It's a game about making your own nation and running it how you want to. Now, considering what nations in real life have done, it's only natural that this trope should be present...


* [[ Station 12 is perfection, Station 12 cannot be questioned.]].
** NightmareRetardant: Transparently, Station 12 doesn't exist anymore... although that might open up [[CriticalExistenceFailure a whole new can of nightmare fuel]].
* [[ Mekanta]]. That is all.
* [[ The C'tan]] likewise; despite his Necrons being generally more benevolent, he can still drag out the nightmare fuel.
* [[ The Kraven Corporation]]. *shudder*
* [[ Trevlandia The Great]]. It's a fandom nation for the cartoon ''Sidekick'', ruled by an aged up Trevor, who murdered his own FAMILY, and brainwashes people to worship him. What caused all this? Eric's mysterious death, which may or may not be Trevor's fault. *shudder* Never going to watch the show the same way again, the nation was inactive for a while, now it's back up... oh, wait it's now inactive again...[[OverlyLongGag Oh Wait, It's Back Up, Now It's Inactive Again]].
* [[ The Toy Theocracy]]. TTT's first thread speaks for itself; [[ Happy Christmas!]]
** Much like Station 12 above, the Toy Theocracy seems to have vanished.