Being a series that purposefully deconstructed and unintentionally reconstructed the horror genre, the ''Franchise/{{Scream}}'' franchise has left quite a mark on scary movies.
!!Individual Pages:

* ''[[NightmareFuel/{{Scream 1996}} Scream]]''
* ''NightmareFuel/{{Scream 2}}''
* ''NightmareFuel/{{Scream 3}}''
* ''NightmareFuel/{{Scream 4}}''

* The fact that the teenage victims have parents... being a parent while watching this may [[AdultFear make you want call your children to see how they're doing]]. Just in case.
* Ghostface being a figurehead, they could very well be anyone you know. [[BigBadEnsemble Or even more than one person.]]
* In the TV Series, Will is being held near some farm equipment, and when Emma tries to go to him to free him, it sets off the trap, and we get to see Will eviscerated right in front of Emma. [[spoiler: With the stabbing of Jake and the death of Will, suspects for the identity of Ghost-Face are themselves beginning to die or be badly injured...]]