After a few plot twists, this move quickly becomes ''[[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey 2001]]'' meets ''Franchise/{{Alien}}'', with clones instead of the alien, and almost as much horror as either of them.
* Sam 1 ''still'' slowly [[CloneDegeneration degenerating]] after being revived; after a while he starts looking like something out of ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater''.
* Sam 1 in his last stages of degeneration. [[BloodFromTheMouth Vomiting blood]], [[TheToothHurts a tooth falling out]]... even blowing his nose is [[DeadlyNosebleed extremely bloody]].
* Both Sams fighting. It's... really disturbing, especially since Sam 1 bleeds a ''lot'' just from a little bit of damage.
* The whole plan that Sarang has for the clones. Three years isolated on the moon, then he dies and they replace him, as if nothing happened, and repeat the cycle. Who knows how long they would have done this for. At least he has a RobotBuddy to help keep him sane...
* The clone corridor is divided into individual sections with 16 'drawers' each. About twelve or so are visible before the corridor blurs in the distance. Provided they're all used, 12x16x3-year contract means there is more than half a millennium of Sams up there. Even accounting for accidents and clones decaying early, it seems Lunar Industries is pretty sure of themselves...
** FridgeHorror: What happens if Lunar Industries goes belly-up or scraps that particular project during that span? Will the project be aborted or will its self-contained nature mean the remaining Sams would have been left to their own devices?
*** If Lunar Industries went bankrupt, I imagine they would stop sending food and other suplies. So one of the Sams would starve to death. The real question is, would GERTY be inteligent enough to realise they were out of food, or would it keep activating clones until they all died. However I canít imagine this being the case, if Lunar Industries went bankrupt they would sell off their assets, a lunar base would be valuable to someone and sold.