Nightmare Fuel / We Are the Strange

  • Rain being lured into a derelict building by a cat's meowing (at least, we can only hope its a cat). Soon after he enters, there is a snapping noise, the "cat" lets out a dying moan, and all is silent.
  • During one sequence, a drop of blood becomes anthropomorphic and laughs at the audience with a twisted face.
  • The Out with a Bang incident described on the film's main page. For detail...
    • Blue and eMMM in the Ice Cream Parlor by themselves. There's a decidedly creepy ambiance in there. Then, they here a scream, look out one of the windows and see the silhouette of someone as they are being impaled by a monster. All is silent, and they remain still, desperately hoping that they're not next.
  • The movie is twice as scary when you watch it with the DVD's Nighmare soundtrack.