, I know you need to sign about three different forms, hand Ebony an MCR CD and swear allegiance to the current rulers of Maryseutopia to even so much as see the marketplace, but I felt like doing you two a favor.
Marneus: Well met, Mara. I'm guessing you'll be wanting on a commendation for future redemption.
Mara Jade: When you can get the time. So what brings you and Suzaku to our little slice of "heaven"?
Suzaku: An attack on the Sons of Ward chapter of Marysuetopia.
Mara Jade: Oh, those guys? I'll join to help. Not that you'll need it. Ever since their Chapter Master vanished, they've pretty much been reduced to Gladiator fodder without their special armor or powers.
Marneus: Very well. We'll meet at their training grounds. Calgar out.

The two traversed the land of Marysuetopia, meeting with Mara Jade at the training camp of the Sons of Ward. Marneus kicked down the door and Mara Jade jumped right in, taking out marines left, right and center without any sort of fight. Suzaku was armed with a basic magnetic pistol, which did the job surprisingly well. Calgar dispensed with weaponry and went hand-to-hand, his terminator armor giving him a more-than-unfair advantage. When the dust settled, the trio stood over their handiwork, only to hear a voice from behind.

Edward: What do you think you're doing?
Mara Jade: I figured you'd show up. That's why I called in someone who's been dying to see you...
Edward: What are you talking about?

Edward was suddenly grabbed and tossed into a wall, a blonde figure in a black trenchcoat looking over the fallen "vampire".

Spike: I'll keep him busy. You guys get out before the doors close.
Marneus: Right. Suzaku, Mara.
Mara Jade: ''You two go on ahead. I have a feeling the Queen isn't too far behind.

Marneus nods as he and Suzaku board an incoming Thunderhawk, making it out of Marysuetopia before the gates shut, but not before leaving a parting gift. During a fight against the royal family, Spike and Mara Jade quickly depart.

Edward: What cowards. Won't even stay to face death with dignity...

However, their bragging was cut short by the clink of a grenade falling onto the floor. Upon detonating, the resulting explosion leveled the entire training camp. While Bella and Edward survived, it was clear they were not going to be in any position to fight back for quite some time.

Lt. Mary Sue's redemption

Lieutenant Mary Sue looked up nervously. Although she was the youngest officer in Starfleet, none of her skills there would help in her current situation. In fact, some might make it worse. Sitting in front of her was a PPC agent she didn't recognize. On the agent's lap there was a laptop computer, and although she couldn't see it, on that laptop was the test that would be administered to get her out of Purgatory.

Agent: Alright, Mary, it's time to begin your test. So, is your name the name of your author, or a varient therof? You know, screennames, nicknames, et cetera?

Mary: No, her name is Paula Smith.

Agent: Right. Did she base your looks on your own, and do you look like she wishes she looks?

Mary: No, I'm never described in the fanfic, I'm just said to be beautiful.

This continued on for quite a while, with Mary answering the questions as honestly as she could while her anxiety grew. She could answer 'no' to questions like 'Do you share your author's interests in movies, clothes, hobbies, etc.?', but for questions like 'Are you unusually accomplished for your age, time period, place, occupation or social status?' she had to answer yes. She disliked being in the Disgraces and had no wish to go back, and whether she did or did not depended upon the results of this test. Eventually, the agent tallied up the points.

Agent: It adds up to 27. You're free to go.

Mary was estatic. She could finally come into a position among the true gods of storytelling. It was a dream she'd had ever since she had first been cast out. She was smiling as she was depowered and sent to the Unsorted.

Tales Of Life

Short stories of life within the Pantheon. Very much like a Pantheon Sitcom.

Episode 1: Teaching Paid Off! Kotomi's Recital!

The Celestial Idol stage lit up as the final performer came up to the stage. Many dreaded who it was that awaited them. As Kotomi Ichinose stepped onto the stage, she was about to be pulled out by a shepherd's crook when an audience member stood up.

Brook: Let her play!

The other gods looked over to see the God of Violin standing up, proclaiming that Kotomi should play for them. The judges sighed and started pulling out the earplugs before letting the Lesser Goddess knwo that she can play. Kotomi smiled and pulled out her violin. The judges braced themselves to hear.... beautiful music?

