Nightmare Fuel: Lexx

  • The fourth movie. His Shadow can be creepy. A number of episodes, like "Twilight", have a genuinely unsettling feel of impending doom.
  • "Norb" as well; those Mantrid Drones were bloody creepy as hell. Especially noise they made flying around inside Lexx.
    • The concept of an entire universe composed of the damn things.
  • The whole "organ harvesting" scene in "I Worship His Shadow" counts as this, especially considering the unfortunate victims are alive during the process.
  • Brizon's life support tank. Ugh.
  • The queen worm in "Eating Pattern" is pretty freaky, mostly due to the eerie-looking Wist face on the end of her tentacle-tongue-thing. Heck, the mere concept of the worms from this episode is just plain disturbing.
  • Giggerota's tongue-with-a-sharp-toothed-mouth-on-the-end-of-it. That is all. Also she served as the prime nightmare fuel of Stanley Tweedle in the episode "Patches in the Sky."
  • Stan's intended punishment in "Stan's Trial". *shudder*
  • Imagine being a part of "Lafftrack's" studio audience.
    • Or working the bellows on Fire.
  • The Web in "The Web/The Net", especially with scenes of an obviously possessed Stan. Also, that horrible, gigantic space spider will probably be enough to freak out most arachnophobes.
  • Zombie!Xev in "Twilight".
  • Prince losing his temper in "Fire and Water" can be extremely jarring. "You are not important!"
  • The prisoners on the crashed transport in "791" have had their hearts removed and their bodies put on life support to make sure they can't escape. The worst part? They're fully conscious when their hearts are removed.
  • How Lexx looks to anyone outside the crew. It's a biological, insectoid Planet Buster ship being stalked by a creepy undead assassin who periodically goes crazy and a carnivore xenomorph plant. Essentially every space horror trope rolled into one.
  • 790 became crazier and more antisocial as the show went on - Flanderization, or is Love Slave programming just that powerful?
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