Awesome / Lexx

  • Several. Usually whenever Kai sacrifices himself for the good of the universe, the crew decides to turn around and start fighting, and that Brunnen-G music starts playing.
  • Squish killing the Gigashadow by eating its brain.
    Kai: That's my baby.
  • Xev crushing Mantrid to death. With her foot.
  • Stan performing a rare act of bravery when he pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment in "Giga Shadow".
  • Stanley Tweedle, Arch-Traitor, coward, and idiot, turning the moth-ship around and returning to stand by his friends against the end of the universe instead of running and hiding like he'd planned in the final scene of "Brigadoom."
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The Brunnen-G anthem.
    • If this should be our final stand / we will stand together with pride / we will honour the past / and fight to the last / it will be a good way to die.
      • Much of the music in "Brigadoom" counts as this as well.
    • The Lexx Theme.
    • The ending credits theme, "Battle of the Universe".
    • The Season 2 opening theme.