Yes! The sound coming from her violin was not that of Wolverine's claws on chalk but of a beautiful melody. They were both surprised and impressed. The song played for a good 4 minutes and when it ended, the entire stadium applauded. Kotomi looked up to see that her mentor was gone. She sighed, she had hoped he would be there to applaud her on her success...

When she headed backstage, she heard an odd sound, following it. She found it to be sound of skeletal hands clapping together. It was Brook clapping his hands.

Brook: Bravo, Kotomi! Bravo!
Kotomi: Thank you, Brook. I'm glad I could so so well.
Brook: Such a shame though, that now you can't stay in the Pantheon.
Brook: Well, since you were the Goddess of Dreadful Music, and you no longer play dreadfully, you no longer hold the position. But, don't feel so glum, Kotomi. You were my student, so you will always hold a special place in my heart... but, as a skeleton, I have no heart! Yohohoho! SKUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLL JOOOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEE!!!

Kotomi laughed along with her mentor, smiling even in a sad moment such as this. She hugged Brook goodbye and waited back at the House of Music for her change from Lesser Goddess to mortal human back on her Earth. To pass the time, she paid a soothing melody, to mask the pain she felt in her heart at leaving the Pantheon.

Episode 2: How to slay a Meme.

It all started one day when the House of Combat was given a new computer along with proper Internet connection, since it was felt that the inhabitants of this particular house needed to get a bit more in touch with their mortal followers. And what better way was there than the information super highway? Other than directly visiting the temples that were built for them? None!

Well anyway, after a long day of training with fellow deity Lina Inverse, The goddess of Beast Slayers, the Dragonborn decided to use this new computer since no one else was near it. As he sat down on the chair, he noticed that there was a strange note on the computer. He picked it up and noticed the following:

“Dear Dragonborn. Please follow the instructions and visit the following site. Love: TY”

On the bottom of the note was a small list of steps on how to access the web browser, the domain name for a website along with a picture of a strange snake that was wearing a black hat. Considering how this was his first time ever using a technological object that was not built by the Dwemer, he was a bit exited. Dovahkiin awkwardly and slowly followed the instructions on the note. Some of the more tech-savy gods couldn’t help but to snicker a bit as they bypassed him, clearly amused by his inexperience with computers. The Dovahkiin was not bothered by this as he kept trying to type and click on the computer. After what seemed like 10 minutes, he finally managed to enter the website that was described on the note. At first he had a small smile on his face, awaiting the website to load. However, once the loading was finished, his eyes became red at what he saw. His fists began to shake and shortly thereafter, his body began to tremble as if he had suffered from both an epileptic attack and a stroke. Some of the gods who were amused by his incompetence a few minutes ago seemed worried at his strange behavior. It looked as if he was about to pull out his blade against the computer, but then he collapsed onto the ground, bleeding from his nose and frothing from his mouth.

Almost instantly as this bizarre event occurred, some divine medics carried him away, trying to find a god or goddess who is experienced in healing as some of the inhabitants in the House of Combat gave the computer strange looks. After almost an entire minute of silence (something that is quite a rarity in this particular house), Zangief, The God of the Spinning Pile Driver, sat down at the computer due to curiosity. The large Russian seemed rather confused due to what he saw.

Zangief: I do not understand, comrades… what is this…”Arrow to the knee”?

A week later, the news had spread about Dovahkiin being tricked by a note written by Terumi Yuuki, aka, Hazama, the God of Trolling, to visit a website that documented every time someone made something “Arrow to the knee”-related. Due to the intense and unfathomable amounts of rage he suffered due to this, he ended up with three cerebral hemorrhages and two strokes. Luckily, Black Jack, the God of Surgery, managed to fix him up with some help from The Medic, the God of Harmful Healing. They didn’t, however, manage to fix his mental state, since he was during those days a bit more prone to attacking fellow gods. Just three days after his surgery, he destroyed a large part of Hawkeye’s shooting range by shouting it apart just because one of the man-shaped targets had a scar on the knee.

