Awesome / The Time Machine (1960)

  • The one scene from the 1960 film, where George tries to rescue Weena and the others single handedly. Just when it looks like all hope might be lost. One of the Eloi boy's from earlier balls his hand into a fist and well, needless to say. He kicked some ass!
  • The eponymous Machine in the 1960 movie looked exactly how a Victorian time-machine should look — all polished wood and shiny brass.
  • The 1960 film has a scene where George is taken to the Eloi's library. As he's had trouble getting through to the Eloi, he eagerly anticipates that he'll be able to find out everything about them from their books. When he gets there, he finds books that have been neglected for so long that they crumble to dust when he touches them. He then mutters under his breath (this is the awesome part) "Yes, these books do tell me everything about you."