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Awesome: Lexx
  • Several. Usually whenever Kai sacrifices himself for the good of the universe, the crew decides to turn around and start fighting, and that Brunnen-G music starts playing.
  • Squish killing the Gigashadow by eating its brain.
    Kai: That's my baby.
  • Xev crushing Mantrid to death. With her foot.
  • Stan performing a rare act of bravery when he pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment in "Giga Shadow".
  • Stanley Tweedle, Arch-Traitor, coward, and idiot, turning the moth-ship around and returning to stand by his friends against the end of the universe instead of running and hiding like he'd planned in the final scene of "Brigadoom." This troper actually cheered.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The Brunnen-G anthem.
    • If this should be our final stand / we will stand together with pride / we will honour the past / and fight to the last / it will be a good way to die.
      • Much of the music in "Brigadoom" counts as this as well.
    • The Lexx Theme.
    • The ending credits theme, "Battle of the Universe".
    • The Season 2 opening theme.
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