In the House of Food, Dovahkiin slowly wandered in, making his way to the part of the house that looked like a mead hall before he sat down on a chair, looking as if he had not slept for a year. He simply ate some sweet rolls, trying to hold his eyes open. He felt like he was constantly at the verge of falling asleep. He couldn’t stop thinking about the website. It kept him awake at nights and woke him up through nightmares. A good amount of deities were keeping their distance from him, considering the Hair-Trigger Temper he had developed. He thought he was going to be sitting alone once more. But to his surprise, Lina Inverse sat in front of him as she handed him some gold. He seemed rather uninterested in it as he kept looking at his sweet rolls, not even batting an eye at her. There was an awkward silence between the two until she handed him a camera that she had stolen from another goddess, Tomoyo Daidouji. As she walked away rather quickly, he opened the camera and saw a small note inside. The Dragonborn took a deep sigh before he started to read from the note.

Dovahkiin: If this is what I think it is, then I swear by Talos, someone is going to be gutted…

As he looked through the note, he was a bit more relaxed. It didn’t have anything that he would interpret as an arrow or a knee. He noticed that it was from Lain Iwakura, the Goddess of The Internet.

“Dragonborn. I have heard about your issue and decided to give you some advice in order to make sure that the best possible outcome is reached for all parties. Though I cannot erase the material that is causing you anger, I can make sure that its popularity is greatly reduced over time. Here is what you will need to do…"

The day after in the “proud” domain of Mary Suetopia, Peter Griffin, one of the gods belonging to the Disgraces, was watching TV before he heard a heavy knock on the door. He walked towards the door and opened it, only to find the Nordic dragon slaying Demi-god standing outside. In his right hand was a small handheld camera and in his left hand was a small note. His eyes were even redder than before as he looked down on the god from Quahog. Peter was silent as he was feeling uncomfortable by standing in front of what in his mind looked like a gay Viking.

Peter: …ok…well…this is getting more awkward than that time I…

Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted as Dovahkiin held the note in front of his face.

Dovahkiin: Read it loudly and I’ll give you a thousand Septims!

Peter: What the hell is a Septim?

In response to his question, the Dragonborn simply tossed a large leather pouch of golden coins at his feet. As Peter picked it up, his eyes became wide when he saw the contents of the sac. This was enough for him to play along.

Peter: Ah, sweet! Ok, pal, let’s do this!

As Peter grabbed the note, the Dovahkiin’s hand was slightly shaking as he began to record the act of Peter reading from the note.

Peter: Ok, let’s see here…”I used to be an athlete, but then I took an arrow to the knee.”…I don’t get it…

The moment where Peter had finished his sentence, the Dragonborn had a very small smile on his face as he stopped recording and put the camera in his armor. He then took a deep and calm breath before he slowly turned from a state of tranquility to an utter state of rage.

Dovahkiin: YOL TOOR…

Meanwhile in the Pantheon, Terumi Yuuki was sitting in one of the many rooms used by the House of Mentalism as he was watching TV. He was rather bored despite his successful attempt at trolling the Dovahkiin, since he wanted to gain more out of it. For the Dovahkiin to suffer some temporarily brain damage and throwing a few hissy fits was not enough for him. He wished for him to be in far more despair. The fact that the news channel was not entertaining him with images of wars and suffering didn’t help either. Terumi took a deep sigh as he was about to change the channel.

Terumi: Wow…the news really sucks to day.

News anchor: and that was the story regarding the rumors of Discord’s change of heart.

Before Terumi could press the button, the anchor was given some feed from his earpiece.

News anchor: This just in! A massive fire has broken out in the suburban parts of Mary Suetopia, setting several buildings on fire. The starting point of this inferno is rumored to be the main domain of one of their gods, Peter Griffin.

As overhead images of the fire was shown, Terumi seemed to be interested in this particular event. He put down the remote as he leaned in a bit closer to the TV.

Terumi: …go on.

News anchor: Though details of the cause are still unclear, witnesses claim to have seen an assailant dressed as a Viking moments before the fire started. There have also been accusations of the assailant making a loud shout before the fire while holding a camera for unknown reasons.

As another overhead picture of the fire was shown, a fuzzy zoom-in on Dovahkin slowly walking away from the massive flames could be seen next to it. This made Terumi overjoyed as he laughed out loudly.

Terumi: HYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Delicious despair! All this rage and suffering over a simple note! I’ve really outdone myself this time.

