[[caption-width-right:350:''I hope that I never see that face, ever, outside of a dream.'']]
* The infamous "man behind Winkie's" scene featuring two guys, a diner, and something resembling a zombie hobo out back.
** Also a little meta-HarsherInHindsight. Remember when the one guy says "I hope I never see that face outside of a dream"? Flash forward 5 years to Film/InlandEmpire and, well... we get to find out exactly how he was feeling.
** Now flash-forward ''16'' years from ''Mulholland'' and compare that creature to [[spoiler: [[Series/TwinPeaks the Woodsmen.]] ]]
* Sierra Boniokayta. This is when the film takes a much darker turn, as Betty and Rita investigate the apartment of Diane Selwyn, looking for answers regarding Rita's true identity. Do they find anything? Yes: Diane's decaying corpse in a bed. The neighbor's knocking on the door somehow makes it worse.
%%* Much of the film's cinematography style and soundtrack.
* Irene and her companion. Despite initially coming across as a lovely elderly couple who wish Betty luck at the beginning of the film, we later cut back to them [[NothingIsScarier quietly traveling in a limosine]] with [[SlasherSmile ghastly smiles]] plastered on their faces. In their next appearance they [[EvilOldFolks proceed to torment]] a hysterical Diane until she shoots herself.
* ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrC3Bf-CvHU Llorando]]''. What starts as an ominous stage performance gradually shifts into a TearJerker, and somehow becomes more terrifying the longer it goes on. The film goes straight into MindScrew territory just after.
%%* The lady on Silencio Club's balcony is definitely creepy.