!!The Book

Diana Gabaldon's ''Literature/{{Outlander}}'' series is a goldmine for NightmareFuel. It's definitely a change of some sort from the average quasi-fluffy historical romance.

* A particularly brutal rape scene in the first book. Oh God, Jamie's fingers.
* The ShownTheirWork-quality medical scenes showcasing the best of 18th century supplies and techniques, especially the aftermath of someone in ''The Fiery Cross'' getting basically ''lynched'', and the graphic descriptions of the damage already done, even though the main characters manage to keep him from dying outright.
* In another scene in the same novel, there's another [[NauseaFuel gloriously, gloriously detailed]] description of a man left catatonic from a stroke lying on the floor of his house, literally rotting because his wife, who he'd been beating, refused to help him. Perhaps I'm just sensitive to the thought of rotting living flesh, but... ugh.
* The ''entire premise'' can be FridgeHorror. Particularly with the thought in mind that not everyone gets through the stone circles... intact, as it were. And even if you do get through fine, you're lost, disoriented, broke, and in an entirely different time period. One you almost certainly didn't come fully prepared for. [[spoiler:Unless you're very, very lucky.]]
* In one of the Lord John side-novels, there's mention of how the main character had been raped as a teenager. And how never knowing the identity of his rapist, he had to carry on functioning with no way to be sure if it had been just bad luck that he'd been there... or if the rapist was someone he knew, someone he interacts with on a daily basis. And not being able to tell anyone. It's by no means the most overtly disturbing mention of rape in Gabaldon's books, but it made me shudder.

!!The Film

* The Moorwen's "roar." It's like three sounds in one. Imagine the low rumble of a giant growl, a bit of a lion's guttural growl in the middle, topped off with a higher pitched metallic screech. It's not until halfway through the film that we actually see the beast, so all we get is this unnerving sound and the ominous lights preceding an attack.