Two days after the incident in Mary Suetopia, Dovahkiin once more entered the House of Food in order to eat more sweet rolls, but he looked to be in a much better state of mind than before. He was far more relaxed as he munched down on the sugary treat wile thinking about how to further improve his Thu’um. Before he could get into much deeper thought, he noticed Lina Inverse sitting down in front of him once more. She was holding some bounty posters that she was planning to give to her mortal followers through the temples.

Lina: Seems you’re in a better mood today.

Dovahkiin: Indeed. Sure, I incinerated a large chunk of Mary Suetopia in order to do so, but I think it helped me vent a bit.

Lina: I know that feeling. But I’m still confused to why you had to go there in order to deal with the whole “ArroI mean that “thing” you had to deal with.

Lucky for Lina, the Nord from Skyrim seemed too happy to notice what she almost said. He instead made a small laugh before answering her.

Dovahkiin: That’s what I thought too, but Lain helped explain it to me. You see, just like how you are the slayer of Beasts and I am the slayer of Dragons, one of the Disgraces that lived in Mary Suetopia happened to be what mortals on the internet call “The Slayer of Memes”. Apparently…you-know-what, happened to be this strange thing known as a “meme”. Lain noticed that whenever he mentioned one of these “memes” on broadcasting, then it would…

Dovahkiin tried to hold back his need to vomit for a moment for before continuing his explanation.

Dovahkiin: …a massive, but thankfully short boost in popularity before it died away. So I went there and had him say…THAT as I recorded it with this strange device that you were asked to give me. I then gave it to Lain and she uploaded it. All I have to do now is to wait until it is no longer amusing to the mortals.

Lina: That’s kind of a cool idea. So what about Terumi?

Dovahkiin finished his last sweet roll before standing up from his seat and walking out of the House of Food.

Dovahkiin: Well…let’s just say that I will have three words for him if we ever meet…or six…or nine…it depends.

With those words, he walked out of the gates, ready to start another adventure

The end of chapter 2.

The Great Retcon of the Pantheon's Azure

It was a normal day in the Pantheon, as Karen Minazuki has just finished her visit to the house of Charlotte LaBouf. Afterwards, she was heading to a certain house/clinic... to resume her studies.

Karen: Excuse me... Miss Litchi? Are you there? It's Karen... Oh? It's empty...

Noticing that the house was empty, Karen entered the house. However, she was quick to notice that there was a letter. Karen reads it, and her face was quick to turn to blue in shock as she was shaking in fear.

Karen: No... no, it can't...!!

Karen ran out of the house, forgetting everything else. Along the way, she passed by another Goddess... Mami Tomoe. But Karen paid her no mind and continued running.

Mami: ... Hm? Karen-san, I thought she's going to pay a visit to Miss Litchi. But still, that face... something's not right.

Mami followed Karen from behind, making sure that she was not spotted. We switch into Karen standing on a field, facing Litchi. However, the air around it was tense...

Litchi: Karen...
Karen: What is the meaning of this, Miss Litchi...!? Are you going back to the GUAE again!?
Litchi: I'm sorry... but there's no other way if I want to...
Karen: Is it about that Roy guy again!? I thought you had me... Mr. Bang, Mami-san... Uncle Iroh... and even Hyoudou-san and Master Kim...! I know he's important to you, but... Is that Roy... more...
Litchi: I wish it didn't have come to this, but I must not waver from what I started... I... I must save him... and the GUAE now...

At this point Karen was heavily shaking, she was trying her best to hold her tears. Her mother figure just betrayed her trust, this was quite too much even for her.

Karen: I was wrong... I was wrong after all... I thought of you like an adoptive mother to me... I...
Litchi: Karen... if you want to stop me... then I will not hold back. Everything for him...

As such, Karen transformed once into her alter ego... and even so, Litchi's face didn't waver.

Cure Aqua: The blue spring of Intelligence! Cure Aqua!
Litchi: I told you, Karen... no, Cure Aqua. I won't stop... even if I have to fight you.
Cure Aqua: You would toss us friends that care about you for a person that you should've let go... into the grinder. For a selfish desire! Litchi Faye-Ling!! This Is Unforgivable!

The two rushed forward and a battle ensued....

????: ... san... Karen-san...!

A voice was heard lowly as Karen woke up. Before her eyes, she saw Mami kneeling next to her, trying to tend to her. As she noticed, she was no longer in the form of Cure Aqua.

