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* Sora's Heartless is somewhat disturbing, considering how nice Sora himself is.
* The data version of [[spoiler: Castle Oblivion]] is in some ways even more disconcerting than it was in its original form, because the illusions don't actually work on Data-Sora, resulting in a jarring disconnect between what its inhabitants are saying and what he actually sees.
** Several of the [[MultipleEndings world endings]] in [[spoiler: Castle Oblivion]] imply the death of either Data-Sora or an NPC. This is the ''normal'' ending for Wonderland.
* In Agrabah, Jafar gets a hold of a glitch-created copy of Genie's lamp, and promptly uses it to freeze time. Data-Sora then has to race against time in a monochrome-green, [[NothingIsScarier almost completely silent]] Agrabah, whilst dodging harmful apparitions of Jafar.
* At several points in Wonderland, the glitches cause the card soldiers to freeze in place, multiply, or run really fast, and while the non-glitched cards will yell at Sora if they catch him, the glitched cards make the text-only equivalent of groans of pain. At one point, Sora's path is blocked by an army of twitching cards with raised axes.
* In the HD remake in Hollow Bastion when Data-Sora is Keyblade-less, he, Donald and Goofy (who have shown up to help him fight) confront Pete who ends up trapping Donald and Goofy in Bug Blox meant for Sora; he attempts to kill them and almost succeeds by crushing them in the Blox.