Nightmare Fuel / Megan Is Missing
You don't want to know what's in the barrel. Or what's going to be.
Megan is Missing is one of the most disturbing films of recent years, and was made to showcase the dangers of online predators.

  • The premise of this film is any parent's worst nightmare. A fourteen year old girl meets who she thinks is a harmless boy around her age. When she goes to meet him, she is kidnapped and goes missing. Eventually, two disturbing photos of a young girl, who is confirmed by the FBI to be Megan, are found on a fetish site. Not only are the photos horrifying (depicting a terrified Megan locked into a wooden table in a dungeon having her mouth and nose stretched open in a permanent scream via a bizarre torture device) but they are also the last photos of her alive. Things only get worse after the revealing of the pictures because soon Megan's friend Amy gets kidnapped. The final twenty two minutes of the film have Amy getting raped, tortured, and then finally being buried alive. Add to this the fact that during this footage we see Megan's slimy, defiled, rotting corpse. The film isn't for the weak-hearted or really anyone for that matter.
    • Adding to that, one can notice that the wooden table that Josh rapes Amy atop is the exact same one that he used to rape and torture Megan with in the earlier photos, complete with the mouth torture device laying on the side.
    • Right before Josh puts Amy in the barrel, he says that he's only doing it to keep her from seeing where he lives. If you look closely, Megan seems like she's sitting down inside of the barrel. Although it's possible that Megan was killed in the middle of Josh's torture, he might have just tricked or forced her into the barrel and left her to starve as he heard her scream.
  • There's a scene in the middle of the film where Amy takes her video camera and records herself speaking in her special and secret place, which is under a bridge. Towards the end of that scene, you can see the silhouette of a man in the background (and it's Josh); in the video she took, you can see him in the farthest corner blending into the surrounding plant life. He's been watching her the entire time.
    • And then the second time where she's under the bridge, you can see Josh reaching out to grab her, and the video suddenly cuts...
  • The film is based on six real-life cases of teenagers falling victim to online sexual predators. Something like this really happened to a number of people, and is most likely still going on today.
  • On a different note, there's the scene where Megan recalls the time when she gave a blowjob to a camp counselor. When she was ten years old. There's a lot of unfortunate implications surrounding this.
  • The man who portrays Josh in the reenactment looks suspiciously familiar to the figure in the security footage, as evidenced by the actor's widow's peak on his forehead, and coupled with the fact he's wearing the same blue shirt that he was seen while gazing at Amy from behind the trees in her video diary. Is it possible that he dipped under the radar with law enforcement to reenact the scene where Megan is kidnapped? They even sound slightly similar...