Karen: Mami-san... ugh...!

She could feel her body aching nearly everywhere, as she put her hands nearby.

Karen: What just... happ... oh...!
Mami: Is this about Miss Litchi? Karen-san... please, bear with me.
Karen: I was beaten to pulp... wasn't I? And she...
Mami: Unfortunately it's true.... she departed. I tried to reason with her, but she told me to take care of you instead. I saw her going with Relius Clover... myself... Perhaps... perhaps even Reptile would follow her...
Karen: Mami-san... you...?

Karen noticed that even Mami was slightly tearing up. She put her fingers and tossed wiped off her tears as she started waking up.

Mami: I... I'm sorry... It means... the Boobie Trio will...
Karen: I don't know if Miss Sypha would reconsider after this... but... I... I can't believe this... Miss Litchi... she... she betrayed us all... after all the build up she...
Mami: Karen-san... I knew she was like a mother to you. She told me that a lot...
Karen: I... I...!!

Tearing up, Karen fell into her knees, and after a bit of sobbing, she looked up to the sky and...

Days passed ever since that fateful day. Karen would never come out from her house, locking herself in her own room, ironically slightly fitting to her house title, the Lonely Rich Kid, although this case would be the 'Betrayed Rich Kid'. She even refused to work on with Charlotte with her usual duties. She spent her time in her bed, crying until her pillows wet, and there's a lot of pillows that she had in spare. The betrayal hit her too hard.

Until she heard someone knocking the door and this was one of the people she trusted the most at this point...

????: Karen-san...? It's me... Nozomi.
Karen: Huh...?

This one she really trusted. The leader of the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 team. She unlocked the door to her room and welcomed Nozomi in.

Karen: Nozomi...
Nozomi: How are you feeling Karen-san?
Karen: Well, it's as you can see... betrayed.
Nozomi: Karen-san... you really do care for Miss Litchi, didn't you?
Karen: ... Yeah... I guess so... She was one of the people who helped Mami-san sort out my entrance to this Pantheon. But to think that she...
Nozomi: Hm... Well I'm not good at this kind of thing... Oh yeah! I know! How about we take a little walk outside?? Maybe it'll refresh your mind a bit! Maybe we should go to a concert by the 765Pro idols!
Karen: E-eh? Nozomi, I...
Nozomi: Okay! So, let's get out there and have a walk! Kettei!!
Karen: (I suppose I should... I do look so pathetic in front of Nozomi this way...)

Nozomi pulled Karen into the door entrance of her room. However, just as Nozomi opened the door... a familiar huge chest and red clothes await in front.

Karen: E-eh...!? This is....!
Litchi: Karen? How are you doing?
Karen: M-Miss Litchi...!? B-but... but I... uh... ah... um you just...
Litchi: Karen, what's gotten into you? Did you get a cold?

And meanwhile, a certain redhead still kept her smile.

Karen: N-Nozomi!? You're not... I mean, she just...
Nozomi: Heh... hehehe...
Litchi: It's all right, Karen... I'm here.
Karen: Ah... ahhh...

Tears of Joy couldn't even stop flowing from Karen's eyes as she finally threw her head into Litchi's bosom and hugged her.

Karen: AAAAAAAHHH!!! Miss Litchi...! I... I...!!
Litchi: There, there, Karen... You must be pretty lonely because of that. Let me explain everything... apparently Haruhi had a hand in this.
Karen: Aaaaahhh... *sob*... *sob*
Nozomi: Hmm... Karen-san is happy, I can see it...

And so everyone sat down inside the table, with Nozomi also joining in Litchi in explaining. It turns out, Nozomi actually met her outside and was told about what happened, and decided that throwing a surprise to Karen about this would be a great idea.

