Nightmare Fuel: Young Justice Darkness Falls

  • The way that this version of Doomsday is created is rather terrifying. Not to mention they describe him as being more muscled than Bane, Mammoth or Blockbuster.
  • The No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that Doomsday gives Superboy and Superman. You actually see very little of it, but it's clear from it that very little actually slowed down the beast.
  • Darkseid's surprise killing of Vandal Savage. And just like that, a new arch villain is plaguing earth.
  • Klarion's Evil Plan for defeating Dr. Fate. Not only did he have some rather forward thinking, but his evil laugh to set up for the act is rather unnerving.
  • Whatever Darkseid did to Kaliback in this universe. It's so awful that nobody on apokalips wants to talk about what happened to him.