Nightmare Fuel / Skillet

  • The end of "Rise" where a teacher calls 911 as a gunman is breaking into her classroom. She screams for her students to hide under the tables just before the line cuts off. It's every dispatcher's worst nightmare come true and it's also a partial clip of Patti Nielson's Real Life 911 call from the Columbine High School massacre.
    Dispatcher: 911?
    Teacher: There's a guy here with a gun!
    Dispatcher: Ma'am? Ma'am?
    Teacher: Kids, get under the table! Kids, get under the table!
  • Fingernails. It's uncharacteristic brutality both instrumentally and vocally, along with sympathy pain-inducing lyrics makes for Skillet's darkest and most disturbing work.
    Never reaching what I want to reach
    Never being who I want to be
    Blaming me when I fall and fail
    All my dreams splintering
    Under my fingernails
  • "Monster" can be this as well, namely the version with the out-of-nowhere death growl. Lyrics about turning into some kind of uncontrollable creature and wanting nothing more than to be set free hits more than a few primal fear buttons...