Litchi: So... that's about it. All those events were considered forbidden knowledge... and Haruhi pressed the Azure Reset Button. Everything is now as normal as if those never happened.
Nozomi: Yep! And even it gets some guys like Jin and Hakumen to agree!
Karen: ... This is... unbelievable. To think that Ragna would end up like that... and even Jin and Tsubaki...
Nozomi: I also visited Alice Margatroid, and I see her actually really happy when she saw that Carl coming back to work on the Goliath Doll project!
Karen: Really, that's a relief...
Litchi: When we reunited once we met again, they were... surprisingly not hostile to me, rather they seem to know about what happened there, and were glad that it didn't happen here. Still... *sigh*
Karen: Why the sigh?
Litchi: To think that... I would abandon you... I can't believe that I've been this selfish...
Karen: That selfishness is part of you, to be honest. But... I agree it was quite abrupt, if even Haruhi dislikes it, it means something. But please... we shouldn't linger about it too much.
Litchi: I agree. So... Karen? Will you let me teach you medicine again?
Karen: Of course! I'd be glad to! Let us go to your house then!

Nozomi witnessed as Karen took Litchi's hand and pulled her out of her house, heading to the latter's house, as if nothing happened.

Meanwhile, on a cliff somewhere, Hakumen was standing, watching the setting sun. Behind him, he was approached by both Kenshiro and Sanger Zonvolt.

Sanger: This decision... are you sure about this?
Hakumen: It is. I have no regrets.
Kenshiro: It will still mean that Terumi Yuuki and Relius Clover were still out there and holding a large number of power. I know the grudge you have against those...
Hakumen: It is better this way.
Kenshiro: !?
Sanger: Do not be alarmed. We do not regret this either. But I am aware that you have a giant dislike towards Terumi...
Hakumen: I can take him on anytime. It surprises me that I would take this decision, but... I believe it's for the greater good of the Pantheon.
Kenshiro: Hm... then we will respect it as well.

And atop of a high mountain of the Pantheon, Cosmos witnessed the events unravel, and commented.

Cosmos: This peace may be for the best... but effects of that forbidden knowledge still linger somewhere... In time... they may even rise up once again...

However... Unknown to many, a telephone line in the Pantheon was active and someone spoke through.

????: Yes, it seemed that the Reset Button has been pressed yet again....... No, everyone seem to think that they won't remember. They think everything would happen again.... Yes. The Takamagahara reset at least allows them to retain some parts of the memory. At the very least, so they were led to believe. It's a fact that Yuki Terumi often boasted...... No, no one seems to notice that I am one of the few unaffected. In that case.... Yes, that'll be one perfectionist down for your path if this is to succeed...
????: Heh... At last... perhaps I will savor the surprised face of the Mad Puppeteer when he received his due present... Just signal me when the time comes.
????: Indeed. It was good talking with you... Albert Wesker.
????: Same goes to you... Revolver Ocelot.

Cue the Scare Chord!

Tale of The Fallen Tobi is a Bad Boy

Tobi had been waiting for this for a long time. Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Beast, had ascended into the Pantheon separated from his Jinchikuuri host, Naruto and that made him all the ripe for the picking. In the House of Beasts, Kurama was asleep as were many of the other Gods. There was a box lying around, but Tobi paid it no mind. It was probably used by one of the simple-mided gods as a plaything. And speak of the devil.

Pooh: (snacking on honey) Why, hello there dear sir. Would you like some honey?
Pooh: Oh, bother. (heads off the direction of his poor honey pot)

Standing near Tobi's side is his partner, Revolver Ocelot, and Ocelot's apprentice Celestia Ludenberg. Celes sipped on a cup of warm milk tea while Ocelot twirled the gun in his hand.

Ocelot: You know, you didn't have to go that far with the little one.
Celes: That little bear has very little brain, Ocelot. Tobi was being honest with his feelings.
Tobi: Ho-ho-ho! I'm glad the little miss agrees!

Celes just glares as Tobi prepares his sealing jutsu on Kurama. Just as he was about to say the words and pour his chakra into the seal...


A bullet entered through the eyehole of Tobi's mask. Tobi screamed as blood spurted everywhere. Ocelot, gun in hand, blew the smoke and shook his head.

Ocelot: You got sloppy, thinking that just because you found yourself alone and with an opening. Guess what? There's no such things as openings—they are just mere "opportunities" to capitalize on.
Tobi: You monster...what the hell are you doing?
Ocelot: Nothing for you to worry. It's just too bad that your plans to enact that Tsukuyomi is going down the drain, I'm afraid.
Tobi: What do you mean? Are we not the same? You did all that you could due to your attraction to Big Boss! It is just the same as with my beloved Rin-sama! I wanted the world safe for her! I...

