Nightmare Fuel / The Time Machine (1960)
  • The nuclear war is rather jarring (somehow the primitive effects make it worse in an Uncanny Valley way), plus at the end we're treated to a sped up scene of a Morlock decaying rapidly.
  • The Jump Scare when we first see the Morlocks has chilled the blood of more than a few viewers over the years. The masters of the Eloi, a race of vicious cannibalistic apes.
  • How do the Morlocks get the Eloi into the tunnels in the film? By conditioning them to come to them by playing an air raid siren Pied Piper style.
  • None of the Eloi lifting a finger to help Weena as she's drowning. They don't see the point, not even Weena (who wonders why George even bothered to).