!! The Film
* Trapped in a dark, underground labyrinth with a creepy, gas-masked maniac possibly waiting around every corner...
* Alternatively, Harry's original situation: being trapped in a dark, underground area with no way to escape or get help on your own, watching your coworkers slowly die around you, being alone with their corpses and having no way to separate yourself from them, eventually being forced to [[NoPartyLikeADonnerParty eat the corpses to survive]], losing all hope of rescue as time goes on, and finally realizing that where you are trapped will most likely become your tomb and everyone's bodies may never be found. Even worse when you remember that the accident wasn't even your fault in the first place. No wonder Harry went crazy...
* The kills in the movie, restored in all their horrific, uncensored glory in the special DVD edition, which were violent, creative, and gory enough to rival the kills in any of the big mainstream U.S. slasher movies released at the time. It really is a shame moviegoing audiences didn't get the chance to see them as they were originally intended when the movie was initially released.
** The unnamed blonde-haired prostitute in the ColdOpen down in the mine is shoved violently into the end of a pickax embedded in a wooden board by the Miner, forcefully enough to cause it to erupt out of her chest on the other side in bloody, grisly fashion. The worst part about this kill is that the woman doesn't immediately die from it. She lives long enough to give us a shot of her screaming in agonizing pain as the camera [[EatTheCamera zooms into her mouth,]] leading to the film's title screen.
** [[spoiler: Mabel]] gets a gruesome death in her own laundromat, first being chased down by the Miner after reading a macabre death threat poem left for her by him moments earlier, then getting pickaxed in the chest when the Miner catches her. The Miner then stuffs her body into one of the laundromat's dryers and activates it, leading to a horrific discovery of her burned, desiccated corpse the next day by the Chief and Mayor.
--> [[spoiler: '''Mabel''']]: Roses are red, violets are blue...one is dead, and so are you?
** [[spoiler: Hap]] is murdered when he [[TemptingFate tempts fate]] one times too many getting a laugh out of his planned prank for the partygoers. As he opens up the door to the rec room to see his Harry Warden dummy one more time, it turns out to be the real Miner behind the door, who proceeds to swing his pickax up and through [[spoiler: Hap's]] neck, causing the end to emerge from his left eye as [[spoiler: Hap's]] hands unconsciously grasp at the pickax handle for a moment in a feeble attempt to remove it before falling limp at his sides. The Miner then proceeds to macabrely drag his body away by the pickax embedded in him.
** [[spoiler: Dave]] is killed by having his head shoved into a pot of hot, boiling water by the Miner from behind as he bends over, trying to get a hot dog from the pot. We get a lovely shot of his red, burned, peeling face as it lays in the pot. The Miner then proceeds to cut his heart out off-camera and place it in the pot to be found later before [[StuffedInTheFridge stuffing his body in the fridge.]]
** [[spoiler: Sylvia]], pictured above, has arguably the most memorable and grisliest death in the movie, as she is ambushed in the mine's locker/shower area by the Miner, who picks her up by the sides of her head and carries her, kicking and screaming, over into the showers, whereupon he proceeds to slam her head into one of the overhead horizontal metal shower spigots, impaling her on it, with the spigot gruesomely jutting out from her open mouth. For the final ghastly touch, he then turns on the water for the spigot she's impaled on. The look of abject horror on John's face when he comes back to check on her and discovers her body sums up this kill perfectly.
** The Miner kills [[spoiler: Mike]] and [[spoiler: Harriet]] off-screen by impaling them with a large borer drill as they're [[SexEqualsDeath in the middle of having sex]] in the mine's abandoned engine room.
** [[spoiler: Hollis]] is killed when he goes to find [[spoiler: Mike]] and [[spoiler: Harriet]] and finds them in the aforementioned state in the engine room. The Miner is still there and proceeds to shoot [[spoiler: Hollis]] [[NailEm in the head with an industrial nail gun.]] The worst part about this scene is that [[spoiler: Hollis]] doesn't immediately die when he is shot with the nail gun. We get a hazy POV shot from him with the first nail in his brain as he looks vacantly at the Miner, groaning in pain, as the Miner methodically opens up the nail gun, loads another nail, and then shoots him again, right in the middle of his forehead and even then, [[spoiler: Hollis]] still doesn't die, as he manages to stumble out of the engine room and make it all the way back to the area where Sarah and Patty are waiting, whereupon he collapses into [[DiedInYourArmsTonight Patty's arms before finally breathing his last.]]
** [[spoiler: Howard]] is killed off-screen but we do get to see a horrifying moment involving his body as the surviving four members of the group, Axel, Patty, Sarah, and Tommy, decide to climb up the mineshaft via a ladder attached to it in order to escape. About halfway up, Axel suddenly slips and makes a desperate grab at a rope near the ladder to steady himself, but to everyone's horror, this causes [[spoiler: Howard's]] body to emerge from an alcove in the mineshaft, the end of the rope attached to his neck in a noose, and fall down beside Patty and Sarah, causing Patty to scream in terror. And then, as if it couldn't get more horrific, the force at which [[spoiler: Howard's]] body snaps at the rope's end is so great that it tears his head from his body, spraying the girls with blood from his severed neck before his headless body goes tumbling all the way down to the bottom of the mineshaft with a sickening thump. As the four climb back down the ladder at Tommy's order, we get a final shot of [[spoiler: Howard's]] bloody, severed head still hanging in the noose, twirling around in the open air.
** Finally, [[spoiler: Patty]] is killed when the Miner steps out from around a corner, swinging the pointed end of a pickax into her stomach, causing her to collapse slowly to the ground and die as Sarah watches in horror before running away.
* The ending of the film, where the Miner, revealed to be [[spoiler: Axel]] goes completely LaughingMad. He cuts his trapped arm off with a knife before stumbling off into the mine's dark depths, saying these words as Tommy, Sarah, and members of the town listen fearfully:
--> [[spoiler: '''Axel''']]: Hanniger! I'll be waiting in ''hell'' for you! Harry? Harry, I'm coming! This whole fucking town is going to die! We're coming back, you bastards! ''(cackles madly)'' Sarah, be [[TitleDrop my bloody Valentine.]] ''(laughs, then says in a singsong voice)'' Daaaddy's gone away, Harry Warden made you pay...