Nightmare Fuel: The Animatrix

The Animatrix, a series of animated shorts based on The Matrix trilogy, not only had some quite disturbing material, but half of it couldn't even be understood unless you were crazy or an art major.

Spoilers below.
  • The two-part story of the machine/human war - The Second Renaissance - is particularly brutal. A gynoid is beaten to death by a crowd of human men. She is beaten, stripped of her clothes and eventually of her synthetic skin, revealing her robot body. All the while she screams, her voice becoming more machine-like with each blow. What makes that scene a lot worse is what the woman is screaming: "I'm REAL!"
  • The scene of the millionaire having her head crushed by his once-peaceful robot servant B1-66ER.
    • As well, the scenes of what else B1-66ER had done before that (stomped his dogs to death and murdered various other people).
  • There was the battle scene where a soldier has the front of his mecha unit ripped open by a Sentinel robot, which coils its tentacles around his torso and rips him out, leaving his arms and legs strapped into the mecha. The worst part is way the man is screaming "God help me! GOD HELP ME!!!" right up to the last moment.
    • Heck, everything about the war is horrific - it's viscerally presented and unblinking in its portrayal about how pants-shittingly terrifying and violent it was.
  • The last scenes where Prisoners of War are being surgically operated and experimented on by machines while awake.
    • As well as being entombed into the power plants, being violently plugged and staying there in agony for the rest of their lives. As the Matrix wiki puts it, "the first captives suffered in pain and horror enroute to what the machines viewed as the human's version of a "perfect world"", and the visuals and painful moaning don't lie at al.
  • All the disturbing imagery in The Second Renaissance is made even worse when you learn that most of it is based on real-life occurrences. For instance, there is a sequence where a human soldier shoots a restrained and helpless robot in the head point-blank with a pistol. Sound familiar?
  • One the worst parts was that - judging by the obvious bias in the supposed "historical record" - the Machines are just as prone to arrogance, self-righteousness, and all the other human failings as we are. It's like the human race quadrupled in capacity for terror, Three Laws be damned! The other option is that preserving the human race in the pods is actually the Machines' idea of keeping the human race safe...
  • There was a short about a track-star who almost, almost managed to break out of the Matrix... But at the last moment his muscles snapped, confining him to a wheelchair in a catatonic state. We're never told if the Agents had something to do with it (they were aware of him) or if it was simple human failing, but it was possibly the most haunting entry in the anthology, and the realistic-yet-exaggerated animation didn't help. The short ends with him trying to get up again despite being wheelchair-bound; he almost succeeded, but falls down again.
    • Even worse: He did break out on his own, and we see him briefly "waking up" before he's forced back into the Matrix via painful-looking electric shocks.
    • The ending is either a Hope Spot or a Heroic Second Wind; it is left up to the viewer to decide which.