Ocelot fired several gun shots to the shoulder to shut him up. Celes, in a move that she would never have done ever, dumped her tea over Tobi's face.

Celes: The affection you had for Rin is different than my teacher's. He accepted his defeat in the end, he admitted his mistakes. And your lies? They were so blatant that even the participants of the High School of Mutual Killing would find out quicker than mine. You kept convincing yourself that this was all for the better, but all you're doing is going into flat out denial. Even that mask you're wearing can't hide the truth: that you are nothing but a 'Rank F' fool.
Tobi: Rank... F?

The shock of seeing Celes screaming like a hellspawn unnerved Tobi as he scrambled about, passing that peculiar cardboard box. A hand shot from the box.


Solid Snake emerged, pinning Tobi to the ground. Tobi struggled but with the eye that was used for the mask's eyehole bleeding, he couldn't do anything. Snake just glared at Ocelot.

Snake: It's not every day I do things for you, Ocelot, but the House of Justice has long since wanted him on the court.
Ocelot: Of course, Snake. I'll let this off this time, since I needed him out of my sight for something. Look forward to it, Snake.
Snake: Look... forward?

Meanwhile, Pooh found his Honey Pot in the House of Ambiguity, where Gangrel and Luna Vachon's temple was. The two vampires looked in confusion as Pooh climbed the steps to their House and dusted off his hunny pot.

Pooh: (dips his paw into honey and then shows it to Gangrel and Luna) Honey?

The Court of the Gods watched as Snake dragged Tobi to the stand.

Ocelot: This god has been accused of his depravity in regards to his actions involving the Tsukyomi act, but also because of his very divisive characteristic. He is not a true God of Masks, whether they be physical or even metaphorical.
Johnson: And do you have evidence?
Ocelot: (pulls out a scroll) I have it all right here.

Tobi scrambled about, removing mask so he could see better. It was then that everyone saw his true face... the face of someone known as Obito.

Celes: See what I mean? You can't even keep your mask on to save your life. Even I accepted my loss and I'm still the lying Goddess like I was before.
Tobi: You can't stop me! I will enact my plan! Rin... My beloved Rin, wait for!

Ocelot fired a shot into Tobi's throat, silencing him.

Ocelot: Is that all you could muster up for defense? Have a little, dignity, even Relius Clover didn't squirm like the worm you are when he was having his breakdown! If every of the times you were to spout that will grant a nickel to someone, that someone would have surpassed Jay Gatsby of the Fallen in terms of wealth...

The sound of heavy footsteps echoed the court house. Then, Kurama appeared, grinning from ear to ear as he scooped Tobi into his mouth.

Ocelot: Well, well, Speak of the Devil...
Kurama: This fool has done long enough in the fields of the Pantheon. This one's verdict has better be satisfactory, like being tossed to the Fallen. What will it be... Judge?
Johnson: Give the court time to go through the evidence and get some eye witness accounts for him. We will be here for quite a while.

Hours passed. The Naruto based gods came and gave their testimonies. Out of all of them, Naruto was the most sympathetic in that Tobi had some goodness in his heart somewhere. Sasuke stated that his attempts of vengeance went beyond past his ideals and Hinata stated that his love for Rin perverted his true desires.

Johnson: (slams gavel) This court has agreed. I hearby announce that the defendant, Tobi, is accused of not truly representing his title as God of Masks, but also showing very indecisive characteristics for a God of Masks. His punishment? To be sent into the Fallen immediately!

Tobi's throat still had the bullet from Ocelot's gun, so he couldn't use any of his jutsus. That, and he had been put into a straitjacket. Celestia did her own "Gendo Pose" with a smirk as she watched Kurama drag Tobi into the Fallen.

Celes: Those who cannot continually lie to themselves and keep putting themselves in denial have no need for masks. They must wear their ugliness for everyone to see for all eternity.
Ocelot: (opens his pocket watch) It looks like our job is done. Care for tea, Madam?
Celes: Yes. I can't believe I wasted a perfect cup of tea over that orange masked bastard....

Meanwhile, Winnie the Pooh happily walked back to the House of Beasts, his honey pot in hand. The vampires were very nice and he hoped to see them again next time with more honey. But now, back at his temple, he sat down to eat the last of his honey.

Only to find that his honey pot was empty.

Pooh: Oh bother.

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